Music Lessons and Covid-19

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Music Lessons and Covid-19

Live Singing and Instrument Lessons? Yes, You Can!

Do you wish to take face to face singing or instrument lessons ? Want to continue with your lessons during Xmas holidays? Private (one-on-one) music lessons are given in safe and comfortable home studios, where your teacher is aware and carefull! Please contact your music teacher and discuss the lesson situation, to make sure you feel safe and happy! The best feelings to experience when making music!

Music Lessons at your Teacher's Home

Private music lessons at your teacher's home are encouraged, since working from our homes is strongly advised. The Dutch government is also advising people to receive no more than 2 people, aged 13 or over, at home per day. This is an advice. (Sources: and

Music Lessons Gift Voucher

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Online Music Lessons

Most teachers offer online music lessons too!

Where & When

  • December 23, 2020 - 4:00pm

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