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Find lessons on Music in World Cultures for all grades. Choose any Instrument and learn to play Middle Eastern music, based of the melodic concept of Maqam.

Universal Language

There is a reason music is found in every known culture. Music moves us at many levels. It touches our consius and sub-consius mind, soul, body and brain. Music, a universal language, connects us to each other, without speech, with the language of the soul. The interpersonal synchrony that we achieve through making music links our souls, minds and bodies, enhancing social cohesion, bonding and other positive outcomes.

Passionate Teachers

Professional passionate private teachers offer one-on-one Kemenche, Lyra, Saz/Baglama, Mandoline, Bouzouki, Kaval, Duduk, Ney, Bansuri, Panflute, Ukulele, Middle Eastern Singing and Maqam theory lessons. Many years of teaching experience for all ages and all levels (Beginners to professional singers and players). Personal and professional approach, setting a specific plan for you, depending on your level, needs and abilities.

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist