Iván Nogueira Cello Lessons

Play the Cello - Classical to Pop

In love with the warm and passionate sound of the cello? Want to learn to play this great instrument? Hola! I'm Iván Nogueira, Rotterdam based enthusiastic and experienced cello teacher and enjoy giving cello lessons to both children and adults. All levels welcome!

Beginners to Advanced

Maybe you are starting with cello lessons from scratch, picking up the cello after a break or more advanced cellist and want to take your cello playing to the next level? Learning new skills goes side by side with fun in making music! Sign up for a trial lesson!

Lesson Location

Cello lessons are given at ‘t Klooster near Rotterdam Noord Station,10 minutes from Rotterdam CS or in my home, 5 minutes from CS.

Online Cello

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Book a trial lesson or Buy & Try the 3 lesson Starter's Package! Contact me for a trial lesson!


From the first cello lesson on we play easy and fun pieces for 2 cellos! We’ll use best of progressive tuition materials. Basis music theory, reading music. A relaxed posture and smooth technique allows you to play cello without getting too tired and to bring out a beautiful sound from your instrument.

Busy job or lots of Homework? 

Enjoy tips and tricks and learn how to practise effectively, to get as much as possible out of your available time!

Cello Lessons for Children

Next to playful learning materials and customised exercises, basic technique, easy songs, progressive studies and group playing, the lessons cover elements from the famous Suzuki method.

Adult Beginners on Cello

No problem at all to start playing cello as an adult! Of course, we’ll take special attention on a relaxed and comfortable posture. You’ll develop a solid basis by using beautiful studies and simple exercises. The lessons may cover elements from the famous Suzuki method. You also learn how to read notes and music theory.

Cello Lessons to Advanced

Want to improve your vibrato? Looking for a more relaxed posture and souple technique? Want to learn to play an awsome legato, staccato or spiccato? We'll work on thumb position, scales, expanding your repertoire and the interpretation of the music you like best.

One-on-One Cello Lessons or with a Friend?

One on one lessons for personal attention and fast results. Would you prefer learning together with a colleague or friend? Ask me information about the possibilities.

Classical Music, Pop or World Music?

Want to focus on baroque, classic, romantic music, or cross over, modern and pop music? I love to share my expertise on these musical fields with you!


Are you preparing for an audition or do you need help to learn certain pieces? Welcome!

Chamber Music, Ensemble or Band Coaching?

According to me, chamber music and playing along with other people is one of the most beautiful experiences. I’m convinced that meeting and playing with other musicians is an essential motivational factor for any cellist.

About Iván

Iván is an experienced chamber music and orchestra cellist. He performed Camerata Rotterdam, Holland Symfomie Orkest, Orquestra Vigo 430 and Galicia Youth Orchestra among others. He is also interested in contemporary music and had the chance to play with Academia para la nueva Musica and Akom Ensemble. It was there that he performed the most important music of the 20th and 21st centuries, working with the new generation of composers.
In 2011 he became a member of Orquesta Típica Central, a tango ensemble, performing in such important venues such as Sala Mozart (Zaragoza), with great success. Iván was also involved in several projects with the theater company "Teatro Che y Moche”.
In 2015 he got his Master Diploma in Classical Music at Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Rotterdam). On the beginning of 2016 he recorded his first album, together with DOT Quartet, “Travelers”. They presented their debut album on a tour through Spain and Canary Islands in February/March 2016. At the moment, he combines his activity at DOT Quartet and Agathe Ensemble, being freelance musician and cello teacher in Rotterdam area.

I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. A. Einstein

Private Cello Lessons in Rotterdam West Area!

Welcome! I'm Ivan Nogueira. You have found one of the most motivating, professional and enthusiastic cello teachers in the Rotterdam West area! The best way to find out if i'm the ideal teacher for you, is to get in touch with me and schedule a trial lesson!

Your favourite Music!

Playing or singing the music that you like keeps you motivated to continue practising! If classical music, jazz, pop, latin, blues, salsa, song writer, hip-hop, reggae, folk, funk or world music is where you find the most inspiration, you will find it easier to stay committed to music practice and develop mastery.

Lesson Location

The face to face lessons are generally taught in my private location in Rotterdam.

Online Cello Lessons

If you wish to follow online lessons, please contact me and discuss the possibilities.

Try-out Cello Lesson

The trial lesson gives you a chance to meet me, Iván, to discuss your learning goals, the lesson location, online or home lessons, lesson packs and prices. You'll get an impression of my teaching style. Looking forward to meet you!


Cello leren spelen is fantastisch! Wij bieden cellolessen aan volwassenen, jongeren en kinderen. De klank van de cello ligt dicht bij de menselijke stem en raakt je direct! Boek een proefles!
Soms voel je de trillingen van de lage snaren in je lijf resoneren! Voor velen is het een wens ooit op de cello te spelen, anderen doen het al jaren en blijven geboeid en steeds weer uitgedaagd door de mogelijkheden van dit prachtige instrument! Wij bieden privé cellolessen aan gevorderden en beginners. Ervaar wat het is om die mooie warme celloklank uit je instrument te toveren! 

Ben je een beginner? Vanaf de eerste les speel je samen met je docent. Op ontspannen manier leer je met oefeningen, etudes en toonladders een gedegen basistechniek. Met muziek die jij leuk vindt om te spelen werk je aan de ontwikkeling van je muzikaliteit. Ben je meer gevorderd cellist en zoek je inspiratie, tips en tools bij kamermuziek- orkestpartijenstudie of wil jij je in het schitterende cello repertoire verdiepen? Ervaren docenten motiveren je om met plezier te studeren, je techniek op een hoger niveau te brengen en van je cello te genieten. Merk hoe je klank en vibrato verbetert en je meer ontspannen en zekerder achter je cello zit! 

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

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