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Singing for Teenagers and Adults 

Singing in a choir or with your band and want to learn how to always sing in tune? Are you unhappy having a sore throat after singing? My clear instructions will provide targeted solutions to vocal problems that you are facing, allowing you to sing higher in your vocal range and avoid embarrassing vocal cracks and breaks in the range!

One-on-one Lessons

I'm Danijela Junge, a pro and super enthusiastic voice teacher in The Hague/Scheveningen. I offer one-on-one singing lessons for beginners to advanced. Exercises tailored to your needs will help you discover and develop the power and qualities of your voice, while singing your favourite music.

Classical to Pop

Whether you're a pop or classical singer; take good care of your voice! During the lessons much attention will be given to posture, presentation, breathing technique, pronunciation of foreign languages, diction, intonation and above all, expression.

Free Voice

There are many important voice care tips that you can learn, so that you can maintain a healthy and strong singing voice, as well as not do too much damage to your fragile instrument!
Personalised exercises help you to you develop a better awareness of your body en learn to sing with a free voice and keep your voice in top condition!

Develop Your Ear

Something you can work on to boost long-term musical life is developing your ear. If you can match pitch but also sing a series of pitches after hearing them for the first time, you are more likely to quickly conquer new songs.

Pop, Opera or Chanson?

Like to sing the latest pop hits, Piaff, Brel, Aznavour or classical music like Purcell, Verdi, Vivaldi or Puccini? Beginners and advanced students welcome!

Flexibility and Conveniance

With a 10 lesson card you have maximum flexibility and you never lose a lesson! The lessons take place at my home in Belgisch Park, however, visiting your home is possible as well by appointment.

Pleasure when you practise!

Discover the possibilities of your voice and enjoy the sound of it! Pleasure and enthusiasm while practising gives always a better result!

Making Music Together

Singing teacher Danijela has ample experience of singing lessons and teaching ensembles. If you would like to bring your pianist or you play guitar yourself and would like to sing while playing? Your musical partner is very welcome!

Singer Danijela

Danijela studied at the '' Academy of Fine Arts'' Belgrade and obtained her diploma as Opera/Singing professor.
She as build her experience whilst working in Hong-Kong as private teacher and as a member of Vocal Academy Katterwall, 3Arts Musical Institute and the Musical and Performing Arts Academy, Hong- Kong.
Danijela has worked in London for Artpeggios Music Academy and is founder and Artistic Direcor of Kensington Academy Of Performing And Fine Arts.
As soprano-singer she has next to Opera and Barok Music specialised herself in French Chanson.

Please be informed about the Starter's Package of three lessons!

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It is believed that singing is probably the most direct and personal way to make music. Together, with a pianist, guitar player, band or an ensemble, you are visibly standing and can't hide anything. Everything you do and decide not to do will shine through your voice. Whether you want to sing Classical, Opera, Pop or Jazz, our professional singing teachers specialise in a range of techniques in order to bring and keep your voice in the best possible shape! Enjoy personal attention and personalised exercises in a friendly and positive learning environment. Free trial lesson first!

Vivaldi Music Lessons

Music and singing lessons for all ages and levels. Our One-on-One music and singing lessons offer personal attention and the content of the classes is always adapted to your level and learning objectives. On a regular basis we organise student concerts for all levels in a cosy 'gezellige' atmosphere! Regular prices and maximum flexibility with the 10 Lesson Card. Enjoy Making Music! Select your instrument and teacher and sign up for a trial lesson!