Bansuri - Flute Lessons in Delft

You've just found a Teacher for Bansuri - Flute Lessons in Delft Area!

Click on the profile of the bansuri teacher you are interested in, and find more details about music styles, location and prices. The best way to learn more about the teacher's teaching style is to get in touch directly with the bansuri teacher of your choice and book a trial bansuri - flute lesson

Why Bansuri - Flute Lessons are fun?

Just listening to music doesn't cut it. It's the active work of bringing sounds to life that delivers the biggest benefit. So unpack and dust off that old instrument or take a deep breath and clear your throat, and start taking private Bansuri - Flute Lessons again!

Are the Bansuri - Flute Lessons given in a Music School?

Vivaldi Music Lessons is a platform for private music teachers. Most teachers give their lessons at their private home or studio in or near by Delft.

Bansuri - Flute Lessons at Your Home

Some bansuri teachers can come to your home in Delft. Please discuss with your teacher if bansuri - flute lessons at your home can be arranged.

Are Home Tuition Bansuri - Flute Lessons more expensive?

Depending on busy schedules and the distance to your location, your bansuri teacher may charge you for travelling to your home.

What Music Styles Can I learn?

All our teachers are all-round musicians and most of them are also specialised in a particular genre or music style. We offer classical, baroque, jazz, pop, funk, Spanish, metal, klezmer, blues, maqam, songwriter, world music styles and more!

Are the Bansuri - Flute Lessons for Beginners or also for Advanced?

We offer inspiring and instructive one-on-one Bansuri - Flute Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. With passion for music and beauty, the right motivation, dedication and regular practise, anyone can learn to sing or play an instrument.

Why Learning Bansuri from a Young Age

Like most music instruments, Bansuri can be a difficult to learn. Why not start from an early age? That's what a lot of parents are thinking when they sign their child up to music lessons with a private bansuri teacher. Find here a bansuri teachers near Delft that offer music lessons to children as young as 6 or 7.

Can You Take Bansuri - Flute Lessons as an Adult?

A lot of people think that it's impossible to reach a good level, when you start taking bansuri - flute lesson once you're an adult. From our own experience, as music instructors, we can say this is not true! One is never too old to start learning anything one really desires!

Lesson Packs

It may be a challenge finding the time to practise frequently and to schedule the lessons, but our private bansuri teachers offer flexibility with the Lesson Packs and can work around a busy timetable, in order to teach you at times that work for you.

Do I pay directly to my Bansuri teacher?

Yes, you do. Your teacher receives your payment without Vivaldi Music Lessons taking a percentage of the lesson prices.

Are private Bansuri - Flute Lessons expensive?

The lesson prices are regular prices, based upon Kunstenbond advice. We are professional music teachers who offer bansuri - flute lessons via Vivaldi Music Lessons platform. We are aware that sustainable collaboration means a fair price for a lesson pack of 5 or 10 fantastic one-on-one bansuri - flute lessons. Good for you, good for us!

What is the Price for a 5 or 10 Lesson Pack Bansuri - Flute Lessons?

The price of the lesson packs depends on the duration of the lessons. We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute bansuri - flute lessons. They come in a pack of 5 lessons or in a pack of 10 lessons. In general the lessons are one-on-one lessons. On your bansuri teacher's profile you'll find more details about the prices of the lesson packs.

Do all Bansuri teachers at VML offer the same Lesson Packs?

In general this is the case. But some teachers prefer to offer Lesson Packs with 8 lessons. In order to get the proper information about the lesson prices, best to always have a look at the Rates on the profile of your bansuri teacher.

What are the Benefits of a private Bansuri teacher?

When you take private bansuri - flute lessons, you'll receive your teacher's undivided attention. You'll be able to progress at a pace that is just right for your needs. Your bansuri teacher will be able to hear the nuances in your singing or playing and can take the time to adjust small things, like your posture, intonation, articulation, volume or phrasing, that can make a big difference.

Music Lessons Gift Card

Surprise a dear friend, family member or colleague with a voucher for 3 in person music lessons. A precious and personal gift! Order here your Music Lessons Gift Voucher.

Young Children and Music

It has been shown that children do better at school if they do or have done music. The earlier children start learning and playing music, the more receptive to a wider range of learning styles they become. They learn to concentrate and develop a more independent and creative way of learning. For young kids we offer Early Childhood Music Lessons. Music appreciation classes to children too young to start singing or who are getting interested in instrumental classes but would like an introduction into music. (4-8 years)
"We found that early-trained musicians had greater connectivity in the posterior midbody/isthmus of the corpus callosum and that fractional anisotropy in this region was related to age of onset of training and sensorimotor synchronization performance. We propose that training before the age of 7 years results in changes in white-matter connectivity that may serve as a scaffold upon which ongoing experience can build"

Source ; Christopher J. Steele, Jennifer A. Bailey, Robert J. Zatorre, and Virginia B. Penhune
(Department of Psychology, Concordia University, Montr eal, Qu ebec, Canada H4B 1R6, 2Department of Neurology, Max Planck Institute for Human, Cognitive and Brain Sciences, 04103 Leipzig, Germany, and Montreal Neurological Hospital and Institute, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
H3A 2B4

Trial Bansuri - Flute Lesson near Delft

Your next step is to get in touch with an inspiring professional bansuri teacher and book a taster lesson. The trial bansuri - flute lesson allows you to find out more about the particular music style you wish to explore, the precise lesson location,  prices of the Lesson Packs of the bansuri - flute lessons, the teaching style and if home bansuri - flute lessons in the area of Delft or online classes are available for you.

Is the trial Bansuri - Flute Lesson for free?

The price of the trial lesson is 25 euro. The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and if you book your first lesson pack, (5 or 10 lessons) you'll receive EU 25,- of the trial lesson in return!

Bansuri - Flute Lesson in Delft

Looking for a fun and professional bansuri teacher in the Delft area? Enjoy educative & fun music lessons from beginner to advanced level. Private bansuri - flute lesson for all ages! A 10 lesson card for flexibility and conveniance. Select your bansuri teacher and sign up for a trial lesson!