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Sorry, there are no teacher near you at this time.

Congratulations! You've found a Teacher for Choir Singing Lessons in Noordwijk Area!

Before signing up for a trial choir singing lesson, you probably wish to learn more about the available choir leaders near you, right?

Ready for the Next Step?

Just check out the teachers' profiles to find a teacher who matches your criteria. Message the teacher(s) of your liking and introduce yourself.

5 Reasons to sign up for a trial Choir Singing Lesson

The trial choir singing lesson allows you to learn more about the teacher's teaching style, the particular music style you wish to explore, where the choir singing lessons take place, the frequency and duration of the lessons and which Lesson Pack would be best for you.

Why private Choir Singing Lessons really work

When you take private choir singing lessons, you'll receive your teacher's undivided attention. You'll be able to progress at a pace that is just right for your needs. Your choir leader will be able to hear the nuances in your singing or playing. Your teacher can take the time to adjust small things, like your posture, intonation, articulation, volume or phrasing. You will always enjoy fun, encouraging and engaging choir singing lessons that produce excellent results.

Is the trial Choir Singing Lesson for free?

The price of a trial lesson is 25 euro. The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and if you orde your first lesson pack (5 or 10 choir singing lessons), you'll receive the EU 25,- of the trial lesson in return or as discount!

Are the Choir Singing Lessons given in a Music School?

Vivaldi Music Lessons is a platform for private music teachers. Most teachers give the lessons at their private home or studio in or near Noordwijk.

Choir Singing Lessons at your Home near Noordwijk

Please discuss with your teacher if choir singing lessons at your home in Noordwijk can be arranged.

Are Home Tuition Choir Singing Lessons more expensive?

Depending on busy schedules and the distance to your location, your choir leader may charge you for travelling to your home.

Online Choir Singing Lessons

Most Vivaldi Music Lessons music teachers offer instructive and interactive online music lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students

What Music Styles Can I learn?

You can sign up for Classical music, Baroque music, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Folk, Spanish, Turkish, Hindustani Percussion, Bansuri, Metal, Klezmer, Blues, Maqam, Songwriter, World Music styles and more!

Choir Singing Lessons for Children

Why not start from an early age with choir singing lessons? That's what a lot of parents are thinking when they sign their child up to music lessons. Find here a choir leader near Noordwijk who offers music lessons to children as young as 6 or 7.

Can You Take Choir Singing Lessons as an Adult?

Sure, you can start with choir singing lessons at any age! Never too late! Sign up for a trial lesson.

Lesson Packs

It may be a challenge finding the time to practise frequently and to schedule the lessons, but our private choir leaders offer flexibility with the Lesson Packs and can work around a busy timetable, in order to teach you at times that work for you.

Do I pay directly to my Choir leader?

Yes, you do. Your teacher receives your payment without Vivaldi Music Lessons taking a percentage of the lesson prices.

Are private Choir Singing Lessons expensive?

The lesson prices are regular prices, based upon Kunstenbond advice. We offer a fair price for a lesson pack of 5 or 10 fantastic one-on-one choir singing lessons near you. Good for you, good for us!

Music Lessons Gift Card

Surprise a dear friend, relative or colleague with a Music Lessons Gift Voucher of 3 in person choir singing lessons. A precious and personal gift! Order here your Music Lessons Gift Voucher.

Young Children and Music

It has been shown that children do better at school if they do or have done music. The earlier children start learning and playing music, the more receptive to a wider range of learning styles they become. They learn to concentrate and develop a more independent and creative way of learning. For young kids we offer Early Childhood Music Lessons. Music appreciation classes to children too young to start singing or who are getting interested in instrumental classes but would like an introduction into music. (4-8 years)


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