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not availabel in this step, or empty Moves You?

Music can be the perfect motivation; lightening your mood, cheering you up, getting you moving and giving you positive energy. Are you an absolute beginner on not availabel in this step, or empty or have you played or sung before and wish to take not availabel in this step, or empty back up again? Seeking ways to take your playing or singing to the next level?

Your favourite Music

The repertoire which you find the most personal to you is where we will focus our attention! If not availabel in this step, or empty is your passion and classical, jazz, pop, latin, or world music is where you find the most inspiration, you're welcome to sign up for a trial not availabel in this step, or empty. Find out and learn more about your favourite music.

10 Lesson Packages

Lesson time and place are arranged individually between student and teacher. This means maximum flexibility for both teacher and student! Choose the package that suits you best. We offer one-on-one not availabel in this step, or empty of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.

DJ - Producer

Do you want to learn how to make music through your laptop, MPC or SP404? Create your own music, sounds and grooves! Although you might  think we're only into classical stuff...Check Vivaldi Music Lessons for Producer / DJ / Beatmaking Lessons in Den Haag and Amsterdam!
Whether you've never used Garageband before or you're an experienced beat-maker looking for help with post-production, Check Dominic J MarshalI and Danny van DienI for detailed info!
Learn the Basics of composing electronically whether from samples, software instruments or whatever you have in the home. It's easier than ever to make music without the need of a professional studio!

Vivaldi Music Lessons

Music and singing lessons for all ages and levels. Our One-on-One music and singing lessons offer personal attention and the content of the classes is always adapted to your level and learning objectives. On a regular basis we organise student concerts for all levels in a cosy 'gezellige' atmosphere! Regular prices and maximum flexibility with the 10 Lesson Card. Enjoy Making Music! Select your instrument and teacher and sign up for a trial lesson!