Music Producer

Enjoy music lessons with top-class teachers

Music Producer is your Passion?

Music lightens your mood, cheers you up, gets you moving and gives you positive energy! Making music is one of the most motivating and healthy activities in life! The repertoire which you find the most personal to you is where we will focus our attention.

Beginner or advanced?

If music is your passion and classical, baroque, jazz, pop, latin, world music or any other kind of music is where you find the most inspiration, you're welcome to sign up for a trial lesson. Select your teacher!

Face to Face Music Production Lessons!

We are looking forward to meeting you face to face at our cosy lesson locations or in the comfort of your own home!

Online Music Production Lessons?

In some situations it would be beneficial to meet with your music production teacher online. If you wish to follow online lessons, you can contact the teacher of your choice directly and discuss the possibilities.

Lesson Packs

Lesson time and place are arranged individually between you and the teacher. This means maximum flexibility for both of you. Choose the lesson pack that suits you best. We offer one-on-one music production lessons of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. Discuss all details about location, prices and frequency of the lessons during your trial music production lesson.

Music Producer

Do you want to learn how to make music through your laptop. Create your own music, sounds and grooves! Although you might  think we're only into classical stuff...Check Vivaldi Music Lessons for Producer  Beatmaking Lessons in Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam!

Software of your choice

I am mostly experienced with Ableton or FL studio and could help you find the DAW that would suit the best your needs. Learn the basics of composing electronically whether from samples, software instruments or whatever you have in the home. It's easier than ever to make music without the need of a professional studio!

Music Theory Knowledge

Same time while learning all the good tricks about electronic music I can also teach you everything you need to know about harmony, melody rhythms and composition from a musicians point of view.

Plugins and Instruments

Allowing yourself the opportunity to explore new sounds and new possibilities with different instruments and plugins will help you think about music in a new way. Becoming familiar with new sounds and instruments will help you incorporate new ideas that you would have never thought of without this change in scenery. Check our teachers for detailed info!

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Our goal is to make it extremely convenient for you to discover an excellent music teacher in your area. Book a trial lesson first and enjoy in person music and singing lessons in a relaxed and healthy atmosphere. We offer also online music lessons.
"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' - Leonard Bernstein