Traverso Lessons

Enjoy music lessons with top-class teachers

Traverso is your Passion?

Music lightens your mood, cheers you up, gets you moving and gives you positive energy! Making music is one of the most motivating and healthy activities in life! The repertoire for traverso which you find the most personal to you is where we will focus our attention.

Beginner or Advanced Traverso Lessons?

Maybe you're taking  lessons for the first time or perhaps you're taking up traverso lessons again and are hoping to expand your musical knowledge and develop your technique? For this, constructive feedback, personalised exercises, tips and inspiration from a dedicated professional traverso teacher are best choice!

Traverso Lessons for Children - Adults

Whether you're young or old, you can start with training and developping your traverso skills at any moment. All traverso lessons are tailored individually to accommodate each student.

Is learning Music hard?

Well...Yes and No. It all depends on a combination of elements. Although we all consider fun in music to be the most important part, it also means that your traverso teacher will have high expectations for you, and you'll need to truly master the skills and music that you're working on before moving on to something new. Truthfully, there's no better way to become a great musician than to receive private traverso lessons from a talented, experienced, motivating, passionate and patient traverso teacher who wants to see you succeed and who understands and uses the cycle of music learning.

Why one-on-one Traverso Lessons?

Remember that, when you take private traverso lessons, you'll receive your teacher's undivided attention. You'll be able to progress at a pace that is just right for your needs. Your traverso teacher will be able to hear the nuances in your performance and can take the time to adjust small things, like your posture, volume, articulation, intonation and phrasing, that can make a big difference in your development as a musician.

Where to find a good Traverso teacher?

Vivaldi Music Lessons is a platform where talented professional music teachers offer one-on-one traverso lessons. The music lessons are instructive, fun, demanding, entertaining and in a relaxed atmosphere. The Traverso Lessons will take place at the teacher's place or studio. All teachers take care of proper ventilation and a comfortable lesson situation. Always time for a cup of tea or coffee!

Traverso Lessons at your Home

Many of our traverso teachers provide private music tuition in the comfort of your own home. We offer traverso lessons for all ages and abilities. Please discuss home tuition music lessons with the traverso teacher of your choice.

Classical to Pop and More!

If music is your passion and classical, baroque, jazz, pop, latin, world music or any other kind of music is where you find the most inspiration, you're welcome to sign up for a trial traverso lesson. Most traverso teachers have a wide experience in various styles and are specialised in a particular type of music. All traverso teachers are experts in the field of teaching and playing their instrument. Check here how students experience their lessons!

Why booking a Trial Traverso lesson?

The trial lesson is the perfect situation to discuss the frequency of the lessons, the music styles you like most or other styles you may wish to explore. Of course important to get to know your future traverso teacher and the lesson location, before taking a lesson pack.

Is the Trial Traverso Lesson for free?

The trial lesson will last 30 minutes and costs 25,- euro.  But when you book your first lesson pack, you'll receive EU 25,- of the trial lesson in return.

Lesson Packs for Traverso Lessons

Lesson time, payment of the lessons and location are arranged individually between you and your traverso teacher. This means maximum flexibility for both you and your teacher. Choose the lesson pack that suits you best. We offer one-on-one traverso lessons of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. Discuss all details about location, the lesson packs and frequency of the lessons during your trial Traverso lesson. Maybe your traverso teacher arranged a slightly different Lesson Pack. Always check the rates on your teacher's profiel too.

Are Traverso Lessons expensive?

The prices for private traverso lessons are regular prices. Vivaldi Music Lessons does not charge the teachers or the clients a percentage of the lesson prices. What you pay goes directly to the teacher where you buy your lesson packs. Look for the prices on your teacher's profile.

Face to Face Traverso Lessons

We are looking forward to meeting you face to face at our cosy lesson locations or in the comfort of your own home!

Online Traverso Lessons?

In some situations it would be beneficial to meet with your traverso teacher online. If you wish to follow online lessons, you can contact the traverso teacher of your choice directly and discuss the possibilities.

How to give Traverso Lessons as a Gift?

Are you looking for an original and valuable personal gift to surprise your friend, colleague, relative or partner with? Vivaldi Music Lessons offers music lessons gift vouchers for 3 traverso lessons for only EU 95,-  You can order the gift voucher directly with the traverso teacher of your choice. By giving the Music Lesson Gift Card you'll be giving more than just a gift certificate for music lessons...It's a life-changing experience that will leave them grateful to you for years to come! Read more about how to order a Music Lessons Gift Card.

The Traverso

The traverso, the baroque flute's popular Italian name, is the predecessor of the modern silver flute and was played during the late 17th until the late 18th centuries. It is an instrument made of wood and boasts all but one key: a model which was actually considered by some to be the ultimate construction for the flute at the time ... and by a many who like to play baroque music on period instruments even today!

Wooden Flute - New Sounds

This wooden one-keyed flute encourages us to explore new sound colours and styles as we delve into the playing practices of the past. Are you curious about working with 'early' music? Maybe you're already an avid wind player in search of new experiences and sound worlds? Or perhaps you're at the beginning of your musical journey? Either way, the traverso is the ultimate guide to beautiful, sensitive and fulfilling wind playing!

"Affektenlehre", or the doctrine of the passions In the 18th century, music was composed according to the theory of "affects" or "passions". These were what we might call the "emotions" that the music was meant to arouse in the listener. We will explore each piece to find the different affects it suggests, and we might use techniques derived from historical theater so that you are able to embody these affects and then express them in your playing.

Playing the traverso should make you feel good! Playing an instrument is a beautiful way of connecting intense intellectual and emotional focus with fine physical skills. When these elements come together in the right way, making music becomes a deeply gratifying experience. We will work together on enhancing all of them, so you can connect to the music intellectually, emotionally, and physically. We will take care that you understand the music, that you are moved by it, and thatyour posture and technique help you express yourself exactly as you want to. Improvisation In the 18th century, a clear distinction was made between "Liebhaber", someone who only played music that waswritten, and "Kenner", someone who understood the rules of composition. The distinction was often made depending on whether the musician knew how to compose music "ex tempore", that is, how to improvise. Improvising ornaments on the piece you are playing, for instance, can give you a very refreshing look on how toapproach it, and will give you greater freedom to make the music your own.

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist