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You've found an inspiring and motivating private trombone teacher in De Bilt area! Beginner or advanced? Become motivated with each and every trombone lesson. You will be able to clearly mark your progress!

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Making music is one of the most uplifting and healthy activities in life! Music lightens your mood, cheers you up and gets you moving! Enjoy positive energy during the lessons in our private studio's or homes.

Lessons at your Home?

Please check with your teacher if home lessons in the area of De Bilt are available for you. Personal attention is key to honing your technique and fostering a passion for the music we aspire to make together.

Online Trombone Lessons?

Every trombone lesson offers inspiration and the best of modern teaching methodes for you. If you wish to take online lessons, for example through Skype, Zoom or FaceTime, you can directly contact a trombone teacher and discuss the possibilities.

10 Lesson Packages!

Maximum flexibility with a package of 10 trombone lessons. Book a package of 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute private lessons. Lesson time and place are arranged individually between you and your teacher. Discuss all details with the teacher you wish to meet and arrange a trial lesson.


The word 'trombone' is derived from the Italian word 'tromba' which means 'trumpet', and 'one' which means 'big'. Together they formed the word 'trombone' which means 'big trumpet'.The trombone's body includes a mouthpiece, first brace, second brace, slide, water key, tuning slide, and bell.
Most brass instruments rely on valves to create varying pitches but the trombone relies on the slide. The slide replaces the valves in other brass instruments, which use valves to select tubing length. When you movs the slide out the note is lower and when you pull the slide toward you the note is higher.
Trombones are versatile instruments and are commonly found in jazz bands, marching bands, and classical orchestras. They are also found in brass choirs, brass bands, military bands, swing music, salsa music, R&B music, and merengue music.
There are different types of trombones including the bass trombone, the tenor trombone, the contrabass trombone, the soprano trombone, the treble cleff trombone, and the alto trombone. Want to try? Book a trial trombone lesson

Trombone Lesson in De Bilt

Looking for a fun and professional trombone teacher in the De Bilt area? Enjoy educative & fun music lessons from beginner to advanced level. Private trombone lesson for all ages! A 10 lesson card for flexibility and conveniance. Select your trombone teacher and sign up for a trial lesson!