Bas de Rode - Celloles in  Amsterdam en Haarlem voor beginners en gevorderden

Bas de Rode Cello Lessons in Amsterdam

Cello Lessons - Beginner to Virtuoso!

Is playing the cello your dream and is it about time to take your first lessons? Advanced cellist and seeking ways to take your playing to the next level? Picking up the cello after a break and need some inspiration and motivation?

Classical Cello Music

I'm cellist and Amsterdam based cello teacher Bas de Rode. In my lessons I will teach you classical repertoire of the cello and bring you closer to discovering the endless possibilities of this warm sounding instrument.

Cello Lessons Amsterdam

You are welcome at my comfortable home studio in Amsterdam West

Cello Lessons at Your Home

If preferred, I can give the lessons in Haarlem, Purmerend, Vogelenzang, Lisse in the comfort of your own home.


Learn the basics of cello playing by the use of effective and fun methods, easy songs and etudes, playful pieces and duets. You'll learn to read music, proper posture, technique and musicality.

Cello for Advanced

Bach, Beethoven or Bridge? Learn more technique, develop your musicality and vision on interpretation. Playing in an orchestra or ensemble and need some help with fingerings or bowings? Want o be able to master the cello in a relaxed way and enjoy the music more? Bring your orchestra parts to the lesson!

Playing Together- Ensemble Coaching

Playing music with other musicians - from small ensembles to large orchestras - is one of the most enjoyable aspects of making music. Perhaps you play already with a pianist or other musician? Maybe you have an ensemble and are looking for someone to listen to the overall balance and to give some pointers? I teach and coach music ensembles of various instruments and offer coaching sessions alongside my lesson schedules.

Online Cello Classes

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Sebastiaan de Rode

I started to play the cello when I was eleven years old. After my high school I continued my musical education and went to Amsterdam (Michel Dispa), Berlin (Markus Nyikos) and Rotterdam (Herre-Jan Stegenga).
My playing has been greatly influenced by numerous master classes and courses by famous chamber musicians such as members from the Alban Berg Quartet, the Brodsky Quartet, the Amadeus Quartet, the Prague Quartet, the Guarneri Quartet and many others - and also by internationally renowned musicians: Nathaniël Rosen, Mark Lubotsky, Janos Starker and David Geringas.


I participated in several music festivals, (Gubaidolina festival’ and the ‘Kagel festival’) where I had the opportunity to work with the composers themselves. Other festivals include the Manchester Music Festival (USA), and the international chamber music festival of violinist Janine Jansen Utrecht.
For many years I played in the Lagos Ensemble, Cello-Octet Conjunto Ibérico and the Aeolus Cello quartet.

When words leave off, music begins - Heinrich Heine

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Lesson location

  • Amsterdam West
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  • Children
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  • English
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Super leuk!

Hoi, ik ben Julie en ik ben 10 jaar ik speel bijna 3 jaar cello en ik vind het super leuk om te doen. Bas is een leraar die aardig is en iets uitlegt als je iets vraagt. Ik vind Bas een hele goede leraar, omdat hij humor heeft en je tegelijkertijd wat leert. En ik hoop dat ik nog meer dan 100 jaar les bij hem heb!

Cool Cello Tricks

Sebastian's teaching method works wonderfully for my 6 year old daughter, who
really enjoys his playfully engaging and very patient, gentle approach. She loves the
quickly learned "cool cello tricks" he often gives at the end of the class to keep the
motivation going.
Anastassiya & Sophie (6)

Triggering Cello Lessons

Jouw lessen zijn positief, inspirerend, triggering, gedegen en vooral leuk!

Celloles, een feest!

Nooit gedacht dat ik na mijn 60e nog mijn droominstrument zou gaan leren bespelen. Dankzij Bas’ kundige, kritische maar bevlogen én geduldige aanpak, kom ik elke week verder en zijn les en studie een feest!

Super enthousiast!

Ik heb pas een paar maanden les en ben super enthousiast. Alhoewel niet alles vanzelf gaat blijft Bas geduldig, optimistisch en zeer gedreven. Zijn lessen zijn serieus, maar ook gezellig en vol humor. Kortom, een geboren docent !

Bas is the best!

Bas is the best, want na zijn cello-les, kun je niet meer cello-less leven!

Unbedingt empfehlenswert!

Was fur ein kompetenter und zugleich einfühlsamer und humorvoller Cellolehrer, der noch dazu fließend Deutsch spricht! Ein großer Glucksfall für unseren 10-jährigen Sohn. Unbedingt empfehlenswert!
Sabine & Paul (10)

Nooit te laat om te beginnen!

Ik ben later met celloles begonnen en vorder door druk werkend en privéleven niet snel, maar ben heel blij met elk stuk wat mooi klinkt. Ik kom dan heel blij van les terug en de hele week blijft de muziek in mijn hoofd. Ook het samenspelen is heel leuk en stimulerend.

Het leukst!

Ik vind samenspelen het leukst!
Isabelle (10)

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist