Dominic J Marshall Music Production Lessons - DJ

Producer / DJ / Beatmaking - Amsterdam

Do you want to learn how to make music through your laptop, MPC or SP404? Whether you've never used Garageband before or you're an experienced beat-maker looking for help with post-production, I'm Dominic J MarshalI and I can help. Detailed info? Call or email me!

Learn the Basics

I can show you the basics of composing electronically whether from samples, software instruments or whatever you have in the home. It's easier than ever to make music without the need of a professional studio.


Do you want to know how to create the classic boom-bap drum sound of your favourite 80s and 90s hip-hop albums? It's not difficult when you know a few simple tricks on the Akai MPC drum-machine. I can teach you how to chop samples and program them so that they sound unique and new.


I'm most experienced with Logic and Ableton, but can offer you help using whichever DAW you prefer. I'm also proficient in musical knowledge of harmony, melody and rhythm, all of which can contribute massively to your electronic creations.

Production - EQ-ing

Whether you want to make your kick sound clearer in the mix, pump your bass to the max or just let the vocals shine, I'm able to help you with EQ-ing, compression, filtering and all that goes into making a mix sound great.

DJ your own Beats - SP404

If you want to DJ your own beats, the Roland SP404 is the way to go. I can teach you the basics of how to bring a track to life on stage with a few simple effect knobs on the SP404.

About Dominic J

Jazzwise: het wordt de hoogste tijd om plaats temaken voor een ultra-hippe jazzgeschoolde Brit die zijn eigenuitdagende variatie creƫert van hiphop en elektronisch, een bezielde kosmische jazz."
Dominic J is British pianist, vocalist, composer and producer. He currently plays keyboards for Cinematic Orchestra and has performed with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Benjamin Herman, Stuart McCallum, Tawiah and others. He studied at Leeds College of Music where he won the piano prize and then did his masters at Conservatorium van Amsterdam where he graduated summa cum laude.

Vivaldi Music Lessons

Music moves and enriches the soul! Next to our live lessons we offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Select your instrument and teacher and sign up for a trial lesson!

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