Katerina Orfanoudaki, professional enthusiastic harpsichord teacher in Amsterdam, Weesp Amstelveen area.

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Welcome to my site! I'm Katerina Orfanoudaki, harpsichord player and enthusiastic professional teacher in Amsterdam zuid and Weesp.

Are you a lover of Baroque music?

Here is your chance to get in touch with the Queen of the instruments, the harpsichord! For those who are not familiar with it, it is a keyboard instrument which was in its full glory between the 15th and 18th centuries and it is the instrument for which great composers as  J.S. Bach, F. Couperin, D. Scarlatti wrote for!

All Levels

Are you approaching this music for the first time? Or are you an experienced harpsichordist, looking to improving your playing abilities and striving for a deeper understanding of basso continuo?

Lesson Location

I teach from my home studio in Amsterdam zuid, but lessons at your own home in Weesp, Amstelveen and some Amsterdam area’s can be arranged.


Whether you've played the piano before or not, it's always a good idea to try out the harpsichord. The touch and sound are very different to a piano and it (seemingly!) has no dynamic range. It is really like a harp with a keyboard - definitely something new for you! No matter your age or experience, it's fun to explore the world of the harpsichord and learn from scratch how to expressive yourself through it!

What can you expect?

You'll learn to read music, a solid basic technique, we'll focus on a relaxed posture and some music theory. Explore all different styles and repertoire for the harpsichord in the baroque period. Learn about French, Italian and German harpsichord early music and why it is so special! We will start out with basic technique and F. Couperin's wonderful book 'the Art of Playing the Harpsichord'

Bach, of course!

Enjoy inventions and other small pieces by Bach as well as suites by Bohm and Buxtehude. You will get to know different styles from the Baroque and Pre-Classical era. But even Haydn was still composing for the harpsichord!

Ornamentation - Improvisation

I will introduce you to the fantastical world of ornamentation. We will use tables of ornaments by many different composers. I also offer tips and exercises for improvisation. It is especially challenging and fascinating to learn how to improvise in the composer's style.

Basso Continuo

I can introduce you to the art of basso continuo and accompaniment. We start some basic music theory, focussed on knowledge of harmonies and chords. Enjoy making music with other musicians as well! Curious? Book a trial lesson and see what it's like!


For those who are more advanced and experienced: let's dive into the historically and culturally informed performance practices, by looking to the historical sources and treatises of the time.

Tempo Rubato

I'd be glad to share my knowledge in the fields of touch, technique and figured bass. We will go deep into advanced types of Tempo Rubato, improving the independence of both hands in order to reach true polyphony, where each voice has its own life.

Contemporary Music

Harpsichord might be a very old instrument but new music is also part of its repertoire. Discover the new music and modern techniques for it.

Online Harpsichord Lessons

I also offer inspiring, comprehensive and motivating online harpsichord lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. live feedback and instructions.

About Katerina

I come from Greece, from the beautiful island of Crete. I started my music studies next to Professor I. Kastrinakis at the “I. Manioudakis” Chania Conservatory. I have a bachelor’s degree from the Musical Department of the Ionian University with Professor Katerina Michopoulou specializing in Harpsichord performance, in the Early Music Department. Since 2018 she studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam next to Menno van Delft, Kris Verhelst and Goska Isphording. She has performed as a member in various early music ensembles in Greece and in the Netherlands. She was a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Ionian University and currently, of the Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra of the Amsterdam Conservatory, performed in various halls of the Netherlands.

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