Lekker zelf producen en meer weten over mixen, masteren, muziektheorie, EQ,  beats en sampling. Je eigen tracks en sounds maken vanaf je laptop! Andrius Dereviancenko in Amsterdam Noord. Ook online producer lessen.

Andrius Derevi Music Production Lessons in Amsterdam

Music Production - Mixing - Mastering

Hey there! I am Andrius, experienced producer/sound designer in Amsterdam Noord. Are you sure you've reached the top in making music through your laptop, groove box or drum machine? Really satisfied with your last new beats? No need to know how to develop your own awsome sound? Or did you never try but are interested to learn?

My Studio

I teach the courses from my professional studio in Amsterdam Noord, Vogelbuurt, 5 minutes from Ferry to Amsterdam CS. Check in for a trial lesson!

Suitable for Bed Room Studios

You do'nt need to have a professional studio, it's possible to make great music only with your laptop. I Can teach you the basics of how to make a beat, chord progressions, to using plugin synths or hardware equipment.


I am mostly using Ableton live for producing music at home and using it on stage. Making interactive sessions for playing together with other people, either electronically or combining with acoustic instruments. Can show you how to navigate in the software from: connecting your audio interface to your computer and recording your self followed by how to process all of this with the tools given in the software.

Laptop and Head Phones

Have been making music with only this setup and still believe that you don't need anything more than that to make great tracks? Can show you how to use samples that you can find for free or making them your self with your laptop mic.


Imagine taking your favourite peace of music and converting the main idea of the structure of it into a dance track, sounds fun, right? Can show you how to analyse music and turn it into your own ideas.

Music Theory

Shaping all of this with proper knowledge of melody, chords, chord progressions, structures and rhythmic progression can give you an endless source of ideas.

Mixing Your Tracks

After putting all tracks together I can teach a few and simple ways on how to mix everything and bring out the qualities of the your track that you want shine and bring out. Easy ways to EQ your kick or to make the whole groove sound tight.

Saxophone Lessons Amsterdam

By the way, I'm a pro saxophone player and teacher, so in case you're looking for saxophone lessons in Amsterdam? Contact me!

About Andrius

Born in Klaipeda, LT, Andrius Dereviancenko had his first musical experiences at the age of 12 when he was exposed to classical music and began playing the Birbyne, a Lithuanian folk instrument. He received his first saxophone at the age of 17 and enrolled at the Klaipeda Stasys Simkus music high school where he was introduced to jazz by playing big band and dixieland music. After 4 years of studying and performing in Lithuania, Andrius relocated to Netherlands for one year of Erasmus studies at the Prince Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, then subsequently at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam where he received his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Saxophone.

During his studies in Amsterdam, Andrius regularly performed with various jazz groups within Europe including several international competitions. In 2013, he won the Leiden Jazz Award with the Andrius Dereviancenko Quartet and won the Public and Best Composition prize at Tremplin Jazz Avignon with the band Morgan Freeman in 2016.Following his studies and a brief period in Copenhagen, he moved back to Amsterdam where he currently resides and is active in the experimental music scene throughout Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Spain, Italy and more.


2012 Mateusz Pulawski Quartet - Cold Year in Amsterdam2014 Glitchpuke - Dissect Your Brain2015 MorganFreeman - Blessed Virgin Mary's Face-To- Face Encounter with theDivine Bullshit2016 Old Men In Khaki - Scissors2016 Paaprika - Jonk2017 MILD - Tea Time2018 Asger Thomsen - Ham On Rye2018 The Zebra Street Band - ZeBrass2019 Into The Wind - Vision (Single release)

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Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist