Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya Piano Lessons in Amsterdam

Piano Lessons Amsterdam

Hi, my name is Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya. At home in Osdorp (to the West of Amsterdam) in our big keyboard-friendly space with 3 different pianos and harpsichord both children as well as adults are welcome to learn an excellent technical grounding and …enjoy making music!

Online Piano Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions! Book a trial lesson or buy & try the 3 lesson Starter's Package!


During your beginner piano lessons you will learn how to name all the notes on the keyboard, a correct finger placement, hand and sitting positions, scales, key signatures and you will learn a wide variation of musical pieces, how to read piano music and learn about musical terminology

Advanced - Classical Repertoire

My wide experience of keyboards of all types give you an ideal opportunity to be inspired in all kinds of classical repertoire. Sign up for a trial lesson!

Harpsichord Lessons - Basso Continuo

In love with baroque music and seeking to learn to play the cembalo? Want to learn playing and realising from a figured bass line? Let’s do it! I would mainly recommend Harpsichord lessons when you already have a basic level of keyboard skill.

Early Pianos

If you find it fun to learn on funky old instruments, not only harpsichord but also on early pianos, you’re more than welcome!  All you need is the desire to try it!

About Me

I am a Moscow Conservatory trained keyboard player, who also studied historical keyboards at the Amsterdam Conservatory. I’ll gladly provide practical help and share my wide experience in performing and teaching early music and basso continuo at a high level.

Patient and passionate!

I love going to Alexandra's lessons and am finally able to enjoy playing the piano!
Even though I loved and appreciated my childhood piano teacher, my childhood piano lessons were quite strict, and I was often scared to go to them. Considering the experience, my motivation of taking piano lessons this time was simply to be able to enjoy playing! Great thanks to Alexandra, I am finally enjoying playing the piano!
Alexandra offers me rich lessons every time and I really enjoy every one of them. She is patient, kind and passionate about music. She also offers lots of knowledge on the historical contexts, the composers' intention, technique (helps me to understand my 'bad-habits' or dynamics.) and so on. I also enjoy the scores she selects for me which fit my level and are fun for me to play. Lastly, Alexandra plays the piano so beautifully! Thanks, again!
Tomo T

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

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