Zoek je pianoles voor beginners of gevorderden in Amsterdam? Bespreek een proefles bij pianist en pianodocent in Amsterdam Frederic Voorn

Frederic Voorn Piano Lessons in Amsterdam

It is Wonderful to Play the Piano!

My name is Frederic Voorn, I am an all-round pianist and an enthousiastic and experienced piano teacher in Amsterdam. My piano lessons for young people and adults offer inspiration and motivation and my extensive music library offers many treasures of exciting repertoire.

All Levels

Do you want to start playing the piano or are you already an experienced player? Looking for piano lessons for your child? The beauty of playing the piano is that it takes you out of your daily routine and gives you the opportunity to withdraw into your own world to make something special. I offer lessons to beginners and advanced.

Lesson Location

The lessons are at my studio, centrally located and easily accessible in Amsterdam - Watergraafsmeer.


You can play from different piano methods and learn the basics of playing by reading notes, easy pieces, effective exercises, improvisation and basic music theory. The more often you sit at the piano and will practise shortly but intensively, the better!

Piano Basics

We will work on a proper and relaxed posture at the piano and you will develope a flexible technique. In this way you will quickly feel at home at the instrument. You will learn how to use your right and left hand independently, how to use the pedal and we will work on a natural sound.

Advanced - Classical Music

Young people and adults who want to get better acquainted with classical music are most welcome. My approach is very personal, because everyone has different needs and starts on different levels. I am specialised in the classical repertoire and Bach, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Satie and Shostakovich belong to my favorite composers. It will be great to get started, so make an appointment for a trial lesson!

Musicality and Technique

An important aspect of the lessons is how to approach and develope your natural sound at the piano. You will also learn a lot about chords and the structure of the pieces you are playing. Most importantly is for you to enjoy the music and how you develope as a person and as a pianist.

How to Practice effectively

I give a lot of attention to learning how to practice. Do you want a lot of technique through scales and exercises, or more attention to the interpretation and stylistic features of the music you play? Going from your preferences, we will find a path how to reach the best result. Achieving as much as possible in as little time as possible. You will notice your progress immediately!

Chamber Music for Pianists

Do you want to make music with an other instrumentalist or with a singer? Wonderfull to work together and also very rewarding! Come to my lessons together and I will share with you my extensive experience as a concert pianist.

Composing - Songwriter

Do you like to write your own music or are you a songwriter who wants to accompany him- of herself at the piano? As an experienced composer I can help you how to achieve your musical aspirations. If you want to know everything about chords and improvisation, I can give you practical advice and we can work on your technique, sound and timing.

10 Lesson Card - Flexible and Handy!

Do you have a busy job or are you busy at school? We can plan a piano lesson when it is convenient for both of us. Very easy and flexible, thanks to our lesson card of 10 lessons. In this way you never miss a lesson and will stay motivated.

Online Piano Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions!

About Frederic

Frederic Voorn is active in several musical areas. He is a concert pianist and a composer. He writes articles for numerous music magazines, conducts three choirs and made programs for Dutch Radio 4, including his own program Pianistenuur, which was broadcasted every Saturday for twelve years.

As a pianist Frederic Voorn has given concerts on four continents, performing both on modern and historical instruments. He was a laureate of the Frank Martin International Music Competition and was invited to perform at several international music festivals, such as the Tibor Varga Festival (Sion, Switzerland), the Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival (Kuopio, Finland), Antverpiano (Antwerp, Belgium) and the International Festival of Chamber Ensembles (Kazan, Russia). He gave concerts in major halls like the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Tonhalle in Zürich and was a soloist with several orchestras, such as the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra, the Messiah Festival Orchestra in America and the St. Michael Strings in Finland. In 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, he gave the world premiere of his own Piano Concerto with conductor Bujar Llapaj and theWest Coast Symphony Orchestra.

Frederic Voorn has given masterclasses in America, Canada, Indonesia and Russia and was a jury member at several competitions, such as the 8th Concours International de Piano Adilia Alieva in Gaillard, France and the 5thGeelvinck Fortepiano Competition in Amsterdam. For record label Ezra Classics, he has recorded several CD’s and in 2016 the CD La forêt perdue appeared, dedicated to his own piano music.

As a composer, Frederic Voorn has been active since 2005 and his works, written for different settings, are performed regularly. In 2005, his piano cycle Pièces simples et naturelles appeared and also a short orchestral work titled:Ezra’s Journey. The following year he composed his String Quartet, that was premiered in 2008 in America and two years later was performed for the first time in The Netherlands by the Ad Libitum Quartet. For the chamber choirBabylon, he has written several works, such as the Zwei Goethe Lieder from 2009, the song Die Gedanken sind Frei from 2012 and the madrigal Zefiro torna, written in 2014 on a poem by the Italian Renaissance poet Ottavio Rinuccini. In 2015 the piano suite La forêt perdue was premiered and in 2017 his Piano Sonata and the Piano Concerto. At the moment he is working on an opera about Sergei Diaghilev.

Frederic Voorn studied piano at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Utrecht with Jan Marisse Huizing, Jan Wijn and Hakon Austbö. After receiving his performing arts degree he continued his studies in London with Peter Feuchtwanger and in Moscow with Lev Naumov and Youri Levin. Frederic Voorn lives in Amsterdam, is married and has two sons.

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Lesson location

  • Watergraafsmeer
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  • English
  • Dutch

Muzikaal feest!

Frederic Voorn is voor mij de ideale pianoleraar. Ik heb al bijna twaalf jaar pianoles van hem en mijn spel is in die tijd enorm vooruitgegaan. Bij Frederic leer je niet alleen de goede noten te spelen, maar ook om er muziek van te maken. Met zijn brede kennis van de muziekgeschiedenis en de pianoliteratuur, zijn eigen ervaring als uitvoerend musicus, en zijn niet aflatend enthousiasme, weet hij iedere les weer tot een muzikaal feest te maken.
Henk de Regt

Impossible endeavor?

Two years ago, when I was 64, I started having my first piano lessons with Frederic. He was recommended to me by a good friend. Several people had told me that starting to learn to play the piano at my age would be an almost impossible endeavor. And then I also figured that Frederic, himself a gifted concert pianist and composer, would probably be more interested in teaching more advanced students than a beginner like me. But this was not the case at all: Frederic's enthusiasm and passion have helped me to make considerable progress since I started playing the piano. In these two years I have become acquainted with several classical composers who's easier pieces I am now able to play. Frederic's serenity in dealing with my learning process has greatly contributed to the pleasure in my daily practicing the piano. He gives clear and convincing instructions that help me to overcome all difficulties.
Frederic is also very generous in sharing his great knowledge of music, musical instruments, music history, composers and anecdotes. All of this I find very welcome and useful background information. In short: a great learning experience!!! Chris Folkers

Inspiring Piano Teacher!

Frederic Voorn is an excellent piano teacher who has many didactic qualities. His lessons are inspiring on every level and he has a great understanding of how a pupil can improve his or her playing. He is also a musician with an extensive knowledge of music theory and music history.
Christien de Jong

Al meer dan 25 jaar!

Sinds 1992 is Frederic mijn pianoleraar, en het feit dat hij dat dus al meer dan 25 jaar is bewijst dat ik zijn manier van lesgeven hogelijk waardeer.
Bijzonder is ook dat hij de momenten van lesgeven aanpast aan mijn agenda. Nieuwe afspraken maken we steeds tijdens de les, en omdat ik in twee landen leef, krijg ik twee uur achter elkaar les. Daardoor kan ik voldoende lesmateriaal meenemen naar elders, waar ik ook een piano heb, om de afwezigheidsperioden tussen de lessen bij hem te overbruggen.
Hendrik Jan Hulsebosch

Vrijwel kansloos?

Twee jaar geleden ben ik op mijn vierenzestigste met pianolessen bij Frederic begonnen, op aanbeveling van een goede vriendin. Van verschillende kanten had ik te horen gekregen dat het leren van pianospelen op mijn leeftijd een vrijwel kansloze onderneming zou zijn. Daarbij kwam dat ik dacht dat Frederic, zelf een begaafd uitvoerend  pianist en componist, wel meer geïnteresseerd zou zijn in het lesgeven aan meer (ver-)gevorderde pianisten dan aan beginners zoals ik. Die vrees bleek ongegrond: Frederic's enthousiasme en gedrevenheid hebben ertoe geleid dat ik best goede vorderingen heb gemaakt in die tijd. Ik heb inmiddels met al aardig wat klassieke componisten kennisgemaakt, van wie ik weliswaar niet heel omvangrijke, maar wel mooie stukjes kan spelen. Frederic's onverstoorbaarheid met betrekking tot mijn, zeg maar “ leerproces” heeft er in belangrijke mate toe bijgedragen dat ik niet ontmoedigd ben geraakt en met veel plezier dagelijks oefen. Hij geeft helder en overtuigend aanwijzingen, zodat het altijd wel lukt om iets moeilijks tenslotte toch de baas te worden.
Frederic is ook gul in het overdragen van zijn  indrukwekkende kennis over muziek, muziekinstrumenten, muziekgeschiedenis, componisten, achtergronden en anekdotes , wat mij betreft een zeer welkome “bijkomstigheid”.  Kortom:  zo leer je nog eens wat!!!!
Chris Folkers

Musical celebration!

For me, Frederic Voorn is the ideal piano teacher. I have been his pupil for almost twelve years now and have made tremendous progress. Frederic doesn't only teach you how to play the right notes, but also how to make music.  With his large knowledge of music history and piano literature, his own experience as a performing musician and his everlasting enthousiasm, he makes every lesson into a musical celebration.
Henk de Regt

Inspirerende docent!

Frederic Voorn is een uitstekende docent met veel didactische kwaliteiten. Zijn lessen zijn inspirerend voor elk niveau, hij heeft goed inzicht in de fasen waarin een pianoleerling zich het spelen kan eigen maken. Daarnaast is hij een musicus met een brede kennis van de muziektheorie en de muziekgeschiedenis.
Christien de Jong

Met kop en schouders

Frederic is een hele goede leraar. Ik heb veel pianodocenten gehad, en Frederic  steekt er voor mij met kop en schouders bovenuit. Hij weet veel van muziek, van componisten en kan prachtig spelen, maar vooral kan hij je goed helpen om effectief (en met plezier) te studeren. Hij heeft een prettige manier om precies te analyseren waar iets wat minder goed gaat, om dat dan op een speelse manier aan te pakken waardoor je weer verder komt. Daarnaast is hij gewoon een sympathieke man, bij hem is het altijd leuk om naar pianoles te gaan.
Otto Perdeck

Inspirerend en flexibel!

Ik heb al meer dan 25 jaar les van Frederic en raak iedere les weer opnieuw geïnspireerd om aan de slag te gaan met mijn muziek. Frederic leert mij om lastige passages aan te pakken, zodat de muziek beter tot zijn recht komt. Wat voor mij ook belangrijk is dat hij open staat voor wensen of suggesties ten aanzien van de muziek en flexibel is in het maken van afspraken. Door het schetsen van de achtergrond van een componist of een muziekstuk leer ik de muziek, die ik speel, beter begrijpen.
Mirjam Soons

By far the best!

Frederic Voorn is a wonderful teacher. I have had many piano teachers but Frederic is by far the best. He knows a lot about music, composers and can play the piano beautifully. But foremost he can help you how to study effectively and with fun. In a pleasant manner he can analyse exactly where your problems are and in a playful way he is able to help you to overcome these difficulties. Furthermore, he is also a very pleasant man and it is always nice to go to a piano lesson.
Otto Perdeck

Inspiring and flexible!

I have been Frederic's pupil for already more than 25 years and every lesson again is an inspiration to get going with my music. Frederic teaches me to tackle the difficult spots, so that the music is able to benefit. What I also find important is that he is open to my music wishes and suggestions and that he is flexible in making appointments. By telling about the background of the pieces and the composers, I am able to understand the music that I play much better.
Mirjam Soons

Flexible Lessons

The 10 lesson card sounds perfect for me to work towards my goal of learning piano. I am 34 years old in Amsterdam and I typically travel for work often but would like to pursue learning piano and it's been hard to find flexible lessons. Let me know when can I start.
P. E

Very flexible teacher!

Frederic has been my piano teacher since 1992 and the fact that I have known him for more than 25 years in this capacity means that I greatly appreciate his way of teaching.
What is also special is that he is able and willing to be very flexible with his lessons. Because I live in two countries, I get a two hour lesson instead of one, In this way I can take enough lesson material with me when I go abroad, I can keep on practising and the continuation of my piano playing is being secured.
Hendrik Jan Hulsebosch

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