Saxofoonles in Amsterdam. Saxofoonleraar Andrius Dereviancenko!. Saxofoon spelen voor beginners en gevorderden, jongeren en volwassenen. jazz, pop, improvistatie

Andrius Dereviancenko Saxophone Lessons in Amsterdam

Saxophone Lessons in Amsterdam -  Jazz - Pop - Classical

Do you or your kids have a dream to learn to play the saxophone? Are you interested in learning jazz or pop tunes? My name is Andrius, I am an all-round Amsterdam based saxophone player and enthusiastic and motivating saxophone teacher.

All Ages and Levels

I teach Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophone from beginner through to advanced level and specialise in Jazz improvisation, pop, funk, soul and contemporary classical music. My students range in age from youngsters to retired people.

Fun Saxophone Lessons!

Fundamentals are important, but playing music should be fun from day one! We'll work on learning to play melodies and tunes with which you are already familiar.

Lesson Location

My studio is located in NDSM (8min ferry ride from Amsterdam CS) The saxophone lessons can be arranged at your place in Amsterdam too.

Saxophone Classes Beginners

Saxophone is a very versatile instrument and able to sound in many different ways. For that I prepared for you easy exercises that will improve your sound, articulation and dynamics. You will learn a correct finger placement and posture, how to read music, basic music theory, proper breath control and timing. Enjoy playing basic melodies and tailor made exercises and of course your favourite songs!

Advanced Saxophone Lessons

As you progress through your saxophone lessons you will explore more difficult keys and time signatures, dynamics, improvisation, and various styles of music for the saxophone such as Jazz, Funk, Pop, Soul and more!

Improvisation - Saxophone Solo's

Learning to improvise is a lot of fun! It's so creative right from the start. Imagine playing a solo over a groovy backing track! Now imagine that all of the notes you play fit perfectly with the harmonies in the background. Can you imagine how great it would feel when every note you play sounds gorgeous?


You’ll learn to improvise your own music through a modern method and progressive exercises that anyone can do

Saxophone Tuition Materials

Many of the books which we use to supplement lesson materials contain play-along CDs which enhance the learning experience and add a performance element to lessons and practice. Play along tracks on your smart phone!

What to expect?

  • Body Placement - learn how to place saxophone in your body to have the most relaxed hands, neck, and throat.
  • Embouchure - everything you need to know about healthy and natural embouchure.
  • Warming up/Overtones - different exercises that I have discovered during years. How to get into harmonics for a beginner.
  • Technique - how I approach playing fas.
  • Altissimo - why and how I play on saxophone higher than hight F#
  • Articulation - different ways to place your tongue and techniques to get more control.
  • Sound Expansion - what I have discovered over years on how to think and develop a flexible and unique sound.
  • Tuning - how to practice it fun by yourself and with others.
  • Fx Setup - my pedal setup, from how I connect everything to how I record it and deal with it on a laptop.
  • Circular Breathing - why it is important and how to start working on it even if you never had done it.
  • Recording - what microphone and recording devices I use and the philosophy of recording yourself.

No Saxophone yet?

If you don’t have an instrument yet, I can help you finding an instrument to rent or to buy for a good price.

Music Theory - Music Production

Want to learn about creating your own tracks EQ, delay, compression? Read here more! Music theory will help to develop a deep understanding of how melodies interact with harmony and beat.

Online Sax Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online saxophone lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions!

About Andrius

Enter a musical realm where boundaries blur, intertwining gentle expressions and intense, aggressive saxophone sounds. Andrius Dereviancenko is a saxophonist who masterfully blends diverse styles, showcasing his versatility and unique artistic voice.Andrius embarked on his musical journey when he left his hometown in Lithuania, Klaipeda, to pursue a bachelor's degree in jazz saxophone at the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's vibrant music scene provided the perfect backdrop for his exploration of self-expression and musical growth. Immersed in the city's thriving free improvised music community, Andrius delved into the realms of groove, experimentation, and his own original compositions. While initially starting his musical exploration with a traditional Lithuanian folk instrument called Birbyne, it was the allure of jazz recordings that led him to switch to the saxophone, igniting a lifelong passion for jazz and a tireless pursuit of his unique artistic voice.Andrius's journey is one marked by exploration, growth, and recognition.

In 2013, his quartet was honored with the esteemed Leiden Jazz Award, solidifying their exceptional talent and dedication. In 2016, he seized the spotlight at Tremplin Jazz Avignon with the band Morgan Freeman, earning the Public and Best Composition prizes, showcasing his ability to connect with audiences and create captivating compositions.Recognition has followed Andrius on his path of artistic growth.

In 2022, the trash jazz group Litterjug, in which Andrius plays a vital role, received nominations in two categories at the prestigious Danish Music Awards Jazz: Best Experimental Album of the Year and New Jazz Name of the Year. This recognition solidifies their innovative approach and unconventional sound, showcasing their willingness to break musical barriers.

Collaboration has been an integral part of Andrius's musical journey, allowing him to expand his horizons and embrace diverse perspectives. He has worked with musicians from the Netherlands such as Wilbert de Joode, Michael Vatcher, Onno Govaert, Jasper Stadhouders, and Franky Douglas, as well as collaborating with African artists like Berima Amo and Etuk Ubong, celebrating the richness of musical diversity and fostering a global musical dialogue. Andrius's discography showcases his evolution as an artist, with each release reflecting his artistic growth and willingness to experiment.

His latest project, "12 Tribes of Mars," funded by Space is the Place Productions, brings together the realms of reggae and free improvisation in a captivating fusion. This bold exploration highlights Andrius's ability to blend genres and challenge the boundaries of his instrument, creating innovative and captivating music.

Additionally, as the band leader of Cocktail Party Attack, he released "Anthem of Joy" on the TryTone label, captivating audiences with his unique musical vision.Looking towards the future, Andrius Dereviancenko is excited about incorporating electronics into his saxophone performances, pushing the boundaries of sound and exploring new sonic territories. He also seeks to merge various artistic mediums, combining audio visuals to create immersive and multi-sensory experiences for his audiences.

Andrius has graced renowned stages and festivals, leaving a lasting impression on the jazz world. From captivating performances at iconic venues such as Bimhuis and the North Sea Jazz Festival to captivating audiences at InJazz, Vilnius Mama Jazz, Palermo Jazz Festival, Avignon Jazz, and the Interplanetary Night: Solo Extravaganza, his live shows showcase his dynamic and engaging presence on stage.

As Andrius Dereviancenko's musical journey continues to unfold, his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing diverse influences, and connecting with audiences through the power of music remains at the core of his artistic endeavors. With each new project, collaboration, and performance, he forges a path that is uniquely his own, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music.


  • 2023 12 Tribes of Mars - EP
  • 2023 UnknownUnknown - Pure Metamorphosis
  • 2023 Litterjug - Litterjug
  • 2023 Berima Amo - Krobonko (Single release)
  • 2022 The Zebra Street Band - Shirwku
  • 2022 Cocktail Party Attack - Anthem of Joy
  • 2020 Into the Wind - Tusheti
  • 2020 Scrambled Harmonies - Stella Art
  • 2019 Into The Wind - Vision (Single release)
  • 2018 The Zebra Street Band - ZeBrass
  • 2018 Asger Thomsen - Ham On Rye
  • 2017 MILD - Tea Time
  • 2016 Paaprika - Jonk
  • 2016 Old Men In Khaki - Scissors
  • 2015 MorganFreeman - Blessed Virgin Mary's Face-To-Face Encounter with the Divine Bullshit

Located in

  • Amsterdam

Lesson location

  • At your home
  • Amsterdam Noord
  • At teacher's location
  • Online


  • Children
  • Adults


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian

A relaxed Teacher!

Besides Andrius being a very nice, open and relaxed person, it is clear he really loves and understands music. I am very happy with his saxophone lessons because he shapes them around my musical goal (and taste), and finds interesting and challenging exercises to bring me further. 
Oscar F.

A real joy to work with Andrius!

When I was looking to play Saxophone as a beginner I found Vivaldi Music Lessons. When reading about Andrius (distinguishments) and the way he conducts his lessons this appealed to me directly. The first impression counts! When booking my first lesson he was very responsive and flexible when planning it. Andrius explains the basics of Saxophone assembly, warm up, playing and he really builds the foundation very very well. In just 8 lessons he learned me to play my first song which is absolutely impressive. Andrius is a real joy to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to become a great Saxophone player.
Serkan U.

A wonderful teacher!

Andrius is a very talented saxophonist. He is a wonderful teacher and his energy, passion and enthusiasm for making music are contagious! Over the last 4 months, he taught me a lot on how to start playing the Saxophone, get a feeling for the instrument, and guided me into this new world of making music. I have enjoyed it very much and am proud to be able to play some nice saxophone jazz now! :)
Tom Kennes

Extremely Positive!

Andrius is a great person and always nice to speak with him about different topics. Really knowledgable on music and gives a great feeling. Amazing energy and happiness. The structure is perfect ( at least for me) as in Andrius can adapt to the student easily in term of pace, taste and fun. He always keep the rythme increasing but with great organisation.It gives a good balance between practice and effort vs reward. Well done on that Being taught by someone with such a strong background in music and teaching the real ground of Solfege is a great feeling to learn. I learn Saxophone and music reading / technics hence the progress is full for me.
I can only be extremely positive about my cursus in progress with Andrius and I hope to be able to keep on going for a long time with it.
Quentin M.

A Bunch of Fun!

Andrius has helped me finding my way back to my sax. After 10+ years of not playing I recently started to take lessons with him, which was the best decision I could have taken! Since I already had some ideas of what I wanted to play, I really really appreciate the fact that he always listened to me and brought along the music that I wanted to play whilst he would also come with his own ideas. Next to all the fun of playing around Andrius focused largely on helping me improve my technique. After my first set of 10 lessons and seeing some incredible progress already I am excited to continue my journey with Andrius. It's been a bunch of fun and would strongly recommend!
Cheers, Leonie

Skilled Saxophone Teacher!

I was looking for a skilled saxophone teacher since I was out of playing the saxophone for about 10 yrs. I'm very happy with the saxophone lessons from Andrius. I was looking for someone to help me freshen up the musical knowledge that was taught to me as a kid and help me becoming a better saxophone player now that I'm just playing for fun. I enjoy the fact that Andrius is teaching me how to become better improvising while teaching me the technical background of it. Also, I'm able to learn all this playing my favorite music. Looking forward to the next course already!
Naomi O

Geduldige saxofoonleraar!

Mijn zoon Symen (11 jaar) heeft sinds een jaar les van Andrius. Het fijne aan Andrius is dat Symen zelf mag bepalen welke liedjes hij wil leren. Dit motiveert Symen. Andrius is in staat om algemene muzikale vaardigheden en theorie te koppelen aan deze liedjes waardoor Symen spelenderwijs veel leert. Andrius heeft veel geduld en is de kritiek altijd opbouwend. Daarnaast is Andrius een ware saxofoon-kunstenaar. Kortom, een prima docent.
Uif P

Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Book your trial lesson today!

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

(Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist)