Ruben Brinkhuis Electric Guitar Lessons in Delft

Electric Guitar Lessons

Adult or teenager looking for an enthusiastic and professional Delft based guitar teacher? Want to play the latest hits or do you prefer to write your own music and learn to improvise? That's all possible! Max flexibility with the 10 lesson 'Strippenkaart'. You never lose a lesson!

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Hi, I'm Ruben. My private guitar classes are tailored to your musical wishes and needs. I'm convinced that having fun is the best motivator to learn quickly and gives best results!
Freedom to express your feelings through music is what we want!

Advanced Guitar Players

Play your favourite songs or go into more depth with music theory, more technique, chords and scales. By the use of various modern teaching methods you'll learn the guitar basics and develop your own style and a solid technique.

Lesson Location

I have a small home studio so I can offer you the opportunity to use some of your lessons to capture your progress in the form of a studio recording or a live recording with video (to place on YouTube for example).

Online Guitar Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online live lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Book a trial lesson and buy & try the 3 lesson Starter's Package! Contact me for information

Your Favourite Style?

Acoustic and electric guitar lessons in the following styles: Pop, rock, blues, metal and singer-songwriter

Ruben Brinkhuis

I've been active as a guitar player for 14 years now. I started out playing the violin at the age of 7. Soon after I was admitted to the junior class of the Rotterdam Conservatorium I started playing in different orchestras and did my first tours in the Czech Republic and England at the age of 12. Around this time my musical horizons began to broaden as I started listening to pop, rock and singer-songwriter music. That's when I started to play the guitar. Now I play violin, guitar, I sing, write songs and produce music.

For the past 10 years musician and guitar teacher Ruben Brinkhuiskept kept himself busy with recording and performing with singer-songwriter Fabian (The Best Singer-songwriter NL), Allstars Coverband and singer/ actress Coosje Smid (The Voice Of Holland). From January to April 2014 I accompanied baritone / TV presenter Ernst Daniel Smid and Coosje Smid on guitar on their 'Voor Elkaar' tour.

An overview of all his musical projects and musical CV can be found at his website .

The history of music is mortal, but the idiocy of the guitar is eternal. ++ Milan Kundera

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

The best way to know your future is to create it - Joe Dispenza