Hannah Ybelis Smit - Klassiek tot Pop zanglessen Delft- Ontdek je stem! Zingen in Delfgauw en Delft voor alle leeftijden!

Hannah Ybeles Smit Singing Lessons in Delft

Singing Lessons in Delft

Hi! I'm Hannah, I give my singing lessons from my private vocal studio in Delft - Delfgauw to both youngsters and adults. Would you like to get the most out of your voice and sing more freely?  Are you looking for classical singing lessons, or do you prefer jazz, rock, songwriter or pop? I teach all genres!

Private Lessons – Personal Attention

When you decide to take individual singing lessons we start with a trial lesson, to find out if we click and to discuss your wishes and ambitions. In addition, I will assess your voice in order to choose songs and exercises that suit you best.

Voice Problems

Do you have certain complaints during or after singing? For example, do you experience hoarseness, difficulties reaching high notes, loss of voice in some passages or shortness of breath?

Diagnosis and advice

We will analyse what may have caused the complaints. I will then give you tailor-made exercises that help improve your voice. In most cases your voice will be in good condition again after just one or a few lessons and you can enjoy singing in your band, choir or ensemble without any problems.

Using your Voice well

Anyone can learn to use their voice well. I listen to what your voice needs, so that we can customize your singing lessons. With exercises adapted to your own voice, you are guaranteed to enjoy good results with daily exercise sessions of about 10 minutes.

Have fun singing!

Having fun while making music and expressing yourself is my starting point. You will not have to sing endless scales which feel pointless, but you will be trained in a way that suits your voice. You will sing music that touches you, that allows you to tell your own story.

EVT-Voice Training

Although each genre requires its own vocal technique, all genres require healthy voice production! Discover the optimal sound of your voice in your preferred genre and what technique is needed. All parts of the vocal instrument will be trained extensively by using the Estill Voice Training system (EVT)

Complete Vocal Technique

If you sing a lot of pop or rock, you want to be able to sing with a nice gritty voice, but in a healthy way! That is why we will also use CVT (Complete Vocal Technique): a method that allows you to work from expression and sound production in a safe way in order to get that special sound you are looking for.

Song Interpretation

A lot of attention is paid to interpreting song lyrics and structure, so that you can give your own personal rendition of any song you would like to sing!

Classical Singing

We will work on a relaxed and comfortable posture, breathing techniques, resonance, diction and interpretation. Based on classical material such as Lied, opera and oratorio you will develop your voice and sing more beautifully, pitch-perfectly and freely. Naturally, you can also bring your choir repertoire to your singing lessons.

Discovering your Voice? Mindful Singing…

How does your voice sound free, without any restrictions or effort and full of energy? What happens to your body if your sound can flow freely?


With the Lichtenberg method you can concentrate on your senses instead of your muscles and let go of controlling things by overthinking. You focus on all parts of the body that resonate along with the sound of your voice. This way, your body organises itself, achieving an optimal sound.

A free Sound

The result is a freer and richer sound with less effort. Broadening and experiencing this sound are fundamental to voice development. Aspects such as posture, breathing, resonance, pitch and articulation are all dealt with from a new perspective. Through voice production the self-regulating mechanisms of our body are activated. Natural balance is restored, making the body an instrument in your desire for wholesomeness and harmony.

Preparing for an Audition?

It is possible to take a few lessons with me in preparation for an audition. I help you select suitable repertoire, study the songs and get ready for the job. That job could be a part in a musical production or with an opera company, an audition to enrol at a conservatory, or a part in a professional production.

Speaking in Public

Do you use your voice intensively in your daily job? For example, as an actor, radio/TV presenter, at a call centre, as a speaker at seminars or events, as a lawyer or teacher?

Voice Training

Training the speaking voice is also part of my work. Achieving better diction and breath control allows you to speak more expressively and get your message across even better when speaking publicly. You will feel calmer and more self-confident.

Singing as a Source of Energy

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately and are you looking for a gentle, inspiring way to get back on track? Have you been going through a rough patch or are you in the middle of a difficult phase in your life? Would you like to do something to feel free and less oppressed? To pay more attention to yourself, to experience that you have control over your own life and to connect with your inner source?


Singing brings joy, but did you know that it also has a healing effect?
Sound production through singing unlocks the door to healing, change and joy in your life. Discover your healing voice and get access to who you really are.
Click here to read more about how we connect energy and sound in group workshops and individual lessons!

Online Singing Classes

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online voice lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced singers. Live feedback and instructions!

Hannah Ybeles Smit

During her conservatory studies mezzo-soprano Hannah Ybeles Smit took lessons with Ank Reinders. After graduation she further studied with Alberto ter Doest, Hetty Gehring, Ingrid Voermans, Ronald Klekamp, Marjan Kuiper and London-based Sheila Barnes. She participated in masterclasses both at home and abroad. In addition, she studied musical theatre in Tilburg for 2 years, where she gained a wealth of acting and dancing experience. Hannah also did the Kurt Thomas conducting course.
Hannah performs regularly in opera, oratorio, musical and music theatre productions, taking on mezzo and alto parts and combining singing and acting.

Hannah currently teaches singing at the Codarts music theatre department (Rotterdam Conservatory) and has taught singing methodology at Schumann Akademie (a part-time conservatory) since 2010. She is also a member of the exam committee at Schumann Akademie. Hannah provides lessons and workshops for Stichting Buitenkunst and works as a choir director. From 2007 to 2013 Hannah worked for DAPA, the four-year vocational programme for musical singers of the NME (Dutch musical ensemble), as a teacher of singing, interpretation and voice technique. She was also head of the singing department there. Hannah is a member of the NVZ (Dutch association of singing teachers).

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Deskundig en inspirerend!

Hannah is een zeer deskundige en inspirerende docente. Als zangdocent combineert zij verschillende zangtechnieken met de evts methode. Deze combinatie geeft haar lessen een extra, zeer waardevolle dimensie. Daarnaast is het een feest om aan een groepscursus deel te nemen onder haar leiding. Zij past haar ervaring uit eerdere werkkringen toe en is daarmee in staat mensen te binden en een stimulerende omgeving te bieden om tot ontwikkeling te komen
Marian Joseph - Bestuurder Utrecht Law College en Onderwijscoördinator Afdeling privaatrecht

Een aanrader!

Hannah Ybeles Smit is een docente die je op een rustige en enthousiaste manier verder helpt met zingen. Ze kan heel goed vertellen hoe je zingt en wat je precies doet. Ze geeft duidelijke tips om je zingen te verbeteren. Haar feedback is heel concreet en je weet dus ook meteen of je het goed doet.  Een aanrader!
Paul Barten, student zang

De essentie van muziek

Hannah is in staat om bij elke zanger(es) het beste naar boven tehalen. Als je denkt dat je goed kan zingen, laat je dan vooral nog door Hannah coachen voor de finishing touch. Zij is in staat om je de essentie van de muziek te laten voelen en als je dat éénmaal hebt ervaren, wil je niet anders meer.....
Jitske de Wit -Hoogerbrugge. Praktijkondersteuner Huisartsenzorg (POH-GGZ) in opleiding

Structured and targeted

Hannah is a professional and thorough person, who is able to transfer her substantive and practical knowledge. She has an eye for the personal needs of the students, without losing sight of the purpose of the lesson. Her classes are structured, with strong content and targeted. Theory and practice rotated in a delightful way, in an atmosphere which is both enjoyable and prestigious.
Hanneke Baan-  Soprano - Classical Singer

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