Vioollessen in Delft voor kinderen en volwassenen. Bevlogen en ervaren viooldocent Julia Hernández geeft vioolles aan huis in Delft en Delfgauw. Beginner of gevorderd op de viool? Welkom voor een proefles viool!

Julia Hernández Violin Lessons in Delft

Violin Lessons - Delft

Hello! Good to see you here! My name is Julia Hernandez Sanchez, and I'm here to help you achieve your musical goals! Looking for a patient violin teacher for your child? Have you always dreamed of playing the violin and wish to start taking lessons?

All Levels - All Ages

Whether this will be your first encounter with the violin, you have been playing for years, wish to pick up the violin after a long break, or you are preparing for an audition, we will design the lessons in a way that best meets your needs, goals and time!

Why Violin Lessons?

Learning an instrument is a challenging but very rewarding task! After playing violin for over fifteen years, I must say that every day I am more and more in love with my instrument. The violin enables you to express yourself in ways that words can't, and to feel and communicate emotions.

Classical  - Other Styles

The violin is a very versatile instrument which can fit into many different musical styles!Let's discover new styles or learn how the play your favourite composers more intense, in tune and with more ease!


What I care the most about when working with children is that they enjoy the lessons, have fun, and explore their creativity. All of this can only happen if they stay motivated, which will be the case if they progress and can perceive their own improvement!


I really like using the Colourstrings violin method for beginners, as it involves learning in a fun, non-difficult and natural way, giving very good results both in technical capabilities, musical development and enjoyment when playing. The lessons involve fun games, clapping, singing and slowly learning to read music notation - starting with child-friendly notation.

Baroque Violin

Do you love Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi or Corelli? Me too! As part of my studies and professional practice, I play a lot of baroque music, so I will be very happy to work on this repertoire with you! These lessons are particularly fun, as we will often be playing together.

Chamber Music         

And how about chamber music? If you have an ensemble and would like to take it to the next level, we should get working! I have a lot of experience as a chamber musician, including string quartet. As a member of the Erasmus Quartet - a string quartet based in Rotterdam - I have performed both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Music Theory

Coming from the 'Solfege' tradition in Spain, I am not very interested in teaching the theory isolated from the practice: for me, music theory - or, as I prefer, "musicianship" - is an essential part of learning an instrument. Together, we will find ways to internalise the music, to find your inner abilities and understandings, and to use them to play violin in a natural and personal way. I like to encourage all my students to discover their creative side and to find as many ways as possible to express themselves through music!

Lessons at Your Home

I teach in all areas of Delft, and will travel to your own location for the lessons!

Online Lessons

If you are interested in meeting me, but are too far away, arranging online lessons is also an excellent option - just get in touch and we can discuss the options.

Where to rent a Violin

You can easily rent an instrument for the lessons at locations in Rotterdam and The Hague. I'll help you find the addresses.

About Julia

Originally from Spain, Julia completed her Bachelor studies in Violin Performance at the Guildhall School in London, after which she went to Rotterdam to study for a Master Degree.
Her musical experiences are very broad, ranging from chamber music to orchestral playing, and including cross-over projects and interdisciplinary performances. She has collaborated with some of Europe's leading ensembles, such as the London Symphony Orchestra, or the Academy of Ancient Music.

As a teacher, she has worked both in schools and privately, and she is a certified Colourstrings Teacher. Her passion for teaching and for getting the best out of her students got her to investigate current teaching methods, resulting in her dissertation "Student-Centred Education in one-to-one music tuition: current practices and ways to improve them".

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Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist