Zdenka Prochazkova - Private violin teacher in Delft and Weert - Motivating violin lessons to children and adults, beginners to advanced. Also online violin lessons.

Zdenka Prochazkova Violin Lessons in Delft

Violin Lessons Delft - Weert

Starting with violin for the first time? Played the violin longtime ago and want to pick up taking lessons again?  Wish to develop your technique and discover new repertoire? Or just need some inspiration and motivation and want to learn how to make the most of your practise time?

All Levels - All Ages

I'm Zdenka Prochazkova, an experienced , motivating, patient and very enthusiastic violin teacher! I offer fun, comprehensive and motivating violin lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. All ages welcome. Let's enjoy music!

Delft and Weert

The individual violin classes are at my studios in Delft and in Weert.

Beginner Lessons - Children

We use a combination of auditory learning methods and Suzuki violin method with attention to positive and encouraging learning process. Improvisation, singing, learning rhythms, reading music and a relaxed posture. Develop your musical skills in a broader scale and learn a natural approach to violin playing.

Adults and Advanced

Personalised tuition materials and attention to personal development. Technique, interpretation and healthy body awareness. You will learn in a relaxed, but energetic way all techniques of right and left hand. This includes vibrato, position playing, spiccato, staccato, legato, intonation, scales, beautiful violin sonatas and concertos as well as music theory

Chamber Music

My rich experience as a chamber music player is used in my ensemble coaching lessons. Discover new repertoire as well as all the tricks and secrets of ensemble playing and most of all...enjoy !

Viola Lessons Weert and Delft

If chamber music is your passion, it might be an option to become the best viola player in your ensemble and switch to the viola!
Read more about my viola lessons in Delft and Weert

Online Violin Lessons

Live feedback and instructions. Curious how it works? Book a trial lesson .

About Zdenka Prochazkova

Zdenka is a Czech violin/viola player. After her studies at Conservatory Utrecht she started performing with orchestras and chamber music groups in The Netherlands and around Europe. With her chamber music group Cordevento she performs regularly in big concert halls such as Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Philharmony Cologne, Philharmony hall Brugge,  Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht. She loves to perform and share her love for music with everybody. This is also how she teaches and what she wants to give to her students.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent - Victor Hugo

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  • English
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Een stimulerende docent!

Zdenka Prochazkova is een kritische en stimulerende docent die veel ruimte geeft voor het spelen van zelf aangedragen muziek. Door de goede lessen en begeleiding is​ ​het leren spelen van de viool/ altviool makkelijker dan verwacht.

​Steven Lammers​

Ik zie mijn vooruitgang!

Als gloednieuwe viool student heb ik bij Zdenka Prochazkova voor het eerst met regelmaat een instrument vastgehouden. Ze heeft me in een korte periode van zo een zes maanden door veel van de basis heen geloodst. Omdat we nu samen werken aan diverse oefeningen en kleine liedjes kan ik goed mijn eigen vooruitgang zien. Lessen worden aangepast aan mijn eigen leertempo en aan welke muziek mij aanspreekt. Ze is tijdens de lessen altijd vrolijk en kan ontzettend goed viool spelen, wat voor mij als student enorm motiverend werkt. Niet alleen voor dit instrument maar ook voor het verbeteren van mijn algemene muziekkennis heb ik erg veel aan haar lessen.
Derk-Jan Huisinga​

Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Be nice to yourself, book your trial lesson today!

Your future, full of music, passion and joy begins now! Just take the first step!