Carla Peña - Celloles voor beginners en gevorderden in Den Haag. Enthousiaste en motiverende cellodocent voor kinderen, jongeren en volwassenen in omgeving Voorburg Scheveningen en Den Haag centrum

Carla Peña Romero Cello Lessons in Den Haag

Cello Lessons The Hague

In love with the warm sound of the cello and starting with cello lessons from scratch? Looking for a patient and motivating private cello teacher for your child? Are you more advanced and seeking ways to take your cello playing to the next level or used to play the cello and wish to pick-up the cello again after a break?

Private Lessons

I am Carla, an enthusiastic professional cellist and cello teacher. My private lessons offer inspiration, cello technique, and musicality in a custom-made situation. Enjoy the flexibility of the10 Lesson Card.

Location - At Your Home

My studio is in the centre of The Hague (De Constant Rebecquestraat) and easily accessible. Even though, lessons in the comfort of your own home are possible. (Duinoord, Zeeheldenkwartier, Statenkwartier, Valkenbos-Regentessekwartier)

Young Children

Individual cello classes for young children are fun and cover music basics, singing, clapping, and musical games as a playful introduction to playing the cello. They will definitely enjoy the relaxed and supportive environment of my lessons.


No experience with reading music yet? No problem! I'm a patient teacher and step by step you'll learn to read music, rhythms and you will be playing your first easy tunes and concert pieces! By playing duets, songs, etudes, scales, and some practical exercises you’ll develop a solid basis to create this warm cello sound we all love so much!

More experienced

Maybe you feel a bit stressed when it comes to position playing and shifting? Playing in tune is not your strongest point? Thumb position is new to you? Maybe you have frequently muscle pain due to a wrong posture? Wish to learn new pieces or dive into a different music styles?

What can you expect?

Let's explore the greater and smaller masterpieces of the cello repertoire and focus on a relaxed posture and improve what you wish to improve. You'll also be playing etudes, scales, exercises to develop your vibrato, intonation, left hand skills and bowing technique, to be able to play in your orchestra or ensemble with ease.

Classical, Film Music or Pop

I'm flexible to teach you play any music style where the cello might fit in. The lessons can cover improvisation, music theory, pop and classical music, duet or ensemble playing or chamber music advice.

Online Cello Lessons

Skype or Zoom lessons can be arranged. Enjoy live feedback and personal tips and advice.

About Me

After having finished my musical education in The Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Conservatori Del Liceu (Barcelona), I perform regularly with my chamber music ensembles (Trio Jakob and Azalaïs Quartet) and with orchestras all around Europe. This summer, I have been on tour in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. I have also been awarded first prize in numerous international competitions. I am a dedicated teacher and versatile cellist who likes to explore different musical fields. I mainly play in classical and contemporary music ensembles, but I have collaborated in Jazz and Pop music performances as well. I define myself as a patient and caring teacher. My teaching approach varies depending on the pupils I have in front of me, depending on their level, expectations, and personality.


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony ― Mahatma Gandhi

Located in

  • Den Haag

Lesson location

  • At your home
  • Mariahoeve - Voorburg
  • Online
  • Den Haag centrum
  • At teacher's location


  • Children
  • Adults


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Dutch

Gouden Greep!

Na tien jaar stopte mijn Russische docente in Leiden ermee. Ik zag op tegen het zoeken naar een nieuwe docent in de regio Den Haag want in die tien jaar had ik meer geleerd dan in al die jaren ervoor. Uiteindelijk moet je toch een docent hebben om zowel gemotiveerd te blijven en om elke dag te studeren aan weer een prachtig stuk om onder de knie te krijgen.
Internet is niet altijd mij favoriete zoekplek, maar via via kreeg ik een goede tip om te gaan kijken naar: Vivaldi Music Lessons, en dat bleek een gouden greep. Zo kwam ik bij Carla terecht.

Met deze instelling kwam ik bij Carla om les te krijgen. Kortom met hoge verwachtingen en mijn vorige docent als vergelijkingsmateriaal. De eerste les, een kennismakingsles, was meer om te proeven hoe de docent bevalt en of er van beide kanten een match is want een docent moet je wel graag naar willen luisteren en als leerling moet je goed studeren. Cello spelen is een serieuze zaak. Ze vroeg me om de muziek die op mijn lessenaar lag, mee te nemen. Dus wat ik als laatste op les bij mijn vorige docent aan het studeren was. Dat was een fijn uitgangspunt en heb je niet het gevoel dat je een topprestatie moet leveren, want het was immers het stuk dat je aan het leren was met alle twijfels en vraagstukken en moeilijkheden er nog in en die je dan nog zeker niet meester bent. Zo kwam ik naar de les.

De structuur van de les is meestal techniek (linker hand, rechterhand) en muzikaliteit (hoe pak je de frasering aan en wat vind je zelf als er dilemma's zijn). Maar vooral hoe je al die facetten van het cellospel studeert. Dus hoe je lastige vingerzettingen studeert of hoge posities aanpakt en de zuiverheid bewaakt. Kortom heel vergelijkbaar met hoe ik hiervoor heb les gehad en steeds het gevoel krijg dat ik verder kom. Soms twijfelde ik aan mezelf en vroeg haar op de man of ik het stuk wel ooit onder de knie zou krijgen, want ik moest op mijn tenen lopen. Ja... hoor... dat gaat prima lukken. En ze heeft gelijk.
Een enkele keer neem ik stukken mee naar les die ik moet spelen in een amateur orkest en ook dat is fijn om dat op les te bekijken en goede adviezen over te krijgen. Waar ik nog naar zoek is om een enkele keer met iemand samen te spelen.
Fred v.d. B

Golden Touch

After ten years, my Russian teacher at Leiden stopped teaching. I was dreading the search for a new teacher in the Hague region, because in those ten years I had learned more than in all those years before. In the end, you need a teacher to keep you motivated and to study every day to master another beautiful piece.The Internet is not always my favourite search place, but I got a good suggestion to take a look at: Vivaldi Music Lessons, and that turned out to be a golden touch. That is how I came to Carla.

With this attitude I came to Carla for lessons. In short, with high expectations and my previous teacher as reference material. The first lesson, an introductory lesson, was more of a test if you feel comfortable with him/her and whether there was a match from both sides, because you want to be eager to listen to you teacher and on the other hand, you have to be motivated as a student to study well. In the end playing the cello is a serious business.She asked me to bring the music that was on my desk. So what I was studying at my last lesson with my previous teacher. That was a nice starting point and you didn't have the feeling that you had to deliver a top performance, because after all it was the piece you were learning with all the doubts and questions and difficulties still in it and which you certainly hadn't mastered yet. This is how I came to the lesson.

The structure of the lesson is usually technique (left hand, right hand) and musicality (how do you approach phrasing and what do you think when there are dilemmas or tackle high positions and guard the purity. In short, very similar to how I had lessons before and I always have the feeling that I am making progress. Sometimes I doubted myself and asked her if I would ever be able to master the piece. Yes... ...I'm doing just fine, she said. And she is right. Sometimes I take pieces to lessons that I have to play in an amateur orchestra and it's nice to get professional help to master those parts as well. What I'm still looking for is to play with someone occasionally.
Fred v.d.B

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist