Sylvia Cempini Cello Lessons in Den Haag

The Sound of the Cello moves You!

Are you in love with the cello and taking lessons for the first time? Or are you already playing the cello and seeking to learn more skills and new repertoire? Private cello lessons offer personal attention and are tailored to your needs. My name is Sylvia Cempini, I’m half-Italian and half-German. Music is one of my major passions ever since I was a child! 

Lessons to Children and Adults

I’m an enthusiastic cello teacher and happy to teach both children and adults. Lessons can be held in French, English, Italian and German. You're welcome to contact me for a trial lesson!

Cello Lessons at Your Home

The lessons can be given in the comfort of your own home in Den Haag/ Scheveningen area. I'm also available for private cello lessons in Rotterdam.

Beginners - All Ages

We use best of modern and playful cello tuition methodes. In a relaxed and cosy atmosphere you’ll develop step by step a solid technical basis. You'll learn to read music and basic music theory. After a couple of lessons You'll be playing some easy duets and songs! Let's have fun in making music!


The focus includes increased technical abilities through the use of etudes and studies. You'll learn new repertoire and enjoy music! Thereby I especially put a lot of attention to a relaxed and comfortable posture, natural basic technique and to sound quality.

What can you expect?

Personalised exercises and etudes, concert pieces, intonation, vibrato and bowing skills. Enjoy playing Bach, Vivaldi, de Fesch, Fauré and many other great composers! I’ll gladly share information about music and art, up coming musical events, literature, recordings and anything connected to our mutual passion: the cello!

A versatile Instrument

The cello is an amazing instrument, capable of performing multiple musical roles, and this versatility is the reason its rich tone has crept into almost every musical genre. People don’t often consider the physical strength that develops from playing the cello. It requires good posture and strong back muscles, strong arms, and strong hands.

Online Cello Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Orchestra or Ensemble

Playing in an orchestra or ensemble and need some help with bowings and fingerings? I’ll give you gladly Tips and Tricks.

Join in!

I organise on a regular basis house concerts and master classes where you can show what you’ve been working on and play together with other musicians.

About Me

I was born in Italy, but lived since my fourth year in Munich (Germany). With four I've also started there to play the cello with Jan-Peter Close and Karin Sassmannshaus, within the program of the Munich conservatory for young children. Afterwards I continued my education there with various teachers (Anja Fabricius, Rupert Buchner, Hanno Simons), and finally came to the Netherlands, where I obtained  my Master's  degree at the conservatory in Rotterdam with Herre-Jan Stegenga. Already during my studies I started playing regulary in professional orchestras in Germany and the Netherlands. Next to my orchestra-activities, I also love to play chamber music. I perform in international festivals, amongst others the Rheingau Festival, the Gstaad Festival and the Chiemsee Festival. I'm member of the Shalom Ensemble in Munich, the Camille Claudel Trio and the Rotterdam based Phoenix Trio with the pianist Federico Mosquera and the clarinettist Letizia Maula.

If God had designed the orchestra, then the cello was His greatest accomplishment. - Rick Moody,

Blij met Silvia!

Wij zijn ontzettend blij met Silvia. Onze zoon Ruben krijgt sinds een paar maanden les van haar en hij geniet enorm van de lessen. Silvia is muzikaal, enthousiast en zeer aardig. Ze geeft op een goede, opbouwende en motiverende manier les. Chapeau!
Petra J.

Blij met mijn celloleraar!

Sylvia is zeer stimulerend voor mij om goed te oefenen. Ze geeft me zeer goede tips en aanwijzingen. Ze is positief in haar feedback-ook al twijfel ik nog zo aan mijn 'vorderingen'. Ik heb een concert van haar bijgewoond en dat maakt het alleen maar leuker. Ben blij met haar!

Un grand merci !

Sylvia est le professeur de Clotilde (14 ans) depuis plusieurs annees. C'est avec beaucoup de dynamisme et de chaleur qu'elle lui enseigne des morceaux complets. Notre fille fait enormement de progres grace a Sylvia et se rejouit de la retrouver a chaque seance. Que ce soit d'un point de vue de la technique, du ressenti de la musique ou de la confiance en soi, elle est vraiment un excellent professeur et nous lui disons un grand merci!

Huge Progress!

Sylvia is the teacher of our daughter Clotilde(14) already since a couple of years. With her dynamic and warm teaching she works with her on major repertoire pieces. Our daughter is making huge progress thanks to Sylvia and is looking every week forward to her lesson with her. In matters of working on technique, on developing a musical feeling, as well as in transmitting self-confidence in itself, Sylvia is really an excellent teacher, and we say a big 'Thank you' to her!

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

The best way to know your future is to create it - Joe Dispenza