Barokklarinet- en Chalumeau lessen van een expert. Chalumeau en klarinetdocent in Den Haag Giulia Zannin.

Giulia Zannin Chalumeau Lessons in Den Haag

Clarinet and Chalumeau lessons - Rotterdam - The Hague

Hi! Welcome to my website. I'm Giulia Zannin, I am a professional clarinet teacher and player with international experience both on chalumeau, historical and modern clarinets. For those who play modern clarinet, the chalumeau can be a perfect way to implement your playing and touch on the baroque style. Curious to learn more? Book a trial lesson!

Period Instruments

Let's take a step back in time and find out more about this fascinating instruments that created a bridge between the recorder and the modern clarinet. Get inspired and practise the use of ornamentation and embellishment reading music directly from manuscripts.

For all Levels

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced clarinet player, you can enjoy a comprehensive introduction to the family of Chalumeua and historical clarinets and learn how to play on five- or six-key clarinets, baroque clarinet and bassethorn.

Chalumeau and Historical Clarinets

I'm sure that when you love late baroque music and the classical repertoire, you'll enjoy discovering the fascinating world of period wind instruments. It's challenging and fun to create the delicate sound of these authentic instruments that inspired Telemann, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven!

Where are the Lessons held?

Lessons take place in my music studio in The Hague. I can come to you for the lessons in Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague.

Discover the Chalumeau!

The chalumeau is a lesser known single-reed woodwind instrument and the predecessor of the clarinet.  It established itselft in many European courts since the late 17th century and became very popular in Germany, Italy and Austria during the 18th century.

Complete Consort

The instrument comes in different sizes to form a complete consort of soprano, alto, tenor and bass chalumeau and has playing techinques and fingerings very similar to those of a recorder. Its tender voice and warm sound will captivate you! Whether you are a beginner or you are an experienced wind player, you can enjoy a comprehensive introduction to the consort of chalumeau and learn how to play beautiful obbligato arias or concertos, from Telemann, Graupner or Fasch!

A precious Repertoire!

Many beautiful pieces were written for it especially in Vienna (Johann Joseph Fux), Darmstadt (Christoph Graupner), Hamburg (Georg Philipp Telemann) and Dresden (Jan Dismas Zelenka). This plentiful repertoire of more than 300 pieces showcases the chalumeau's tremendous versatility, with impressive virtuosity on one hand and gentle expressiveness and delicacy on the other.

Authentic Performance

Learn about authentic performance of the 18th century music on period instruments and enjoy the expressivness of early clarinets! If you have started with the modern clarinet, you'll be inspired and excited to get a deeper sense of how to create tone on the instrument.You'll learn the specific fingerings of the early clarinets and explore the feel of a wooden instrument.


Let's explore the wonderful repertoire and enjoy playful duets for either historical clarinets or the Chalumeau. The best way to learn is making music together!

Lessons Beginners

Lessons focus on reading music, basic music theory, historical context, posture and basic technique, breathing exercises, sound, we play easy duets! Sign up for a taster lesson!

Intermediate - Advanced

Alongside inspiration and musical challenges,  my lessons offer a good theoretical grounding and the historical development of the early clarinet. Enjoy detailed information and practice of diminutions, ornamentation, notation and analysis of style.

What can you expect?

Develop a strategy to practise efficiently and reduce tension, improving your awareness to fully enjoying the music making. Personalised exercises tailored to your needs.I'll create the best possible environment for you to achieve your musical goals and enhance your personal musical interest. Sign up for a try-out lesson!

Modern Clarinet

Looking for modern clarinet lessons and all music styles in Delft ? Read here more!

Online Clarinet Lessons

Skype or Zoom chalumeau or clarinet lessons can be arranged. Enjoy live feedback and personal tips and advice.

No Instrument yet?

Rental of historical clarinet, chalumeau or modern clarinet is possible and I will help you to find your best option. Please contact me for further details.

About Giulia Zannin

Italian clarinet player Giulia Zannin has international experience both on historical and modern clarinets and is regularly invited to perform with early music ensemble and orchestras across Europe. She owns both a Master in Contemporary Music and a Master in Early Music, specialising in historical performance practice.
Giulia started to play at the age of 8 and rediscovers the pleasure of playing her clarinets each single day. Giulia is the co-founder of the Ensemble La Favorita, which performs on period instruments.
She has attended many festival such as Aurora Music Festival, International Ensemble Modern Academy, Michaelstein, Early Music Festival, Impuls Academy, Crussel Music Festival and took part in Masterclasses with renowned teachers like Yehuda Gilad, Alessandro Carbonare, Ralph Manno, Karl Leister and Lorenzo Coppola.

Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work - Gustave Flaubert

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Bijzonder inspirerende docente!

Het was al een tijdje mijn wens om chalumeau te gaan spelen en na het lezen van het interview dat Giulia gaf in vakblad "de klarinet" over de chalumeau heb ik contact met haar opgenomen en sindsdien laat ik mij door haar coachen. Giulia is een bijzonder inspirerende docente. Haar liefde en enthousiasme voor de chalumeau heeft een wereld voor mij geopend, zij weet zoveel van de muzikale achtergronden van dit bijzondere instrument en van de barokmuziek in het algemeen en weet dit ook heel goed over te brengen, heel motiverend! Bovendien speelt zij zelf zo mooi op dit instrument waardoor het een genot is om met haar samen te spelen om zo de bijzondere kwaliteiten van dit instrument te ontdekken en eigen te maken. Daarbij geeft ze veel goede tips en adviezen waardoor je meteen verschil hoort en voelt. Tijdens de lessen hebben we het ook veel over de achtergrond van de verschillende werken, hetgeen erg helpt om de muziek beter te begrijpen en daardoor ook beter te spelen. Giulia is kundig, betrokken en relaxed hetgeen altijd zorgt voor een positieve sfeer.
Annet KleinJan

I love every lesson!

After many years not having played the clarinet I started again. Found Giulia via this website and love every lesson as I learn a lot about the instrument, get more confidence playing and have fun.Giulia has a lot of knowledge about the instrument and about music in general. She really looks at you as a student and tries to find the best methods to help you make progress (even if you have dyslexia). She gave me advise on a new clarinet with which I'm very happy and which suits me well. Giulia has a lot of very nice music pieces to play but is also open to your musical input, which keeps you engaged and help you explore music.To sum-up: I'd definitely recommend her to all.

Higly recommended!

Giulia is an experienced clarinetist, and she has an amazing knowledge of all aspects of the instrument. Even more importantly: she has the human gift of being able to pinpoint where a student needs more attention to musical details, and how to help her obtain that necessary attention and bring it about on the clarinet. For me it has been a wonderful experience to have lessons with Giulia, which has helped me tremendously. Highly recommended!
Yoad W

Ik geniet van iedere les!

Na jaren niet meer te hebben gespeeld heb ik de klarinet weer opgepakt. Via deze website vond ik Giulia en geniet ik van iedere les waarin ik veel leer over het instrument, meer zelfvertrouwen krijg in het spelen en plezier beleef. Giulia heeft veel kennis van het instrument en van muziek. Ze heeft oog voor de student en bekijkt wat de student nodig heeft en past daar haar les op aan (ook als je dyslexie hebt). Ze heeft me advies gegeven bij het zoeken naar een nieuwe klarinet waar ik erg blij mee ben en welke uiteindelijk goed bij mij past. Giulia heeft veel mooie muziekstukken om te spelen maar staat ook open voor eigen inbreng, dat houdt je geboeid en helpt me de wereld van de muziek te ontdekken. Kortom: Ik raad haar aan voor jong en oud.

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