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Giulia Zannin Clarinet Lessons in Den Haag

Clarinet Lessons The Hague - Delft - Rotterdam

Hi! Welcome to my website. I'm Giulia, I am a The Hague based passionate professional clarinet teacher and player with international experience both on historical and modern clarinets. I aim to provide a fun and positive environment for learning, no matter what your ambitions in music are!

Children - Teenagers- Adults

Whether you're an absolute beginner looking for a teacher to set up your first clarinet lessons or an advanced clarinet player who loves Classical music, Klezmer, Jazz or pop songs; as well as developing basic instrumental performing ability, we will develop your general musicianship and aural perception skills and broaden your musical horizons.

Beginner Clarinet Classes

We make use of a playful beginner methode and we'll focus on learning notes, basic music theory, correct hand posture, body awareness, embouchure - sound, breathing exercises, various music styles, classical to pop, improvisation, relaxed atmosphere.

Clarinet for Children

We have great material for children who want to play the clarinet. They learn music reading in a playful way, and of course general musical knowledge. We play together and have lots of fun classic and popular songs from all parts of the world

Advanced and Clarinet

We will develop a strategy to practise efficiently and reduce tension, improving your awareness to fully enjoying the music making. I create the best possible environment for you to achieve your musical goals and enhance your personal musical interest.


The lessons may cover new repertoire, breathing technique, embouchure, posture, etudes, solo pieces, orchestra and chamber music. I love to tailor a method for you based on my experience and your needs.

Lesson Location

Lessons take place at music studio in The Hague and may also be given at your own home in Delft, Delfgauw, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Online Clarinet Lessons

Enjoy fun, comprehensive and well structured online clarinet ourses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Book a trial lesson.

About Giulia Zannin

Italian clarinet player Giulia Zannin has international experience both on historical and modern clarinets and is regularly invited to perform with early music ensemble and orchestras across Europe. She owns both a Master in Contemporary Music and a Master in Early Music, specialising in historical performance practice. 

She started to play at the age of 8 and rediscovers the pleasure of playing her clarinets each single day. Giulia is the co-founder of the Ensemble La Favorita which performs on period instruments.

Giulia has attended many festival such as Aurora Music Festival, International Ensemble Modern Academy, Michaelstein, Early Music Festival, Impuls Academy, Crussel Music Festival and took part in Masterclasses with renowned teachers like Yehuda Gilad, Alessandro Carbonare, Ralph Manno, Karl Leister and Lorenzo Coppola.

Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work - Gustave Flaubert

Located in

  • Den Haag

Lesson location

  • At your home
  • Delft
  • Den Haag
  • Rotterdam
  • At teacher's location
  • Online


  • Children
  • Adults


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • German

Inspirerende klarinetlessen in Den Haag en Delft

Het was al een tijdje mijn wens om chalumeau te gaan spelen en na het lezen van het interview dat Giulia gaf in vakblad "de klarinet" over de chalumeau heb ik contact met haar opgenomen en sindsdien laat ik mij door haar coachen. Giulia is een bijzonder inspirerende docente. Haar liefde en enthousiasme voor de chalumeau heeft een wereld voor mij geopend, zij weet zoveel van de muzikale achtergronden van dit bijzondere instrument en van de barokmuziek in het algemeen en weet dit ook heel goed over te brengen, heel motiverend! Bovendien speelt zij zelf zo mooi op dit instrument waardoor het een genot is om met haar samen te spelen om zo de bijzondere kwaliteiten van dit instrument te ontdekken en eigen te maken. Daarbij geeft ze veel goede tips en adviezen waardoor je meteen verschil hoort en voelt. Tijdens de lessen hebben we het ook veel over de achtergrond van de verschillende werken, hetgeen erg helpt om de muziek beter te begrijpen en daardoor ook beter te spelen. Giulia is kundig, betrokken en relaxed hetgeen altijd zorgt voor een positieve sfeer.
Annet KleinJan

Recommended Clarinet Teacher The Hague

Giulia is an experienced clarinetist, and she has an amazing knowledge of all aspects of the instrument. Even more importantly: she has the human gift of being able to pinpoint where a student needs more attention to musical details, and how to help her obtain that necessary attention and bring it about on the clarinet. For me it has been a wonderful experience to have lessons with Giulia, which has helped me tremendously. Highly recommended!
Yoad Winter

Love Every Lesson!

After many years not having played the clarinet I started again. Found Giulia via this website and love every lesson as I learn a lot about the instrument, get more confidence playing and have fun.
Giulia has a lot of knowledge about the instrument and about music in general. She really looks at you as a student and tries to find the best methods to help you make progress (even if you have dyslexia). She gave me advise on a new clarinet with which I'm very happy and which suits me well. Giulia has a lot of very nice music pieces to play but is also open to your musical input, which keeps you engaged and help you explore music.
To sum-up: I'd definitely recommend her to all.

Weekly Improvements!

As someone learning the clarinet as an adult I would definitely recommend getting lessons from Giulia. We created a comprehensive plan to get me to learn at a rate I am comfortable with as well as challenging me to improve week-on-week. I really enjoy the explanations on the background of the music I am playing and the history of the instrument(s) which added an extra layer to the process of learning the clarinet. Above all, the lessons are fun and Giulia is always patient and encouraging.

An amazing experience!

Studying clarinet through the Vivaldi school was an amazing experience! With my teacher, Giulia, I got to work on technique such as breathing and scales as well as playing small pieces. I also had the opportunity to learn to play with someone else (by playing duets) which was lovely and so valuable. Giulia is very kind, patient and passionate so I always loved going to clarinet lessons. The Vivaldi school is also great as it allows for so much flexibility in scheduling the classes. Definitely recommend studying clarinet whatever level with Giulia, to be challenged, make progress or simply have fun.

Ik geniet van iedere les!

Na jaren niet meer te hebben gespeeld heb ik de klarinet weer opgepakt. Via deze website vond ik Giulia en geniet ik van iedere les waarin ik veel leer over het instrument, meer zelfvertrouwen krijg in het spelen en plezier beleef. Giulia heeft veel kennis van het instrument en van muziek. Ze heeft oog voor de student en bekijkt wat de student nodig heeft en past daar haar les op aan (ook als je dyslexie hebt). Ze heeft me advies gegeven bij het zoeken naar een nieuwe klarinet waar ik erg blij mee ben en welke uiteindelijk goed bij mij past. Giulia heeft veel mooie muziekstukken om te spelen maar staat ook open voor eigen inbreng, dat houdt je geboeid en helpt me de wereld van de muziek te ontdekken. Kortom: Ik raad haar aan voor jong en oud.

Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Be nice to yourself, book your trial lesson today!

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