Francisco Luis, gediplomeerd klassieke gitarist bied gitaarlessen voor beginners en gevorderden in Den Haag Zuiderpark. Gitaarles bij jou thuis in Den Haag Ypenburg, Rijswijk en omgeving.

Francisco Luis Guitar Lessons in Den Haag

Guitar Lessons The Hague - Ypenburg

Hello there! My name is Francisco Luis, I am a graduated classical guitarist from Portugal and I am offering acoustic and electric guitar lessons at my home studio in Den Haag Zuiderpark, or at your home In The Hague Ypenburg, Rijswijk and surrounding areas.

Beginner Guitar Lessons - All Ages

Can you imagine the sensation when playing your first song on your guitar? Any clue what to practise and how to start with that beautiful piece you wish to learn? Well, If you never had lessons before, we’ll start from the bottom up and look for the most relaxed way for you to hold the guitar.

Next step

The next step will be to put your fingers on the strings, on the right spot! I’ll introduce basic strumming and picking patterns and provide simple exercises for the left and right hand. Step by step you’ll play your first melodies and some basic chords. You’ll learn to read music, chord symbols, scales and arpeggios with alternate finger combinations.

Play Duets

Listening to the other voice, while playing together, is one of the major musical skills to be learned. Fun and essential! We will be playing duets, exercises, rhythmical responses games and some improvisation.


Classical and Spanish guitar music is played with finger nails. I will explain how to create the proper shape and how to keep your nails in best condition, to achieve a beautiful and round sound.


Picking up the guitar after a break and looking for ways to take your playing to a higher level? Looking for advice how to practise on detailed features to improve your technique, speed, smooth shifts and sound quality?

  • Right hand relaxation: exercises alternating between fast and slow passages (scales, loud parts), so you can manage perfectly your energy and play difficult pieces generally relaxed. I will also offer fingerings and tips on how to play certain patterns fast and comfortably
  • Left hand relaxation and stretchiness, to play extensive and complex harmonies with the most idiomatic left-hand shapes, involving the minimum effort possible. Methods on how to move your hand quickly using arm and wrists. (exercises from Pumping Nylon, by Scott Tenant)

Specific Techniques

Enjoy some special techniques: Sul Tasto, Ponticello, Tambora, harmonics, which will allow you to introduce beautiful colors into your playing.


English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian

Classical Guitar

Are you interested in learning the most beloved and famous pieces of the classical guitar repertoire? Spanish music from Albeniz, Granados, Tarrega, as well the wonderful popular dances from composers such as Villa-Lobos, Barrios and Brouwer. You’ll discover how to interpretate the diverse rhythmical and harmonic components. While working on a smooth technique, you’ll achieve a deeper understanding of the most characteristic qualities of the music on your stand.

Other classical Styles

I am also experienced in teaching repertoire from 18th to 19th century, which includes many wonderful pieces that you may enjoy by Bach, Giuliani, Regondi, Mertz, Sor, Tedesco, and many more..

Songwriter and pop songs

Learn about chord progressions and play your favourite songs. Learn strumming patterns, plectrum, and other basic guitar techniques.


Let’s explore repertoire which wasn’t originally written for guitar but sounds great on the guitar. How about Bach, Scarlatti, Satie or Debussy? Any other piece you would like to play? I’ll arrange it for you, adapted to your level and challenges.

Improvisation for guitar

During my master studies at Koninklijk Conservatorium with prof Zoran Dukic, I have invested a great deal of my time in writing a thesis, which consisted of teaching methods and strategies to learn classical improvisation for guitar. Although my focus was on classical improvisation, the exercises given can be applied in any style, such as jazz, blues or pop. A deeper understanding of the cycle of 5ths, secondary dominants, and the diverse scales and their modes will allow you to improvise over written songs/pieces, and also provides you tools to create your own piece of music “out of the blue”.

Arrange your Favourites

I’m an expert in arranging music for solo or guitar duo. I offer lessons on this topic too. Enjoy making your own arrangements from your favourite melodies and pieces. We will analyse the pieces, play the harmony, melody, and rhythm. We will look for the technical solutions which are the most comfortable for your left hand, to achieve the sonority you are looking for.

About me

I have thought many students of diverse levels and ages. I gave chamber music lessons at Orlando Music Festival in 2018 I worked at the United World College school (Maastricht), integrated in an internship program, where i applied some of my improvisation methods. I gave master classes at renowned guitar festivals, such as Harmonia Cordis (Romania), Twents Gitaar Festival (Netherlands) and Guimaraes Guitar Festival (Portugal) I have won several international guitar competitions and I have performed in renowned halls, such as Musikverein (Austria), Cultural Center of Uppsala (Sweden), and more. Currently, I am teaching, performing, and planning several recordings, where you will be able to listen to some fresh projects of arrangements from myself, or rarely played pieces from the guitar repertoire.

Located in

  • Den Haag

Lesson location

  • At your home
  • Den Haag
  • Ypenburg
  • At teacher's location


  • Children
  • Adults


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Gifted Musician!

I met Francisco Luis in 2020, when he won the competition from the Harmonia Cordis International Guitar Festival from Targu  Mures, Romania. I assisted to his phenomenal performance at the competition, and I was amazed by his technical and musical abilities. He inspired me to learn a beautiful russian piece named "The Old Lime Tree" by Sergei Rudnev, one of the pieces which he played at the competition. The next year, he came back to the Harmonia Cordis Festival and held masterclasses. I attended to a masterclass held by him and I played him The Old Lime Tree, the piece he inspired me to learn. He helped me to considerably polish my technical skills and to deepen my understanding about the piece. From my experience with him, Francisco Luis is not only an excellent guitarist, but also a gifted musician and a sensitive artist. It was an honour to listen to him play and to learn from him.
Nagy Robert-Andrei 

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist