Pianoles beginners gevorderden - Lavinia Balasu voor pianoles aan huis in Den Haag, Wateringseveld, Pijnacker en Leiden.

Lavinia Balasu Piano Lessons in Den Haag

Piano Lessons at Your Home

Moved by a beautiful piano tune or classical concerto yourself or wish to play your favourite movie tracks, jazz, or pop songs? Maybe you thought of making your own songs and accompany yourself on the piano?

Classical to Pop

My background is classical, but we can do  pop, jazz, sound tracks or world music too! I'm Lavinia Balasu, experienced piano teacher, composer and chamber music professor.

At Your Home

The piano lessons are preferably addressed in the comfort of your own home in Den Haag, Wateringse Veld, Pijnacker, Leiden, Delft area.

Children - Adults

My one-on-one piano classes for children and adults cover music basics and an introduction to playing the piano in a relaxed and supportive environment. Inspiration, motivation and fun in music first!

Flexible with Strippenkaart

Can't you meet at a fixed time? No problem, the Strippenkaart of 10 lessons offers flexibility. You'll never lose a lesson!

Beginner Piano Lessons

Slightly and imperceptibly, with a differentiated and personalised method for adults and children, you will learn the notes, scales, basic music theory, a proper and relaxed posture, and the proper position of hands. Improvisation and reading music.

Duets and easy Solo Pieces

During these practical lessons, you'll play both quatre mains and solo pieces. My adult one-on-one piano classes are a fantastically entertaining way to learn a new instrument in a creative environment.

Intermediate Pianists

We have wonderful etudes and piano repertoire for you to discover. With attention to posture and relaxation, You'll increase your agility and dexterity. Your sound and phrasing will improve! This will instantly benefit your expression and transfer of your musical ideas!


Throughout my teaching career, I accumulated, with my students, a rich international portfolio of successful admissions to prestigious Music Colleges and Universities, as well as numerous distinctions in the ABRSM and TRINITY examinations in piano, music theory and practical musicianship. Also, my students won several International Piano Contests.

Online Piano Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions!

Music Theory

In addition I also teach music theory,  harmony, composition, stylistic analysis. Preparation for admission to the conservatory.

Time Management

Sometimes you may not have much time to practise. Effective practice is the solution! I will give you tips and tricks to achieve exactly what is needed in a short time.

All Styles

Develop your musical, interpretative and technical skills. Enjoy baroque, classicism, romanticism, impressionism, modern, traditional and contemporary repertoires. Repertoire may cover Scarlatti, Bach, Beethoven to Einaudi. Compose your own music ? Let's enjoy that!

About Dr. Lavinia Balasu

Surrounded by beautiful music, I started piano and violin lessons at the age of 3 :). I am a professional pianist and piano teacher/professor and graduated from the conservatories in Bucharest, Weimar and Genoa (BMus, MMus, PhD - summa cum laudae) and attended numerous master classes in the USA, Germany and Switzerland, Italy, France , with world well-known pianists and professors, such  as: Paul Badura Skoda (historical performance), Peter Feuchtwanger, Pietro de Maria, among others. I performed in Europe and Asia and taught at the National University of Music in Bucharest, E.U. ). MUSIC RUNS IN THE FAMILY: I also taught my son, who embraced a career of concert pianist and composer, graduating from the prestigious Royal College of Music in London, U.K. (MMus Hons. - joint studies: Piano Performance and Composition. http://www.victornicoara.com. Both in my concert practice and during teaching I remember these words every day! I try to convey the love of music and the pleasure of creating beauty in every lesson!

Music unlocks our inner beauty and builds bridges between souls - Dr. Lavinia Balasu

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  • English
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Highly creative Teacher!

I have known Dr. Lavinia Balasu for about 40 years, since her National Music College years, as she was one of my best students. Dr. Lavinia Balasu is a remarkably intelligent, diligent, thorough, effective person with high professional standards. She is equally: highly creative, confident, flexible and compassionate; a self-starter, well organised, a gifted and versatile communicator with accurate understanding of people and situations, highly intuitive, knowledgeable, great at managing people from a wide diversity of age and ethnic groups, and of various cultural backgrounds.Lavinia is a highly qualified professional and a thorough, trustworthy teacher and professor, as well as a kind, compassionate and inspiring musician with a keen and gentle sense of humour, that creates a highly positive, up-beat atmosphere. Lavinia's students have always had notable results, in: piano, violin, chamber music, music theory, history of music, practical musicianship - across all age groups. Her students were awarded important international prizes, top scores in international exams and high standard competitions, admissions at several Music Universities and Colleges/Conservatoires worldwide. But, most of all, she inspired students to love music.
Prof. Dr. Emil George Dutulescu"

Inspiring Piano Lessons!

Dear Lavinia, it was my goal to make my grandchildren enthusiastic for the piano. Thanks to your highly professional, yet enjoyable, inspiring lessons, they learned a lot and love to play the piano. We are very grateful and happy to have you as our teacher!

Amazing progress!

Both my wife and I are very impressed by your highly professional and committed work with Rosa, as well as your charismatic and humorous presence, that she really enjoys! She is now addicted to piano playing, but also makes such an amazing progress thanks to you! Great job!
Parent of Rosa

I recommend Lavinia!

I highly recommend my piano teacher, Lavinia, for her excellent lessons and engaging teaching style. She's a talented musician who tailored her lessons to my skill level and incorporated interesting stories to make learning enjoyable and highly effective. Her passion for music is inspiring and I'm grateful for the progress I've made under her guidance.

He learned a lot from you!

Dear Lavinia,
Thanks for all the great work and patience with Maks over the last years, we truly believe he learned a lot from you as a teacher and a person!

Passionate Teacher!

Dr. Lavinia Balasu has been the music teacher of piano and violin, for our family, for the last few years. She has an expertise to uncover her students' strengths and gently soothe, heal weaknesses, by combining these attributes she encourages continuous improvement. Her inspirational and highly effective methods ensure motivation as the students learn by combining critical theoretical methods with flexible personalization in the selection of pieces. Dr. Balasu is a passionate teacher and musician who looks at the whole individual and ensures her students exceed in music and in life, far beyond the mastery of musical pages.
Jenny and Oliver

Every lesson a lot of fun!

Lavinia is a great and inspiring teacher! She is really patient. She is very perceptive and gives a lot of advice about hands position and movement, or how to manage that really difficult part in a music piece. She knows how to make difficult things easy and makes you feel confident and enjoy the music you play, instead of struggle! However, most important, she has a contagious sense of humour, which makes every lesson a lot of fun!

Please contact me for prices. Thank You!

Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Book your trial lesson today!

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

(Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist)