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Marta Loncar Singing Lessons in Den Haag

Singing Lessons The Hague

Hello! I am Marta Loncar (soprano). Singing, particularly classical and baroque music, is my great passion! Anyone who wants to work on their voice is welcome in my singing studio in The Hague. We work on musicality, technique, performance during private lessons and I'll help you make your goals concrete.

Music cheers you up!

My private singing lessons in The Hague offer you vocal warm-up exercises, inspiration and excellent singing technique to get the most out of your voice in a healthy way. Discover how good it feels while singing without hoarseness and pain in your throat! Never forget: music cheers you up!

Classical music

Whether you love classical, baroque music, opera arias, musical or pop songs, you are welcome to my lessons to develop a proper vocal technique and get the best out of your voice. My lessons offer a balance between having fun and learning.

Solo or Choir?

Whatever you sing, with the right cues, difficult passages will go much better! I am happy to help you with solo repertoire or difficult choir parts.

Trial Lesson

Looking forward to hear your voice and to hear about your musical preferences. You will get an impression of how I teach. After your trial lesson, you can start with a strip card of 5 lessons, but the lesson card of 10 lessons is the most affordable!

What can you expect?

  • breathing exercises,   
  • vocal warm-up exercises,   
  • repertoire   
  • meaning of the words and texts,   
  • voice technique,   
  • pronunciation,   
  • interpretation and style.    
  • reading music,   
  • ear training,   
  • singing in tune,   
  • rhythmic singing    ,
  • we work on the range of your voice.

Unique Voice

Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Baritone? With modern and classical singing methods you'll discover your personal voice and develop ways to express emotions, improve memory and focus, forget about everyday worries, and have fun!

Singing Lessons for Children

Singing lessons for children is an integrated playful method that combines singing with solfeggio. It consists of playing musical games and singing children's songs and through those developing intonation, musical hearing, musical memory, sense for pulse and rhythm, all with the attention to healthy singing. Fun in music comes first!

Why Singing is good for you?

Singing lessons are not only an opportunity to learn singing and something new about music, but also an opportunity to learn about ourselves. I believe that care and awareness of our own body, thoughts and emotions is the key to progress as a singer, but it is also beneficial in our daily lives and for our health.

Lesson Location

I give the one-on-one singing lessons at my studio in Den Haag. For more information about singing lessons at your home, available times, please check with me via email.

Music Theory Lessons

Through music theory lessons you can learn about the structure of music and develop some very useful music skills such as reading music (sight-singing or sight-reading). Music theory lessons can include:

  • solfeggio,
  • harmony,
  • counterpoint,
  • music form,
  • analysis, 
  • other music theory related subjects.

Sight Singing

Intense course where you will be learning how to read music at sight. The lessons consist of sight singing only, beginning from the easiest level, and gradually learning how to read more and more difficult music. You will develop skills needed for sight singing as well as a certain way of thinking appropriate for sight singing. (There is no technique of singing or interpretation involved in these lessons.)

Preparation Exams - ABRSM

We can make a special program to prepare you for auditions concerning singing and/or music theory. It includes preparation for entrance exams, regular exams on conservatories or preparation for various exams, such as ABRSM exams.

About Me

Music has been a great love and passion my entire life. Ever since I was a child, I had a dream of being a singing teacher and after I started teaching voice lessons, it was more challenging and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

My Education

Music Theory (MA), Music Academy Zagreb, Croatia Baroque singing (BA), Royal Conservatoire The Hague Classical singing (MA), Royal Conservatoire The Hague

My Experience /Qualifications

Teaching music theory subjects in music schools, Teaching singing (private lessons) Singing solo and in professional choirs in Croatia, Netherlands, Germany, France. Vocal coaching and conducting amateur choirs

There is no complete spiritual life without music, for the human soul has regions which can be illuminated only by music. - Zoltan Kodaly

Located in

  • Den Haag

Lesson location

  • At your home
  • Den Haag
  • Rijswijk
  • At teacher's location


  • Children
  • Adults


  • Dutch
  • English
  • Croatian

A Heart of Gold!

A very professional teacher with a heart of gold. Marta teaches with patience and motivation and she is a teacher every student needs. She knows what you need and step by step she guides you to your goal. I had a lot of fun with her and even on my sad days she knows how to put a smile on my face!
Youngky E.

Znanja i zabave!

Martine lekcije izvor su novog znanja i zabave! Kuci sam uvijek dolazila odlicno raspolozena i motivirana za daljnje ucenje! Marta je u svom poslu vrhunski strucnjak, a ujedno i osoba koja zraci iznimnom pozitivnom energijom, uvijek nasmijana i vesela!
Laura K.

A Top Singing Teacher!

Marta's lessons are a source of knowledge and fun! I came home from her lessons in an excellent mood and motivated to continue learning! Marta is in her job a top expert, and at the same time a person who radiates exceptionally positive energy, always smiling and cheerful.
Laura K.

She is a great teacher!

I attended Marta's singing lessons during a summer course in Croatia. Her lessons were amusing and creative and I enjoyed being her student. She was patient and relaxed which made me feel more comfortable while singing. Being a teacher myself I immediately noticed her teaching qualities. She is dedicated, persistent and thorough. Marta helped me improve my performance and gain confidence. She is a great teacher.
Tomislava K.

Encouraging Vocal Coach!

What a great session! I wish I'd found her sooner! She's very knowledgable - repertoire, technique, the science behind it all etc, as well as being very approachable and encouraging. She helps you feel relaxed and makes singing in front of someone not as scary as it could be. I look forward to many more lessons with her.
Rebecca B.

Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Be nice to yourself, book your trial lesson today!

Your future, full of music, passion and joy begins now! Just take the first step!