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Ken Allars Trumpet Lessons in Den Haag

Trumpet Lessons The Hague

Hi! I'm Ken Allars, professional trumpet player and music teacher. I recently moved to The Hague from Down Under! Whether you are picking up a trumpet for the first time or you are an experienced player, my priority is to inspire and encourage you to love playing your instrument.

Personalised Lesson Plan

Instead of categorising according to ability, I develop a tailored lesson plan that suits the needs of each individual depending on their age, level and goals. From a beginner to virtuoso!

Trumpet or flugelhorn

In my lessons I will teach you anything from classical to pop repertoire and bring you closer to discovering the endless possibilities of the trumpet or flugelhorn.


Due to my vast performance experience, I have the knowledge to teach a variety of musical styles including, Classical, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Salsa and World Music.

Starting Out

For absolute beginners we start with the basic foundations of playing the trumpet. Good posture, breathing technique, correct embouchure and buzzing are the first steps to creating a beautiful sound on the trumpet. Learning new songs always brings the most satisfaction, but starting each lesson with some technical exercises is essential to making progress.

Advanced Technique

For the more experienced, a diverse daily warm-up and maintenance routine is crucial for improving on the trumpet. My technical routine is a refined hybrid of multiple trumpet methods tailored to the individual student, including: Caruso Method, Adams Routine, Flexus, Arbans, Schlossberg and Stamp. Once this routine is mastered and performed daily, you will be ready to take on any musical situation encountered in the professional world.

Jazz and Improvisation

Although I specialise in avant-garde improvisation, I covered the foundations of Jazz in my music performance degree and found that understanding the tradition is essential in developing your own style. Wish to try? Book a trial lesson!

Jazz Basics

Starting with basic jazz harmony, we apply this knowledge of chords and scales into playing along to your favourite jazz songs. You learn through first hand experience and by transcribing the solos that you like. Like learning any other language, it takes practice and perseverance.

Finding the right Instrument

Whether it is a beginners trumpet or a specialised jazz or classical trumpet for an advanced player, I can help you find the best trumpet suited to your needs. If needed, I am more than happy to travel to a music shop and have a listen to help you make the right choice.

Trumpet Lessons at Your Home

Lessons can be arranged to take place at my apartment in The Hague or at your own home in Ypenburg, Leidschenveen, Wateringse Veld, Rijswijk en Delft area.

Online Trumpet Classes

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Live feedback and instructions! Book a trial lesson.

About Ken

Ken has recently moved to The Hague from Down Under and has completed his Bachelor of Music Performance (Jazz) at Sydney University in 2013. Throughout his career he has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Generations in Jazz Scholarship in 2011. With over 10 years of teaching experience and over 20 years playing the trumpet, he has covered all styles, including performances with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, NDR Bigband and other jazz ensembles. He was a member of Australian rock band Caravana Sun and has toured with some big names, such as Madness, UB40 and Tim Minchin, as well as having worked on the shows Dancing with the Stars and The Voice Australia.

Life is like a trumpet. If you don't put anything into it, you don't get anything out! - W.C Handy

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Trompetles op maat!

Met het grootste plezier beveel ik Ken als leraar aan: en ik kan het weten, want ik heb nogal wat leraren gehad, binnen en buiten het conservatorium. Wat Ken bijzonder maakt, is zijn goede voorbereiding van de lessen en de hoeveelheid en de inspirerende kwaliteit van het materiaal dat hij aanreikt, precies op maat van de leerling. Bovendien kan hij uitdagingen en mogelijke oplossingen werkelijk goed onder woorden brengen. Tenslotte: hij kan zich uitstekend in je verplaatsen en gaat zorgvuldig en met enthousiasme in op alle vragen en verzuchtingen.

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist