Laurie Carpenter ervaren trompetleraar in Den Haag. Trompetles in Den Haag, voor beginners en gevorderden. Kinderen en volwassen. Trompetlessen in Regentessekwartier/ Valkenbos en aan huis in Delft. Speel klassiek jazz en pop.

Laurie Carpenter Trumpet Lessons in Den Haag

Trumpet Lessons The Hague - Delft

Hi  I'm Laurie Carpenter. From the age of 7, I trained as a classical trumpet player, and then developed an interest in jazz at 13. I have a Bachelors in Classical music from London, and a Jazz Bachelors and Masters from the Netherlands. You can therefore feel confident that no matter what your interest may be (perhaps you don’t even know yourself yet), I can give you high quality training in your own interests.

Trumpet Classes- All Ages and Levels

Music is an important part of anyone's life at any stage, which is why I believe teaching an instrument should be made available to all ages. Whether you have a young child who has developed an interest in the trumpet, or you are a working professional who just fancies a new hobby, or anyone in-between, I will develop lesson plans tailor made to you. Learn to improvise, develop your creativity or even play classical concerto's!

Trumpet Lessons Beginners

For beginners, I take the time to let you get acquainted with the trumpet, learning repertoire, simple theory and technique, gradually moving to more advanced studies and incorporating jazz into the equation.

Jazz Basics for Trumpet

My jazz lessons start with the basics - learning simple music theory and harmony, the appropriate scales and getting a taste for the jazz language, common repertoire and the tradition.


As you advance, we will explore more challenging rhythm, harmony and melody. Learning musical transcription (the process of writing down sounds on to paper) is crucial for development and also covered in lessons as well as mental-practise. For trumpet players the true key to success. Of course, my lessons are always friendly, relaxed and personal!

Trumpet Classes - Intermediate - Advanced

My lessons consist of trumpet technique, i.e gaining the facility to be able to meet the demands of professional trumpet playing and the knowledge to deal with the daily struggles of what is essentially a very a demanding instrument.

Breathing - Embouchure

This of course includes breathing, posture, embouchure, articulation, long tones, sound production, flexibility, finger dexterity, endurance, scales/arpeggios, sight-reading and ear training. It is important to develop everyday fundamental routines: keeping in shape, as well as devising formalised structures within trumpet practise.

How and What!

The often heard phrase goes - it's not how long you practise but how and what - which is incredibly relevant to trumpet players.

Flexible and able to travel

I live in the Hague and teach from my apartment, but am happy to travel to another location if it’s convenient! Home trumpet lessons in The Hague Delft may be arranged.

Help buying the right Trumpet!

When starting out, choosing what trumpet to buy can be confusing and sometimes stressful! I am happy to give advice and accompany you to a music shop, to ensure the choice you make is right for you.

To Conclude

If any of the above sparks your interest for you or a family member, please do get in touch.

About Laurie

Born and raised in the colourful and vibrant seaside city of Brighton (UK), Laurie Carpenter began playing the trumpet aged 7 and grew up playing in the local Brighton and London music scene. He studied classical music at Royal Holloway University of London where he graduated with honours and won the Dame Felicity Lott award for performance in 2014. Since then he has resided in the Netherlands playing and studying with many musicians from the Dutch and European jazz scene. In 2016 he graduated from Codarts Conservatory Cum Laude having studied formally under the Dutch jazz-master Jarmo Hoogendijk amongst others.

In 2018 he graduated with a master’s degree from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam receiving the highest mark ever to be given by the department. As a band-leader his quartet received 3rd place at the Leiden Jazz Competition in 2016 and in the same year made an appearance at North Sea Jazz Festival. In 2018, his quintet was selected as finalists of both the Keep-an-Eye Jazz Awards and the prestigious Dutch Jazz Competition. To date he has made numerous appearances at jazz venues and festivals in and around the Netherlands and currently resides in The Hague (NL) teaching students, giving performances and making music with friends.

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Gedereven en Inspirerend!

Laurie Carpenter is al bijna twee jaar mijn trompetdocent. Ik heb Laurie ervaren als een zeer gedreven en inspirerende docent! In de coronacrisis heeft Laurie mij online les gegeven en dat blijkt ook heel goed te gaan. Laurie neemt de tijd voor je, komt met veel goede suggesties voor muziek en speelt heel goed in op je persoonlijke voorkeuren. Ik kijk altijd weer uit naar de volgende les!
Floris Jan

Never Too Old!

Trumpet lessons with Laurie have literally changed my life. I am a "come-back" player returning to the instrument after a lapse of some 50 years, and also very old! I was very apprehensive about taking up the instrument again, but longed to do so, finally plucking up the courage to start again, with the encouragement of my wife. Laurie has embraced "my music" - traditional jazz - which is not his main genre or forte, so there is something of a mutual exchange of knowledge.

He has introduced me to stimulating practice pieces that I never had opportunity to use when I first learned. He has induced a discipline and regime which is not only pleasurable but is precisely tailored to my abilities and age.  He has great patience and is full of encouragement. I have been learning again for some 10 months now, and am managing to play many pieces from the repertoire of my old Jazz Band - still a long way to go - and getting through the exercises, as well as theory, which I missed or had forgotten all those years ago.  My embouchure and sight reading are becoming more developed and improved weekly.

Having the opportunity to learn from a master, with practical demonstration and example, is something I never had previously experienced; it makes a huge difference.  Laurie's versatility and range of trumpet technique, ability and empathy for the student is, I believe, a rarity. I am ALMOST feeling confident enough to try sitting in with a band again.... Cannot recommend him highly enough.
Stephen Levrant, age 72.

Passionate and Inspiring!

Laurie Carpenter has been my trumpet teacher for almost two years. I have experienced Laurie as a very passionate and inspiring teacher! In the corona crisis, Laurie taught me online and that turns out to be going very well too. Laurie takes the time with lessons, comes up with many good suggestions for music and responds very well to your personal preferences. I always look forward to the next lesson!
Floris Jan, age 16.

Fun Trumpet Lessons

It's so fun having trumpet lessons as it's never boring and Laurie is so kind! He always sees the good in your work and makes you feel so happy.
Finley, 11

I Love The Lessons

Laurie's trumpet lessons are very enjoyable and fun even when you can't get the piece correct. They have been getting harder and harder but they are never impossible or even too hard. I love to have the trumpet lessons every Thursday. From Megan Davies to Laurie Carpenter.
Megan Davies, age 8.

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist