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Welcome to my profile! My name is Tomasz Plusa. I'm an all-round violin player and experienced and enthusiastic violin teacher in The Hague. My lessons offer a wide range of styles. Whether you like classical, romantic or pop music.

Violin Lessons for All Ages

Looking for a motivating and patient violin teacher for your child? Starting with violin lessons for the first time, picking up the violin after a break or frequent player and looking for motivation, new repertoire, clear instructions and inspiration?

Trial Lesson

In the trial lesson we discuss your wishes and goals, your musical preference, everything about your instrument and where you can rent a violin if you don't have one yet. We look at what you want in terms of lesson times, location and flexible lesson packs and you get a first impression of my way of teaching. Sign up straight away!

Violin Classes Beginners

With easy popular and famous classical tunes you'll be learning a good left hand and bowing technique, to read sheet music, a relaxed posture and we'll be playing nice duets! You'll also be playing scales, etudes and exercises, to create a smooth technique.

Violin Lessons Children

Recent studies have shown that the earlier music instruction is begun, the better. Most agree that beginning violin training before the age of seven offers the most definitive results.

Playful Violin Methode

We use playful modern tuition materials, easy popular or classical songs and fun exercises. Step by step your child develops a solid musical basis. Fun in music comes first and every lesson we play together some nice little duets!

More Advanced Violinists

Of course you want to learn to play the violin with a good technique and a relaxed posture. It is essential, but it is only the basis... Real music making comes when you can use this basis to express your own interpretation and feelings!

What to expect

With personalised exercises, etudes, scales and your favourite music you'll develop a beautiful tone, staccato, spiccato, legato and vibrato. Depending on your musical preferences you'll be playing classical, baroque, contemporary music, romantic sonatas and concertos or popular music styles. It is extremely important to me that the initial love and excitement that comes with starting an instrument is maintained and nourished throughout the lessons.

Baroque Violin

Besides modern violin and experience in performing pop and folk music, I specialised also in baroque violin and love to share my passion for historical context and baroque music with you.

Lessons at Your Home The Hague

I give the lessons at your home in The Hague or at my home studio in The Hague. The 5 and 10 lesson packs offer maximum flexibility! Contact me for more info!

Chamber Music

I have a rich experience as a chamber music player. In your ensemble lessons you will learn new repertoire as well as all the tricks and secrets of ensemble playing. Most of all you will enjoy a lot of fun when playing these wonderful compositions of all great composers.

Online Violin Classes

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Live feedback and instructions.

About Tomasz Plusa

Tomasz Aleksander Plusa was born in Lodz, Poland. He graduated from the Academy of Music named Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz in Lodz, Poland in2002.Early in his studies Tomasz recognised the interpretive potential of historically informed performance and decided to commence studies on the Baroque Violin. Shortly afterwards, he participated in early music courses and masterclasses. His artistic personality has been influenced by severeal artists, including Lucy van Dael, Judy Tarling, Simon Standage, Michaela Comberti, Sigiswald Kuijken, Enrico Onofri, Antoinette Lohmann amongst others. He moved to the Netherlands to further this area of growing interest.

Tomasz studied with Elizabeth Wallfisch and Ryo Terakado at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.He attended many early music international courses, in Trondheim inNorway, Cambridge with Judy Tarling and The Parley Instruments, Dartington Hall with Michaela Comberti, Gorlitz in Germany with Simon Standage, Belgium with Sigiswald Kuijken and Italy with Enrico Onofri. After his initial studies in Poland on modern violin, Tomasz continued his musical education at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (NL) with Ryo Terakado and Elizabeth Wallfisch, specialising in Early Music Performance Practice on Baroque Violin and at the Conservatory in Utrecht (NL) with Antoinette Lohmann on Baroque Violin and Viola.

Within the framework of his artistic pursuits, Tomasz combines the role of a soloist, chamber and orchestra performer and a teacher. He recorded a CD with a German composer Johann Georg Pisendel for the label Brilliant Classics.C urrently he performs with the orchestras and ensembles De Nieuwe Filharmonie Utrecht, Margaretha Consort, Concerto Iberico Orquestra Barocca, Avres Serva, Cappella Maria Barbara, Il Giardino Musicale, Concerto d'Amsterdam, Capella Cracoviensis, Arte dei Suonatori, The Wallfisch Band, Florilegium Musicum and the MEALLI trio.

“Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Knowledgeable and driven teacher

Tomasz is a very knowledgeable and driven teacher who inspires and guides his students to play from the heart with skill, taste and joy. His enthusiasm is contagious and he really shows how music and life are not separate things. Highly recommended for advanced students.
Edo P

Elke les een genot!

Tomasz is een gepassioneerde violist en zijn enthousiasme werkt aanstekelijk. De basis van de lessen is muziek maken, techniek is daarbij helpend en wordt aangeleerd om meer muzikaal te kunnen spelen. Door gebruik te maken van mooie metaforen kan Tomasz je perfect duidelijk maken wat je moet doen. Door zijn vrolijkheid en positieve houding is elke les een genot!
Annekee Böhm

We recommend Tomasz!

Our daughter had been playing the the violin for six years when she first started playing with Tomasz. She has been taking individual violin classes with him for two years now. During this time she has significantly developed her skills, but perhaps more importantly, her motivation and curiosity in the instrument.Tomasz has a genuine love for music. He communicates easily with our daughter, is patient and adapts to the inevitable ups and downs of individual lessons. Tomasz's positive attitude and patience, together with his ability to select appropriate pieces without overwhelming the student, have been extremely helpful in furthering our daughter's interest in playing the violin. Finally, we really appreciate the efforts Tomas regularly takes to bring his students together for an informal concert afternoon. We highly recommend him as a teacher. Parent to 13 year old child playing the violin since 8 years
Cecilia L

Betrokken viooldocent in Rijswijk!

Tomasz Plusa is een vriendelijke en betrokken viooldocent. Hij stemt zijn lessen af op de behoeften, niveau en tempo van de leerling. Daarnaast staat Tomasz open voor het spelen van diverse muziekgenres, dus je hoeft nooit bang te zijn dat je jouw favoriete muziek niet kan spelen. Al met al vind ik Tomasz een hele fijne docent, met talent voor zowel vioolspelen als het lesgeven, die ik iedereen zou aanraden.
Michelle v D

Tomasz is a friendly teacher!

Tomasz Plusa is a friendly and committed teacher. Rather than following a strict agenda he changes the learning program's style, tempo and level to suit the individual student's needs. Tomasz has mastery over different styles and genres of music, which makes the lessons versatile and dynamic. Since he gives students a lot of freedom where it comes to picking pieces you never have to worry that you won't get to play your favorite music. Tomasz is an all-rounder with talent and passion for both playing and teaching violin. I would recommend him to everyone.
Michelle v. D

Perfect Teacher!

Since I came to the Netherlands in 2017, I started to learn violin with Tomasz. Although I have been playing modern violin for fifteen years, Tomasz is the most special teacher I have ever met, and also the enlightenment teacher of my Baroque violin. I still remember the first lesson we started learning Bach's chaconne, rather than only focusing on technique improvement, he first taught me lots of basic knowledge on baroque music form and specifically in this piece: what is chaconne, what is the basso continuo and melody line in this piece, how to play the chords in a correct and historical way, etc. He also demonstrated on his baroque violin and that open me up a totally new world: a warmer, more active, and full of emotion and vitality voice that I have never heard before. Now I have already switch to baroque violin and started from zero, with the detailed and patient help by Tomasz. Sometimes he combined the baroque violin playing with history background, visualized the music style by painting, or other beautiful metaphors. He is a passionate and perfectionist musician and teacher. He said that playing the violin is like making a sculpture. Only crafted with great care and precision can complete a piece of artwork. All in all, Tomasz's violin lessons have benefited me a lot from both playing technique and musicianship.
Tianyi Huang

Passionate Violin Teacher

Tomasz is a passionate teacher who expects his students to achieve their maximum. He motivates them to work hard and not to give up. What I appreciate the most is that he could match the music they learn with the character of a child. He has been teaching my children for three years now. He helped my son discover his passion and talent for playing folk music. Thanks to Tomasz my son enjoys practicing and often plays for pleasure in his free time.
Marta K

Fun homework

Tomasz is a very good teacher, kind and always happy. He gives fun homework like making compositions. He is building the interest in music.

Genuine enthusiasm!

We wholeheartedly recommend Tomasz Alexander Plusa as a talented violin teacher and practicing musician. During our year abroad, Tomasz masterfully taught our daughter how to improve her technique and approach to playing the violin by sharing his real-world experience and passion for both music in general and this instrument in particular. Tomasz skillfully communicated the importance of discipline in practice without being preachy or condescending. Instead, he inspired improvement through genuine enthusiasm, demonstration, and useful expert tips. Thank you Tomasz and Vivaldi!
The Pattons, from Seattle

Building the interest in music

Tomasz Aleksander Plusa is introducing our 8-years old son Alek into the world of violin. The lessons are fun as Tomasz not only concentrates on pure technical aspects of playing, but also inspires to discover the beauty of classical music. He masters in addressing to children in order to keep their attention and engagement. We do recommend him as an excellent teacher.
Piotr Lubelski


Vriendelijke vioolleraar in Den Haag!

Jarenlang had mijn viool stil gelegen. Ik besloot weer vioolles te nemen. Op internet op zoek naar een viool leraar, koos ik Tomasz, vanwege zijn vriendelijke uitstraling. En dat is hij...heel vriendelijk. Tomasz heeft van zijn passie zijn vak gemaakt en weet dat over te brengen. De muziek zit tussen de noten. Ik ervaar Tomasz als heel oprecht en dat geeft een extraatje aan de vioolles. Dankbaar dat ik bij hem terecht ben gekomen!
Florence van V

Enthousiasme voor muziek!

Tomasz Plusa is zeer ervaren docent met vriendelijke en warme persoonlijkheid.Hij is geduldig en zoekt naar de beste methode om de doel te bereiken. Ik voelde me erbij goed ondersteund en begrepen.Zijn enthousiasme voor muziek en viool is zeer stimulerend en zijn passie helpt de student de beste uit zichzelf naar bovente halen. Zelfs als ik vanaf 0 viool en muziek ervaring begonnen ben, na een klein jaartje kon ik al een klassieke stukjes te spelen.De technische oefeningen worden goed ingezet naar behoefte en afgewisseld met plezierige oefeningen in je eigen muziekvoorkeur. Kortom een super leuke ervaring.
Malgorzata S

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