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Wouter Wierda Saxophone Lessons in Nieuwveen

Saxophone is super cool

Fancied to play the saxophone for a long time and has the right time come now? Ever played before and do you want to give it a go again? Do you play regularly and do you seek professional advice to improve your sound, your technique, your sense of rhythm and your performance? It is never too late!

Your favourite Music

I am saxophonist, Wouter Wierda, with expertise in Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Ska, Latin, World and Electro. I'll take your musical taste into account in the lessons [on offer]. That way you keep up the spirit, grab your musical instrument often and enjoy playing.

Lesson location

Are you a beginner, advanced player, adult or a child? To play music together, in my own music studio in Nieuwveen is ideal. But perhaps you'd rather stay at home and are looking for alternative ways to take saxophone lessons right now?

Online Saxophone Lessons

Online saxophone lessons through Skype or Zoom offer a smart solution! Enjoy live instructions, personal feedback and motivation online! It works perfectly well! In case you hesitate, just try a starter pack of three lessons! 

What can you expect?

The teaching materials and methods will be customised to your level and individual musical experience. The lessons will be instructive, but also fun and sociable. We will work with popular songs, greatest hits, exercises, student's books, play-a-longs, piano-accompaniment, Spotify and YouTube. The best way to enjoy and to build confidence is to play often! You will speedily advance, and your saxophone will sound better.


  • Technique: posture, breathing, embouchure, intonation, articulation, performance technique
  • Special techniques: vibrato, growling, subtone, altissimo, overtones, multi-phonics
  • Improvisation: scales, chords, rhythm, ear training and music theory
  • band coaching sessions
  • composition, orchestration, and music production.

Rent a Saxophone

Do you want to take lessons, but do you not own a saxophone yet? I give a hand in finding a suitable and payable (rental) instrument.


A 5 minute-drive to Nieuwveen from Aalsmeer, Aardam, Alphen aan den Rijn, Blokland, De Kwakel, De Hoef, Korteraar, Kudelstaart, Langeraar, Leimuiden, Mijdrecht, Nieuwkoop, Noorden, Noordeinde, Papenveer, Rijnsaterwoude, Ter Aar, Uithoorn, Vrouwenakker and Zevenhoven. Enjoy free parking place, coffee, tea and lemonade!

About Wouter

Wouter Wierda studied saxophone at the conservatory with Jan Menu, Toon Roos en Piet Noordijk. He doubly graduated in Saxophone (jazz/pop) and holds a bachelor's degree as a performing musician (cum laude) and a bachelor's degree as a teaching musician (cum laude). Wouter teaches at the Music School of Katwijk. He taught at Parnassos Utrecht, the Music and Dance School Amstelveen and has been a regular guest lecturer at the conservatory in Utrecht and in Enschede.

    Located in

    • Nieuwveen

    Lesson location

    • Online
    • Nieuwveen
    • At teachers location


    • Children
    • Adults


    • English
    • Dutch

    Very talented!

    A very talented saxophone player, composer and bandleader. I think Wouter Wierda' s music has the essential ingredients of good modern jazz. There is honesty, personality and expression of a variety of moods, and above all swing, sound and soul!
    Bird Award winner Toon Roos

    Highly Musical!

    Highly musical. An Artist!
    Piet Noordijk - Metropole Orkest

    Great Sax Player

    Wouter Wierda, a phenomenal composer and an even more startling soprano/tenor player.

    More than Honking!

    Saxophonist Wouter Wierda can do a lot more than honking alone, he is adapt at composing, orchestrating and producing also.

    Please contact me for prices!

    Private Music Teachers

    Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

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