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Marlowe Thornes Heywood Guitar Lessons in Rijswijk

Guitar Lessons Rijswijk

Are you seeking inspiration and a feeling of attainment? Bored of the same passive activities in your life? If so, come along and learn to play the guitar with me. I'm Marlowe Thornes, all-round guitarist and music teacher in Rijswijk

Studio in Plaspoelpolder

My guitar lessons take place in a relaxed, supportive studio environment in Rijswijk Plaspoelpolder, where the focus lies on enjoyment and the pleasure of learning a new skill. My studio is nearby station Rijswijk and close to Delft, Ypenburg, Laak and Wateringseveld

Pop, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic Folk

I have experience performing and teaching a range of musical styles (Pop, folk, rock, blues, jazz, funk and soul, classical), though I have a soft spot for acoustic guitar, so I play a lot of American old-time folk, bluegrass and celtic folk. I believe good music has quality on its own terms, regardless of genre. I am especially interested in music which makes people want to dance or hum along to the melody, but I also love the beauty of classical music, jazz, the raw expressiveness of the blues, and the direct joyfulness of folk music.

Why Music?

Learning a musical instrument is fun and has benefits beyond playing music itself. It improves your reflexes, focus and cognition, and presents personal challenges, which if overcome, yield huge rewards. The feeling of being able to play your favourite song or piece of music, solo or with others, is one of the most satisfying things life has to offer.

Guitar Classes - Intermediate - Advanced

Has your improvement suffered due to formless, aimless lessons with a disorganised guitar teacher? Are you unsatisfied with your progress? After our trial lesson I put together a flexible course trajectory based on your experience, tastes and goals. I’ll discuss this plan with you, and if you like the sound of it we can start making music right away!

Real Fulfilment

Learning to play the guitar is an active skill which engages you and others with whom you share it. Whatever your goals, diving into the world of guitar can give you lasting fulfilment.

De-mystify the Guitar

Does the guitar seem like black magic to you? Do famous guitar heroes appear almost superhuman in their abilities? Perhaps you feel even the guitarist at your local bar can do things you could never dream of. You’re not the only one to feel this way. I know this feeling first hand, and I’ve been stuck wondering if guitar talent is just something you’re born with. My lessons cut through the mysticism around the guitar and offer clear explanations for how competent guitarists do what they do, so you can become competent too.

Keep it fun, keep it musical

My lessons focus on making music together as soon as possible, while keeping it light and fun in the process. I believe that everything you need to learn can be learned by listening to and playing real music, so I don’t tend to give many finger exercises or studies. The content of such exercises can often be found within pieces of music or songs which are more rewarding to play.

What More?

Finger styles, plectrum, strumming, music theory, comping, lead guitar, solos, improvisation, acoustic/electric guitar, software, pedals, harmony, songwriter, composition.

Reading, Tabs, Ears

I’ll only teach you to read notes if it will be practical to you. I sometimes use guitar tabs to provide a reference for practice at home, but I always encourage you to use your ears first, because music is heard, not seen.

Creating a Connection

If you can hear what you play before you play it, whether you play from memory or from sheet music or tab, you’ll get much more from the guitar than otherwise. Part of the lessons will focus on developing a good ear for what you play, so you lead the guitar and not the other way around.

About Me

I’m Marlowe. I love playing, teaching and listening to music. It’s by far the most central part of my life, and it’s important to me to share this feeling with others by teaching the guitar. If I can help others to have a wonderful experience of music through this instrument, then I feel I am doing something tremendously positive. I studied music at the University of York where I specialised in performance and composition. Since then I have played on stages across Europe, and have taught professionally for five years. I currently perform as part of the Greenfield String Band and Marlowe and Juliëtte (a jazz duo), alongside my own solo projects.

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Mountains of Patience

I took ukulele lessons with Marlowe. They are enjoyable and personal lessons, based on your favorite artists and songs. Marlowe is able to immediately anticipate musical questions, has mountains of patience and feels perfectly when there is a need for the next step in your learning curve. Definitely recommended for anyone who is starting to play an instrument for the first time or who wants to continue developing with more experience. K.v.D

Specialist in Jazz

I met Marlowe at a time when I was developing an interest in Jazz music, as he is a specialist in that genre. However,  through knowing him, I gained a fair amount of exposure to a wide range of new and interesting styles of music, ranging from Afrobeat to country and folk music. Marlowe helped me break through the initial barrier of playing with other people while improvising. He spends a lot of time thinking about how music can, and should be taught -  and  has provided me with useful advice when looking at new books and resources worth checking out (in particular, books by Joe Pass were especially useful). I reccomend people wanting to explore the guitar, and music in general,  more deeply give lessons with Marlowe a go.
Louis R

Spontane docent!

Na 3 jaar les was ik een beetje vastgelopen. Overgestapt naar Marlowe en door zijn gedegen aanpak weer helemaal zin in gitaarspelen. Fijne spontane docent die je echt helpt je zwakke punten te overwinnen. Marlowe heeft geduld, oog (en oor....) voor detail en begrip. Hele kundige docent.

Erg tevreden met de lessen!

Een erg goede docent die jou ondersteunt in het behalen van je leerdoelen, hij past zijn lesmethode aan op wat voor jou het beste werkt. Erg tevreden met de lessen!
Koen V.B

Meer plezier!

Marlowe heeft veel geduld, sluit goed aan op je leerwensen en geeft adviezen die je helpen om ontspannener en met meer plezier te spelen.
Karen K.

Highlights of My Day!

I always enjoyed my lessons with Marlowe, they were always the highlights of my day. He taught me what I asked him too and even more which is much appreciated right now. He was always very helpful and patient with me and went through everything as many times as I needed so that I could understand. I would definitely recommend to any beginner, intermediate or some who just wants to brush up on skills.
Alexander C

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist