Michalis Michailidis Guitar Lessons in Rotterdam

Guitar is Cool!

Looking for a patient and motivating guitar teacher in Rotterdam for yourself or for your child? Are you picking up guitar lessons after a break? Beginner or advanced, take your playing to the next level! What would life be without music?

All Ages

I'm Michalis, experienced enthusiastic guitar teacher and professional guitarist. My lessons are open to children, teenagers and adults. Never to old to enjoy music... fun in music comes first! Looking forward to set up the trial lesson!

All Styles

The lessons may cover a variety of music styles such as Jazz, Pop, Blues, Rock and Singer Songwriter music. Play your favourite songs or start composing, producing and recording your own music now! Sign up for a trial lesson!

Lesson Location

I live directly in the center of Rotterdam and all the students are delighted about the easy accessibility and central location of my studio.

  • Tram 4, stop Bloemkwekersstraat, 1 minute walk
  • Metro station Eendrachtsplein 4 minutes walk
  • Rotterdam Central Station - 10 minutes walk

Online Guitar Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online live lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Levie feedback. Book a trial lesson and buy & try the 3 lesson Starter's Package! Contact me for information

What to expect?

  • reading music
  • chords
  • finger style - finger picking
  • strumming patterns
  • tabs
  • relaxed posture
  • your favourite music
  • software, effects
  • how to use pedals
  • solos
  • accompaniments
  • song writing
  • basis music theory
  • improvisation
  • fun in music


You'll get accustomed to rhythm, melody and harmony so that you're able to play naturally and un-forced. We will explore and come up with enjoyable ways of building up the basics of guitar-playing designed in a fashion that is unique to you.


As an advanced player you probably want to redefine your musical abilities such as technique, timing, harmonic knowledge, compositional skills and improvisation skills. We'll focus on pieces of music that you're learning, various ways to develop your knowledge of different compositions and how to become more relaxed and proficient when playing.

Guitar Pedals and Effects

The electric guitar is an extremely versatile instrument and having this versatility allowed it to become one of the most influential instruments of the 20th and 21st century. A big contributor to this is the ability to modify the guitar sound by using effects such as reverb, delay, distortion and a shocking amount of many more sound effects. Discover how to setup your pallet of sounds by trying out and experimenting with many different pedals both in hardware and software form. Curious? Book a trial lesson!

Music Software and Ableton Live

As technology is improving everyday it is also integrating more and more into the creative process of either performing live on stage or making music at home. I am offering lessons and insights into the creative potential of Ableton Live which can be used either as recording software or a powerful effects,l oops and samples unit. The lessons on Ableton can either be independent of the guitar lessons or combined alongside our guitar and music learning process.

About Michalis

Michalis Michailidis is a Greek guitarist and electronic music artist that has performed in venues and festivals all around the world with various bands and styles of music. After graduating with merits from the Modern Music school of Thessaloniki (2007-2011) he moved to the Netherlands and completed his Bachelor of Jazz Guitar at the Maastricht Conservatorium (2011-2015). In 2016 he moved to Rotterdam where he did his Master of Music degree at Codarts conservatory with a research on Eastern mediterranean music (2016-2018). Alongside his studies he experimented with sound design and electronic concepts which can be heard on his brainchild project ERMANØ

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Cheerful and great teacher!

I am a new learner and found Michalis to be a patient and extremely helpful guitar teacher. Cheerful and likeable personality and looking forward to extending my lessons to get better at playing the guitar.

Super exciting!

When it comes to a supportive teacher, Michalis meets all the standards. He is calm, patient and adaptive to the students needs. He is very professional, which we can see from the quick progress that our son Alex is making. Because of the current situation with the pandemics we had to continue the lessons online and Michalis is sending us extra video guides which have proven to be very effective for the learning process! We just bought a new guitar for our son and he is super excited to continue with his guitar lessons.

I recommend Michalis!

During the last couple years that I've been having guitar lessons with Michalis, from being just a hobby guitarist I am now aspiring to become a professional musician and I really believe Michalis has all the tools and methods to help me achieve my goals. We are now starting my preparation to enter a conservatory and I am very happy to have such a supportive and knowledgeable teacher, I recommend Michalis to everyone!

Awesome Teacher!

Having played only a little bit of guitar in the past, with the help of Michalis I can now take it to a whole new level. Absolutely awesome teacher, very down to earth, I really enjoy the lessons and his valuable insights and tips. Highly recommend!

Great and fun teacher!

After not playing guitar for 10 years I picked up the guitar again. After getting frustrated about youtube videos(too easy or too hard) I started my lessons with Michalis. He really takes the time for you and always comes with new ideas on how to improve your playing. He listens to you and can quickly adapt to answer all your questions in an understandable way. Michalis always keeps in mind that a guitar lesson needs to be fun. In just 4 months of lessons I have learned more than in all the years before. If you are looking for a great guitar teacher Michalis is the one!

Music with Passion!

As a beginner it is really nice to have a teacher who takes time and explain really well. Michalis is very flexible with my difficult work schedule and we always find a good time during the week to have the lesson. He is teaching music with passion and the transition between a classic music lesson and real songs is nice. I recommend Michalis to everyone!

Fun and productive!

I'm really happy that we found such a great teacher like Michalis! My son really likes the guitar lessons and he is always looking forward to the next one :) Michalis is really patient which is important with kids and the classes are always fun and productive.  All in all we can only recommend Michalis to everyone!

I highly recommend!

I highly recommend Michalis' guitar lessons for all skill levels. Whether you just want to play your favorite songs or want to astound everybody with your technique, Michalis can adapt to your learning capacity and musical preferences. I barely knew how to play when I started about a year ago and I've made great progress under his guidance!

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

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