Michalis Michailidis - Mixen Masteren Dj Producerles Rotterdam voor jongeren en volwassenen.

Michalis Michailidis Music Production Lessons in Rotterdam

Producing / Beatmaking / Performing

Would you like to learn how to produce your own music? Then you only need 4 things, a laptop, a DAW, audio interface and some guidance which I can offer, whether it 's being about you starting from zero or whether you already have experience in music production and software.

Check My Studio

I live directly in the center of Rotterdam and all the students are delighted about the easy accessibility and central location (8 min walking from the central station, right next to a tram stop)

Getting Started

It has never been as simple to start producing and making good quality music at home instead of  in a professional studio as it is today. In the production lessons I can help you build a foundation on how most music software works and how to get started composing with samples, software and recording.
Beginners can expect to gain an insight on :

  • Basic functions of software
  • How audio interfaces work and how to set them up
  • Setting up studio monitors
  • Make your own samples
  • Use ready samples to compose a track
  • Beat Making
  • Recording

 Music Software (DAWs)

The main music software we will be focusing on will be Ableton Live . Ableton is an incredible intuitive DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) that allows both producing and performing or DJ-ing in a high quality. Learning this kind of software will help you record, edit, apply effects, mix and master your own music. The perfect tool to perform live or DJ with on stage!
Focus points on Ableton Live :

  • Layout and basic functions
  • Recording Techniques
  • Looping Techniques
  • Performing Techniques
  • Composing Techniques
  • Effects
  • Software Synthesizers
  • Compression
  • EQ
  • balancing tracks

Music Theory

Running out of ideas? With learning some music theory and functions, your repertoire of chords, patterns and melodies will allow you to escape easily from creative drought and lack of ideas. During the lessons I will be helping you to getting started with understanding the language of music in a few easy steps.

  • Chord Patterns and Formulas
  • Scales and melodic sequences
  • Fundamental music theory
  • Basslines and bass movements

From Thought to Track

I am teaching you the entire process, from having an idea to having the final piece ready to be aunched into streaming services. The lessons are intended both for electronic music lovers who want to make beats and use synthesizers as well as for artists who aspire to become better at recording their acoustic instruments and producing their own music.

  • Composing with samples
  • Make your own beats
  • Setting up microphones
  • Analog Synthesizers
  • Hardware gear
  • Recording yourself and others
  • Recording - acoustic /electronic
  • Mixing techniques
  • Mastering techniques
  • Basic concepts of streaming services

Live on Stage!

Once the basics are established and the music starts pumping we can focus on creating your live performance! DJ or live with loops and samples, everything is possible nowadays!

  • DJ your own tracks
  • Playing live - using samples
  • Incorporate synthesizers in your performance
  • Create a DJ set
  • Create a live set

Guitar Teacher Rotterdam

Looking for guitar lessons in Rotterdam? I'm apro guitaris as well, so get in touch if you feel like learning guitar in Rotterdam

About Michalis

Michalis Michailidis is a Greek guitarist and music producer based in Rotterdam. Michalis showed a knack for music in his early teens and started having lessons from several acknowledged local musicians. After graduating with merits from the Modern Music school of Thessaloniki (2007-2011) he moved to the Netherlands and completed his Bachelor of Jazz Guitar at the Maastricht Conservatorium (2011-2015) and his Master of Music degree at Codarts, Rotterdam(2016-2018). During his decade-long residency in the Netherlands, Michalis has performed in venues and festivals all around the world with various bands and styles of music while in the meantime developed his own music production and education studio. Michalis is currently working on a production for singer Ysa Bermejo which includes collaborations with artists such as Mucky (Black Eyed Peas, Sevdaliza) and Bocafloja (KEXP, NPR) among others.


Located in

  • Rotterdam

Lesson location

  • Rotterdam Centrum
  • Online
  • At teacher's location


  • Adults


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Greek

I highly recommend!

I highly recommend Michalis' guitar lessons for all skill levels. Whether you just want to play your favorite songs or want to astound everybody with your technique, Michalis can adapt to your learning capacity and musical preferences. I barely knew how to play when I started about a year ago and I've made great progress under his guidance!

He makes the difference!

I started with Michalis almost 3 months ago. I had very little musical experience except some beginner level guitar, and I've always had love for synth-driven music and a desire to be able to play around with synthesizers. I never realized how much fun the learning process could be until I started with Michalis, learning how to access the insanely powerful Ableton to create and record music. I feel lucky that someone with his level of knowledge and experience, and as down-to-earth as him is available to give lessons on a weekly basis. With a 90-day trial on Ableton, a small midi keyboard, and audio interface everything becomes possible to have a lot of fun, and play and record my own music. The investment is small for what I get in return. With a full-time work schedule and competitive sport, I can't make much time to practice but have felt a lot of progress going each week. I finished my first block of lessons within the Ableton trial period and I'm already recording my own songs and now I know that I will continue with the lessons and keep building on what I've learned to produce an EP within the next few months. Michalis makes all the difference. It feels like I'm hanging out in a studio with my buddy, learning and experimenting.  That's what learning music should feel like. I can't recommend doing this enough as long as there is a desire or passion to do it.

Professional Teacher!

I started knowing zero about music and music production but Michalis brings the music out of you. He is very professional, patient, skillful, and knows what he is doing! Definitely book him for your future music production education.

Pleasant Vibe !

This summer of 2020 I decided to take a Ableton live course with Michalis. I never even opened the software before that, very glad I decided to start this course with him. Michalis has a very clear way of teaching and a very calm and pleasant vibe always!

Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Be nice to yourself, book your trial lesson today!

Your future, full of music, passion and joy begins now! Just take the first step!