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Hola, I'm Aleksandra Tonelli, dedicated Rotterdam based piano, harmony and music theory teacher. Vast experience with different ages and levels, and also different backgrounds. I gave lessons in Buenos Aires, London and now Rotterdam.

Online Piano Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions! Book a trial lesson or buy & try the 3 lesson Starter's Package!


To become an all-round musician students need a range of interlocking skills – in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception – as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. ABRSM exam preparation possible!

Teaching & Learning Music

Music is a way of finding how to express yourself in a specific language, and it is at the same time a fun and fascinating process. It is also a tool to improve intelligence and creativity. As a music teacher, I face a challenge every time I train a student, because learning music and learning piano implies a very personal development.

Classical to Pop

We will make use of progressive piano methods to master the classical piano technique. Tuition materials cover easy songs and exercises, etudes, scales, chords, and tailored to your needs preparatory/easy/advanced concert pieces and sonatas.

Piano Tango

Being also a tango pianist performer and composer, and I can help you to unveil the tango style through different arrangements and accompanying models. I have a method that involves both things also with musical features.


Adults: you will learn a classical basis, how to sight read fast and basic technical skills. Also we will complement this with rhythm exercises, music is time! After this introduction we will start to build your learning according to your musical goals.


Depending on the age I have different pedagogic strategies. I think is advisable to complement piano learning with music theory, so I always add this type of exercises to the lessons. But the most important thing is that is an effective and enjoyable process... music is fun!


I am a classical music professor so I can help you to develop your technique and musical understanding. We can work on specific classical repertoire and we will also analyse the pieces. I can introduce you also to tango style and technique.

About Aleksandra Tonelli

Aleksandra started her music career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying classical piano with Mgs. Paula Peluso and Claudio Santoro. She graduated with honours as a superior piano and music professor from the Buenos Aires Superior Conservatory of Music 'Astor Piazzolla'. She also studied music composition and piano at the National University of Arts (Argentina). Despite she had an academic education as a pianist and composer, Aleksandra specialized her studies in latin american and argentinian music. She studied tango and latin folk music with great pianists as Hilda Herrera, Nicolas Guerschberg and Hernan Possetti.


She performed several times at the International Tango Festival of Buenos Aires with 'Orquesta Tipica Esquina Sur' (musical conducting, piano and arrangements) and other musical projects. She also worked as a sessionist musician for ensembles of different musical genres. Aleksandra has also devoted her career to music and piano teaching. In 2018 she was awarded a scholarship for studying Vicente Scaramuzza's piano technique with Maestro Juan Rezzuto in London, UK. There, she worked as a full-time piano teacher at WKMT London Music Studio.

Master of Music

When the scholarship finished she moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands where she became in 2020 Master of Music in World Music (piano tango/jazz composition) at CODARTS University of Arts, studying with Mtro. Gustavo Beytelmann and Mtro. Paul van Brugge.

Music is the most direct art, it enters through your ears and goes to your heart… it is the universal human language - Ástor Piazzolla

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New and refreshing!

The lessons with Aleksandra are a great pleasure. At one hand her classes are intense, because her focus is sharp en she learns me to focus the way she does, at the other hand she is always cheerful so that helps. The way she explains things is very clear. After playing the piano already for a long time, mostly improvising,  I ‘relearn’ things in a new an refreshing way that helps me to discover a new approach in playing music. Her focus on slowness and a more relaxed way of playing finally helps me to read music in a more professional way, which definitely will open unexploited fields of possibilities for me. Thanks Aleksandra!
Ginnette B.

Amazing Experience!

I had an amazing experience receiving lessons from Aleksandra! She focused on really understanding the music - why a score was written in a certain way, why you played notes on the piano the way you did etc.- which inculcated in me a long lasting love for the piano. She was furthermore very enthusiastic, patient and extremely supportive of me. She encouraged me throughout & while I learnt a lot I also had a lot of fun going to piano lessons. Alisha Verghese

She's a wonderful person!

I started playing piano at 30 years old, without any musical background or musical feeling whatsoever. I am so happy I found Aleksandra as my teacher, she makes learning to play so much fun! I really feel like I'm steadily learning everything I need to know to play the piano: technique, theory, dynamics, songs and everything else. Aleksandra is an excellent teacher who knows her stuff, she's very patient, knows how to motivate her students and how to set the right level of ambition.She has definitely found the right balance in being a really good teacher and creating space for humor in the process of learning. Also she has her basics covered, the lessons are well structured and she's a very good communicator (during and in between classes as well). And above all she's a wonderful person!

Structured Piano Lessons!

Aleksandra is very detailed and teaches in a very well structured manner. The way she is teaching me is very relaxed and most importantly, fun! Whatever wishes or questions you have, she's always more than happy to teach and help. 
B. Hu

Exciting Piano Lessons!

As a total beginner to the piano, I thoroughly recommend Aleksandra to all others thinking of starting piano lessons. She's helped me to gain a sound understanding of both music theory and the piano as an instrument, whilst managing to keep the lessons exciting and entertaining. She has a vast amount of experience and skill with the piano and successfully passing this knowledge on through her teaching. I always feel welcome in her home for the lessons and she is always ready to assist in any way possible; be it explaining the reasoning and theory of scales and chord structure, or a personal request of learning a specific piece. Overall a 10/10 recommendation for all potential students.  - O. Rataj

Motiverend en inspirerend!

Sinds Oktober 2018 heb ik les van Aleksandra. Zij is een bijzonder getalenteerde  pianolerares. Haar lessen zijn erg motiverend en inspirerend. Aleksandra weet mij op de juiste wijze verder te brengen op mijn muzikale pad.

Theresia H.

Enthusiastic approach!

The lessons I get from Aleksandra are very professional. I started with piano lessons at a late age but she never gives me the feeling that this is problematic. The way she explains the basics of piano playing is revealing. I easily understand the logic behind the art by the way she explains it to me. And besides from this, I like the enthusiastic approach of Aleksandra!
Roelof Gortemaker

Passion and amazing piano skills

I was very lucky to have Aleksandra as a piano teacher during her time in London. She not only helped me to improve my piano technical skills, she also encouraged me to create my own musical criterion. She was the most upbeat and that aspect within her passion and her amazing piano skills, makes her classes funny and very valuable creating the perfect relationship between teacher-student.
Clara Ortí

Tango Piano!

I had a wonderful series of piano lessons with Aleksandra. I've been playing for a while but always on the lookout for expanding my musical horizons and improvement of playing. And yes, playing the piano has become so much better and secure. We've been working on technical aspects but also extensively on a Mozart sonata and exploring the world of "Tango Piano" which was new to me but so much fun to discover! Aleksandra is a very nice person and a great, inspiring teacher. Highly recommended!
Theo O

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