Celia Cortés - Pianoles aan huis Rotterdam - Klassiek tot pop - plezier in muziek!

Celia Cortés Piano Lessons in Rotterdam

Piano Lessons in Rotterdam

Hola! My name is Celia Cortés, I'm a Spanish pianist and piano teacher. I teach piano to beginners and advanced musicians in Rotterdam. I started my music studies at the age of 8 years old and since then, concerts, meetings with great people, travelling and music have strongly influenced my life. The piano always starred as my most loyal partner!

Play Piano - From Bach to Pop

Due to my experience as a classical pianist, I've been in touch with classical repertoire from all periods in depth. In my lessons, you'll be able to learn pop songs as well as classical pieces in a relaxed and practical way.

Piano Classes -  Beginners

First time wanting to learn piano and curious about what to expect? Here you will accomplish a solid technical basis, learn how to read scores, simple music theory and above all, you'll develop your technique and musicality with etudes, fun songs, recital pieces and tailor-made exercises. You choose the music!

More experienced Pianist

Do you have a good piano basis but seek to play with more ease and depth? Or bring more feeling into your playing and learn how to practice in a focused and efficient way? Learn how to achieve the best results with structure, organisation and patience!

What can you expect?

We will work with etudes and beautiful lecture pieces of various styles and periods with a relaxed posture at the piano, independence of your motor skills, pedal use, articulation, interpretation and last but not least, sound formation.


We will place the composers of the music you play in their historical and cultural context. There is a lot of interesting biographical information to be found. Be inspired to interpret your favourite music based on knowledge, insight and emotion!

Piano and Jazz - Pop - Songwriter

Here you will also explore a modern side of the piano. You will learn to read and understand modern jazzy chords and develop an understanding of typical jazz structures, pop and other light music styles. This will give you freedom if you aim to learn how to improvise. Give your favourite songs a personal touch!

Children - Special Needs

Children with special needs play an important role in my teaching practice. I use different methods in this area from which I apply a particular approach by Marilyn Lowe and Edwin E. Gordon. Piano lessons for children are structured and varied, combining learning piano with other instruments and playing musical games. The sense of rhythm, a basic element of music, is developed through percussion games, clapping, metaphors applied to the piano... And anything else that comes from children's creativity is also contemplated!

Piano + Music Therapy

I am currently completing my education as a Music Therapist at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatoire). To conclude my studies, I'm writing a thesis on autistic children and their communication skills. During piano lessons, elements from applied behavior analysis, music therapy, games to strengthen the children's self-image and self-esteem will be made use of. Music therapy techniques such as free improvisation, guided images and neurological approaches such as melodic intonation or rhythmic exercises can perfectly complement the teaching material. With an adequate approach, children can grow into great pianists within the ASD spectrum.

Piano Lessons at Your Home

I give the lessons at my cosy home studio in Delfshaven. I also can come to you. Home tuition classes only 45  or 60 minutes. Depending on schedule and distance I may charge a small amount for travel costs.

Online Lessons

Fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners and advanced pianists are also possible. Live feedback and instructions!

About Celia Cortés

Celia obtained her bachelor's degree in Classical piano Performance in Zaragoza (Spain), 2016. She has performed in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries of Europe both as a soloist and as chamber music pianist forming ensembles such as piano duos, trios and quartets. She specialises in classical repertoire with clarinet, cello and piano and carries an extense experience in accompanying classical singers. She currently performs in the Netherlands with an alternative music trio which plays classical music, pop arrangements and songwriter songs. In November 2019 she received a prize in 'Voice Music Award' in Utrecht with her trio as a special finalist. In 2018 she began her Master's degree in Music Therapy at Codarts, Rotterdam Conservatoire. She offers music therapy sessions at her studio in Rotterdam and since July 2020, she has been working as a music therapy intern in Florence, a healthcare institution.

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Lesson location

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  • Rotterdam Delfshaven
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  • Children
  • Adults


  • English
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Patient Piano Teacher!

Celia is a very patient teacher and has a creative style of teaching piano playing to our not so patient four year old son. In our experience she is professional, able, creative and with a lot of (com)passion towards children. A pleasure to work with.
John H and Mona

Creative piano lessons!

Very nice and professional teacher. I met Celia in 2018 and she gave lessons to my 6 year old son. Her approach is sweet and patient, and she is always very creative with the way of presenting the activities.

Great Lessons!

Celia is an excellent teacher, also for the beginning student. She is very patient, instructive, and her explanations are a lot of fun. I enjoyed very much learning with her pieces from movies and video games that I love. She also gave me a baseline to create my own video game music. Great lessons!

I miss her a lot!

I am very glad that I had Celia as my music teacher during my two years living in the Netherlands. She played a very important role for making passion to learn piano for me. She was my favorite teacher and now I'm back in Bangladesh I miss her a lot.

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist