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Piano Lessons Rotterdam - All Ages

Looking for piano lessons for your child or for your self? Are you playing piano from scratch or a more advanced pianist seeking for motivation and new skills? You are welcome in my home studio in Rotterdam. I both love to play and teach classical music as well as other styles like Einaudi, Satie or popsongs! Let's enjoy!

Online Piano Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions! Book a trial lesson or buy & try the 3 lesson Starter's Package!

Tango on Piano!

If playing Tango music on piano is your dream, I will aim to give you a wide perspective on Tango in general and on piano music in particular! You'll learn basic Tango rhythms and accompaniments, the caracteristic strong chords and accentuations, by teaching you some great tango arrangements suitable for your level.


My one-on-one beginners piano classes offer the best of classical playful tuition materials, challenging input and tools to develop your technique and musicality. You'll learn to play and read easy pieces on the piano and duets!


We have wonderful etudes and piano repertoire for you to discover. Increase your agility and dexterity with personalised exercises. Attention to posture and relaxation. This will benefit directly to your expression and transfer of your musical ideas! Curious? Book a trial lesson

Learn to practise effectively!

Busy job or too much work for school? Tailor made and personalised exercises help you to practise effectively and with fun! Enroll your musical, interpretative and technical skills whilst working on a wide variety of styles.

I love Tango

Piano teacher Juliane Birkenholz: Tango is one of my favorite music styles! I'll gladly teach you specific techniques how to achieve this typical passionate piano style. Lots of information about various Tango styles: Orquestra Typica, Milonga, Valse, Tango Moderno, history of Tango. My favorites? Troilo, Di Sarli, D`Arienzo en Pugliese! Want to try? Book a taster lesson!

About Juliane Birkenholz

I was born in the south of Germany in 1987. My love and interest for music started at very young age because I grew up in a musical environment. Both of my parents are good amateur musicians and all my brothers and sister played instruments. There was always chamber music played in the house, going to concerts, the opera, theater was part of the normal life. Music was just naturally there - like eating and sleeping. When I was 6 I decided that I wanted to start with piano classes, 2 years later I also started to take violin lessons which I continued until I studied music in the Netherlands. At CODARTS in Rotterdam I studied piano at the Tango Department with Wim Warman, Gustavo Beytelmann and Luis Fabiano Rabello.

For me, tango was always for the ear rather than the feet - Astor Piazzolla

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We love her!

The great thing of Juliane Birkenholz as a teacher is that she adapts to every student differently. She seeks for her students what it is that makes the piano fun to them! Playfull or studious,  classical or modern at everyone’s individual pace and ability. We love her!

Vivaldi Music Lessons

Music moves and enriches the soul! Next to our live lessons we offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Select your instrument and teacher and sign up for a trial lesson!

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