Letizia Maulá Recorder Lessons in Rotterdam

Recorder - Singing Bird

Hi! I’m Letizia and I’m a Rotterdam based enthusiastic recorder player and teacher. Playing the Recorder is a marvelous start to the world of the music! The perfect instrument because of it’s quick response and it’s corresponding ability to produce a wide variety of articulations and sounds!

Difficult to learn?

You will learn to play the recorder in the most natural way. How? Combining playing and singing to find the inner voice through the recorder. Of course you’ll learn to read notes, a relaxed posture, a natural and focussed breathing, basic rhythm and some music theory. Let’s play and sing together!

Beginner to Advanced

Whether you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced recorder student, my private lessons will be supportive, instructive and motivating! Lessons can be held in English and Italiano!

Classical to Pop!

The recorder invites you to play many styles of music: baroque, classical, pop and folk-songs! We'll focus on articulation, phrasing, intonation, ornamentations and analysis of styles. Let’s enjoy playing duets! Want to try? Book a trial lesson!

Beginners – All Ages

My recorder lessons are both for children as well as adults. Children can start at the age of 5. Enjoy the best way to develop your skills: In a personalised process focussed on your individual needs! After a few lessons you will be playing some easy tunes!

Advanced Players

Looking to learn more about German, Italian and French Baroque? Dive into Empfindsamkeit and Affektlehre?  Let’s explore the sources, discover Telemann, Bach & Sons, Purcell, Hotteterre or Vivaldi and learn about ornamentation, trills, phrasing, timing, historical context.

All Types

As you may know, there are four types of recorders; soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Which one do you want to learn?

Lesson Location

I have a studio close to the Rotterdam Central Station, but I can give lessons at your place too! I can travel to Utrecht, Delft and Den Haag as well.

Online Recorder Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online flute lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions! Book a trial lesson or buy & try the 3 lesson Starter's Package!

Stage Fright?

I can help you to be able to enjoy the performance at all levels.

Time Management

Struggling with your practising because of no time? Want to focus on specific fundamentals? I experienced various methods between the italian, german, french and american schools that made me able to give you a personal study plan specific for your daily life.

About Me

I was born in 1989 and I’m from Bergamo, Italy. After being graduate and postgraduate in Milan, I moved to The Netherlands and I’ve accomplished two Masters: Master in Conservatorium Van Amsterdam with Arno Piters (Master 1 year) and at the Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory with Julien Hervé. I was part of the Historical Performance practice both the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague as Clarinet and Recorder player. I’m active in different fields: Chamber Music, Orchestra and Teaching.
I was part of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy, Santa Cecilia Academy Youth Orchestra in Rome (2011-2012); Netherlands Youth Orchestra (2015), Nederland Studenten Orkest (2017) and Academist at the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale RAI in Turin (2017-2018). I’m regularly invited to perform in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy.
I am part of Phoenix Ensemble, a collective of musicians based between Rotterdam, Munich and Florence.

Fun Recorder Lessons

I have come to know Letizia as a dedicated recorder teacher who motivates to practice and play your favourite instrument. Because her lessons are interesting and fun, time flies and lessons seem to take only ten minutes, while in fact a long period of practice has gone by. What I appreciate is that I always received feedback from which I could tell she listens to my specific needs. Based on that we practiced to improve my technically weaker parts. What made the lessons enjoyable is that we didn't only play to improve the technical parts but also played fun pieces. I can recommend Letizia as a recorder teacher.

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

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