Duygu Alkan, zangeres Turkse muziek, zangdocent en saz leraar in Rotterdam. Ik geef individuele saz lessen aan kinderen en volwassenen.

Duygu Alkan Saz Lessons in Rotterdam

Learn to play Turkish Saz!

Are you looking for Turkish saz lessons in Rotterdam? Then let's meet! My name is Duygu Alkan. I am a singer, Makam singing teacher and saz teacher in Rotterdam.

Saz Lessons Children - Adults Rotterdam

Music, the language of the soul has no age. I give individual saz kurzu to children and adults. The lessons are given in my studio in Rotterdam Kralingen.

Saz with long and short neck

The Saz lessons are given on Saz /Baglama)with short or long neck. You will learn how to tune the Saz.

Saz Lessons Beginners

You'l learn how to hold the saz in a relaxed way, how to place the fingers on the strings. We play with plectrum or fingers. We start with simple songs and scales. Step by step you, or your child, will develop a good technique and you will be playing your first Turkish song inĀ  no time!

Saz for more Advanced

We pay attention to the development of your technique and you learn more about harmony, makam, improvisation, intervals, modes, ornaments and stylistic elements.

Flexible and affordable

Extra handy for more advanced students: the 5 or 10 Lesson Packs give you flexibility in your agenda. Lessons by appointment. You'll never forfeit a lesson.

Online Saz Classes

I also offer fun, motivating and complete online saz classes. Live feedback and personalized instructions.

About Duygu

Duygu is an experienced singing teacher, performing singer in Turkish music, and conductor of Turkish choirs. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Turkish singing at the Ege State Conservatory in Izmir, and her master's degree at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam.During her studies she immersed herself in the classical Turkish music system (Makam). She is also very interested in pedagogy. Duygu has performed at various international festivals in Europe and Asia Minor: from Paradiso in Amsterdam, to the Ataturk Cultural Center in Turkey and the Saad Abdullah Palace in northern Iraq.

Located in

  • Rotterdam

Lesson location

  • Kralingen Rotterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • At teacher's location


  • Children
  • Adults


  • English
  • Kurdish
  • Dutch
  • Turkish

Please contact me for prices. Thank You!

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