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Tabla Lessons in Rotterdam

Welcome to my profile! I'm Tarang Poddar, an accomplished tabla player, drummer and music educator in Rotterdam. I'm from Ahmedabad, India. I have studied the North Indian Classical tradition of the tabla with gurus Pt. Shailendra Mishra and Pt. Rahul Shastri.

Various Tabla Styles

I've received extensive formal training in the Punjab, Farrukhabad, and Delhi styles of tabla playing, and also taken insights into the other styles by attending masterclasses and research. I graduated from the Codarts Conservatory, Rotterdam (Masters/Cum Laude), majoring in jazz and Indian music.


With a musical history of over two thousand years, the classical music of India has explored rhythm, it's nature and its complex creative possibilities in great detail. This rhythmic knowledge system can act as a great tool for all musicians, to improve their rhythm, rhythmic creativity, and incorporate the sophisticated rhythms from India on your instrument, as a composer or improviser of any style!

Classical - Bollywood - Jazz

Whether you wish to develop your tabla playing in Hindustani Music or explore how the characteristic sound of the tabla contributes to other music styles like Pop, Cross-Over, Folk or Jazz and adds wonderful dimensions, you're welcome to sign up for a trial lesson in my studio in Rotterdam.

Tabla for Beginners - Advanced

You can enroll with me for private tabla lessons, and after understanding your artistic and musical needs, I will design a personalised course, depending on your level, area of interests and goals for learning the tabla. All levels and ages welcome.

Tabla Rhythms on the Drumset

The rhythms from Indian Classical Music are one of the most sophisticated in the world. Its rhythmical complexities, improvisation possibilities and poetic rhythmic structures have been applied successfully in western music and on the drum set, by masters such as Omar Hakim,  Zakir Hussain, Steve Smith, Dan Weiss.

Winning Research

I have conducted an award winning research on the application of Tabla Rhythms on the drum set, and provide private lessons for the same. Get in touch to find out more!

Percussion Set / Other Percussion

I also offer lessons in Cajon and how to build your own percussion set up for numerous styles of music. Get in touch to find out more!

Support and Mentorship

As a teacher of the arts, I take genuine responsibility of my students, and will do my best to keep you motivated, and help you overcome any practical or emotional difficulties in the process of learning music. Also, I'm happy to help you with any practical concerns such as ordering tablas in the Netherlands, Instrument repairs etcetera and can recommend resources accordingly.

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