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Viola Lessons Schiebroek

Hi! I'm Marite Sainz Palacios, motivating and enthusiastic viola teacher in Schiebroek - Hillegersberg. Taking lessons for the first time or are you picking up the viola after a break? Have you been playing the violin and switching to the viola? I love to encourage you to make music from the very first day you start to take lessons with me!

My lessons

I like a friendly and cosy atmosphere in the lessons where you'll learn a relaxed way to hold the left hand. You'll learn basic theory, reading music, scales and rhythms. Enjoy personalised and fun exercises, viola études, and great music, from classical to pop!


In the first lessons you will do simple exercises to learn to handle the bow and how to create a beautiful deep viola sound!

Playful Tunes and Methods

From the very start you'll be playing easy tunes, songs and little duets and you'll have fun in making music! Violin classes for beginners may cover a mixture of Suzuki and other methods and incorporate aspects of body awareness.

Switch to the Violin

Wish to play the violin and enjoy the wonderful repertoire, bright and higher sound of the viola's little brother? I teach violin lessons in Hillegersberg Schiebroek to advanced and beginners.

Orchestra - Ensemble

Orchestral or chamber music parts present quite often challenging passages. I will gladly guide you through the preparations of your orchestra or chamber music parts and scores. I’ll  advise you on bowings and fingerings.

Busy Bee?

Enjoy flexibility with the 5 or 10 lesson 'Strippenkaart'

Lesson Location

I teach at my cosy studio in Schiebroek - Hillegersberg. Let's play some music togehter!

About Marite

My name is Marite Sainz. I teach violin and viola. I come from Spain and live already 16 years in The Netherlands, where I came to study violin. I finished my bachelor degree in classical violin in Rotterdam and then I studied a Master degree in baroque violin and viola in Utrecht. Afterwards I studied Early Music Ensemble Singing in Tilburg and Advanced Vocal Ensemble Studies in Basel, Zwitserland. I have played with diverse ensembles in The Netherlands and abroad, mostly classical and baroque but also world music, musical, pop and tango. Thanks to the different styles that I have learned and played it is easy for me to meet the various musical wishes of each student and help them find their way in music making.

Through my own journey in music, I have learned to 'sing' on the instrument, whichever instrument I am busy with. I have also searched for more and more body freedom in making music. This research was supported by different techniques like Yoga, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi and Oefentherapie (Mensendieck-Cesar). My research of the master degree was based on body consciousness in the expression of musical 'affects', and this is a subject that I like to apply while teaching. I also like to 'translate' the musical language in gestures, and even in words, as a tool for the student to make the musical expression of his own.
Because of frequently playing with baroque and classical ensembles where instrumental music is combined with vocal music, I can keep the subject mentioned above alive and in constant development.

Music is a language that transcends the words and that is what I try to teach in my lessons - Marite Sainz Palacios

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  • Rotterdam

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  • Schiebroek
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  • Children
  • Adults


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish

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