Jabiz Hafizi - Pianoles aan huis in Utrecht voor beginners en gevorderden. Alle leeftijden welkom.

Jabiz Hafizi Piano Lessons in Utrecht

Piano Lessons Utrecht

Welcome to my website! My name is Jabiz Hafizi. I'm an Utrecht based professional pianist and experienced, patient and enthusiastic piano teacher. Music is my passion and I like to share  it with you!

Classical to Contemporary Music

My lessons are for beginning, intermediate and advanced pianists. Play your beloved music! From classical master pieces by Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Bartok, Ravel or Einaudi to popular music, cross-over or advanced contemporary repertoire.

Piano Lessons - Beginners

Maybe you never touched a piano before, but want to learn to play this great instrument? Enjoy my beginner piano lessons and learn to master the basics of the piano step by step. Playful tuition materials. You will learn fundamental techniques, basic music theory and learn to play and read simple pieces on the piano.

Duets and easy Solo Pieces

During these practical lessons, you'll play both duets and solo pieces. Making music together is an entertaining way to learn a new instrument in a creative environment.

Children and Piano

My piano classes for children are fun and cover music basics and an introduction to playing the piano in a relaxed and supportive environment. They learn to read music, clapping, singing and with playful piano methods and fun exercises a solid basis of piano playing.

More experienced?

We have wonderful etudes and  piano repertoire for you to discover. Increase your agility and dexterity. With attention to posture and relaxation, your sound will improve! This will benefit directly to your expression and transfer of your musical ideas!

Musicality and Technique

Whether you want to play the great composers like Bach, Schubert, Mozart or you prefer light music, cross over or just some great movie sound tracks, I’ll help you develop your musical, interpretative and technical skills. Never forget: Fun in music comes first!

Piano Lessons at Your Home Utrecht

The piano lessons are for beginners, intermediate and advanced. I prefer to give the lessons at your home.

Online Piano Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Live feedback and instructions! Book a trial lesson.

About Jabiz

Jabiz Hafizi was born in Tehran. Because of her passion for Classical music she started playing the piano at the age of 8. After completing her study in Industrial Engineering in Tehran she decided to pursue her childhood passion and dream to become a professional Classical pianist.

She graduated with a  Bachelor`s degree in Classic Piano Performance from Utrecht conservatory. In September 2017 she started her Master’s degree at Maastricht Conservatory. Her research Project is a production based on a Fusion music, She believes that In current political situation where east and west are being forced to mix and are struggling to accept each other’s cultural differences, it is more important than ever to introduce far away cultures to different folks through arts, and she finds it her mission as a musician, through teaching, performing, organizing festivals, etc...

During her years of Studying she played with “Donau Philharmonie Wien” with Conductor: Prof. Alexei Kornienko in the frame work of the Musik Zentral Festival in Bad Aussee/Austria.
She has also participated in Festivals such as playing at Zaltbommel GasthuisKapel for “Schubert aan de Waal, Vikingen aan de Waal and Brahms Festival”.
Her performances include, Tivoli Vredenburg as Lied accompanist for “Mendelssohn Dag”,  and Theater Heerlen for "Backstage" Chamber music festival.

She also performed as a guest Pianist at Pavillon, Kurhaus for “Klassisch exotischer Frühling” in Bad Ausse/Austria. In addition to above she played at several Master classes and workshops by: Enrico Pace, José María Curbelo González, Marco & Rafaelle Terlizzi, Deborah Nemko and Katia Veekmans. Furthermore, she has received Crossover lessons from Sebastian Colombo, Henry Kelder, Alan Weis and Klara Wurtz.

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Fun and helpful!

We have been learning Classical Piano with Jabiz for more than a year and it has been very fun and helpful. She makes sure to take our opinions and level into consideration while setting the curriculum and we always learn something new every lesson. She is very patient and understanding in her teaching and communicates well. Every class, we learn some new facts or techniques which we previously never knew and this makes it all the more interesting. We always look forward to her classes!
Pratha & Shash

Lieve pianojuf!

Ik vind het leuk dat Jabiz niet alleen uit het Methodisch boek werkt maar ook andere leuke liedjes meeneemt. Ze is heel lief, ook als iets niet lukt en legt het me dan goed uit.

A very good teacher!

I have been taking piano lessons from Jabiz for almost two years. She is a very good teacher and I've learnt a lot from her. She is very sweet and kind, she is very professional. I recommend her if you want a good piano teacher
Amani (10)

Jabiz is een geweldige docent.!

Jabiz is een geweldige docent. Ze geeft met veel plezier en passie pianoles aan mijn drie dochters. Ze leert de meiden veel en ze hebben al veel progressie gemaakt in hun pianospel. Ik raad Jabiz dan ook van harte aan!
Joost K.

I warmly recommend Zhabiz!

I love working with Jabiz. As a teacher, she is very knowledgeable and patient and whenever I feel that I am stuck on a piece she has tips and tricks to further improve. I like that she brings music to my taste and ability, which makes practicing a joyful experience as I work on playing pieces that I enjoy. As a person, Jabiz is very warm and pleasant to work with. She has a lot of background knowledge to share and I find her style very encouraging. I warmly recommend her!

Spot On!

That's the two words that we would use to describe Jabiz as a piano teacher: "Spot on". No matter whether you are a young child or whether you have played music your whole life and now learning to play the piano. When something is not working out, Jabiz always hears it and knows how to help you. There is always another tip, which means she has must have a vast array of tips, hints and tricks. Rather than following a single methodic line, she tailors the lessons as she sees fit. For someone to be so flexible in their teachings, she really has to have mastered the piano. And be a great teacher on top of that.
Lore & Teus

Jabiz maakt elke les leuk!

Bij elke pianoles van Jabiz leer ik iets nieuws. Zij heeft mij de basis van pianospelen en muziektheorie geleerd. Nu ik alweer bijna twee jaar lessen volg, kan ik zoveel meer spelen op de piano. Jabiz maakt elke les leuk met een gezonde uitdaging, omdat zij als pianist begrijpt waar je staat in je eigen ontwikkeling. Zij geeft me ook steeds leer-mogelijkheden om een muziekstuk beter te spelen. Zij biedt muziekstukken aan die passen bij je niveau. Ik krijg ook oefeningen, die nodig zijn om technieken te leren, muzikaliteit te ontwikkelen en natuurlijk gewoon pianospelen. Daarnaast is zij een leuke docent die me meeneemt in de wereld van pianomuziek en laat zij graag nieuwe ontwikkelingen zoals online-/app-mogelijkheden zien. Kortom, goede lessen die me motiveren om weer verder te leren.

Jabiz is een geduldige docent!

Jabiz is een heel geduldige docent, die mij stapje-voor-stapje beter laat spelen. Ze heeft altijd liedjes paraat die we een tijd gaan oefenen. Haar lessen zijn leuk, omdat we ook zingen en samenspelen (quatre mains) op de piano. Dit geeft mij energie om volgende week weer verder te leren. Elk jaar organiseert zij een voorspeelmiddag waarbij je op een vleugel mag spelen voor vrienden en familie. Het is natuurlijk spannend, maar ook zo leuk.

A very positive experience!

I've been taking piano lessons with Jabiz for the past year and I've been having so much fun! It's been my childhood dream to learn to play piano. Starting at the age of 32 was a bit scary but learning piano with Jabiz has been so rewarding. Her kind and patient approach and her cheerful personality allows me to obtain and grow my piano skills and it has made me feel more confident when playing. In the lessons, she combines standard adult piano learning books, technical exercises and additional pieces, which are fun to play, sound good and are appropriate for my level. And all of that is happening in my living room, which means I do not have to spend extra time on traveling to and from the lessons. This fits very well into my busy work schedule since it's easy to squeeze a piano lesson into my lunch break. Altogether, this has been a very positive experience for me!

Super inspirerend!

Ik heb samen met mijn zoon les van Jabiz. Ze leerde hem noten lezen en al snel maakte hij muziek. Hij speelt niet alleen uit het lesboek, maar ze brengt ook muziek mee die hem erg aanspreken en hem ook motiveren om te blijven oefenen. Ook voor mij zoekt ze prachtige muziek uit. Jabiz is als docent heel geduldig en tegelijkertijd heel helder: de vaak kleine aanwijzigingen of concrete instructies zijn precies wat nodig is om weer verder te komen. Als pianiste is ze super inspirerend, ze kan prachtig spelen, heeft enorm veel kennis, maar vooral heel veel gevoel voor muziek. Het is vooral daarom dat het heerlijk is om van haar les te krijgen.
Catrien en Milo (9)

Lol tijdens de les!

Hoi juf Jabiz. Ik vind je een goede lerares omdat je goede instructies geeft. Tijdens de les heb ik ook wel lol met jou. Je leert me heel veel nieuwe dingen zonder dat ik het steeds moet herhalen. Hierdoor is de les niet saai, maar wel uitdagend. Ik denk dat je goed bent voor andere kinderen die ook pianoles willen.

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