Inspiring and fun Singing Lessons / Voice training in Utrecht Lombok - Marta Loncar.

Marta Loncar Singing Lessons in Utrecht

Singing Lessons in Utrecht - Marta Loncar

Hello! My name is Marta Loncar. I'm a patient and friendly Utrecht based voice teacher, vocal coach and I have a passion for sharing singing and music with you through music education!

Voice Lessons - All Levels and Ages - Utrecht Lombok

I teach private singing lessons to beginners and advanced of all ages. The voice lessons are at my studio in Utrecht Lombok. For best results I give 45 and 60 minute lessons.

Singing is a joyful Expression

I believe that singing is a joyful expression of each unique voice and person. My teaching philosophy is to nurture you to have a fun and positive relationship with music, no matter your level or age.

Classical to Pop

I teach classically based vocal technique that will allow you to enjoy any musical style you want to sing! You'll learn to create a better and easy balance of the body, the vocal cords, and the resonance thus striving to give the voice emotional authority phrase after phrase.

What will you learn

We focus on relaxation and body awareness, breathing technique and with personalised exercises you'll develop and discover the beauty of your own voice. Building confidence and self esteem.

Getting the best out of your Voice!

Basic music theory, rhythm, diction, sight-reading and ear training are also taught to support a well rounded musical experience. You are also taught how to practise, giving you the tools to feel confident in your own learning.

Trial Singing Lesson

With regular and careful practice you develop the scope of your voice, you learn to sing softly and loudly, without pinching and forcing. Everyone can sing and step by step you will safely discover and develop your own voice.  Curious? Sign up for a trial lesson!

Singing Lessons for Children

Singing lessons for children is an integrated playful method that combines singing with solfeggio. It consists of playing musical games and singing children's songs and through those developing intonation, musical hearing, musical memory, sense for pulse and rhythm, all with the attention to healthy singing. Fun in music comes first!

Music Theory Lessons

Through music theory lessons you can learn about the structure of music and develop some very useful music skills such as reading music (sight-singing or sight-reading). Music theory lessons can include: solfeggio, harmony, counterpoint, music form, analysis, and/or other music theory related subjects.

Preparation Exams - ABRSM

We can make a special program to prepare you for auditions concerning singing and/or music theory. It includes preparation for entrance exams, regular exams on conservatories or preparation for various exams, such as ABRSM exams.

Online Singing Classes

I also offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online voice lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced singers. Live feedback and instructions!

About Me

I graduated in Music Theory (MA), Music Academy Zagreb, Croatia Baroque singing (BA), Royal Conservatoire The Hague Classical singing (MA), Royal Conservatoire The Hague. Teaching music theory subjects in music schools, Teaching singing (private lessons) Singing solo and in professional choirs in Croatia, Netherlands, Germany, France. Vocal coaching and conducting amateur choirs.I aslo offer singing lessons to beginners and advanced in The Hague.

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Fantastic voice teacher!

What a great session! I wish I'd found her sooner! She's very knowledgable - repertoire, technique, the science behind it all etc, as well as being very approachable and encouraging. She helps you feel relaxed and makes singing in front of someone not as scary as it could be. I look forward to many more lessons with her.
Rebecca B.

She is a great teacher!

I attended Marta's singing lessons during a summer course in Croatia. Her lessons were amusing and creative and I enjoyed being her student. She was patient and relaxed which made me feel more comfortable while singing. Being a teacher myself I immediately noticed her teaching qualities. She is dedicated, persistent and thorough. Marta helped me improve my performance and gain confidence. She is a great teacher.
Tomislava K.

A Heart of Gold!

A Heart of Gold!A very professional teacher with a heart of gold. Marta teaches with patience and motivation and she is a teacher every student needs. She knows what you need and step by step she guides you to your goal. I had a lot of fun with her and even on my sad days she knows how to put a smile on my face!Y oungky E. Znanja i zabave!

Great singing teacher!

Martine lekcije izvor su novog znanja i zabave! Kuci sam uvijek dolazila odlicno raspolozena i motivirana za daljnje ucenje! Marta je u svom poslu vrhunski strucnjak, a ujedno i osoba koja zraci iznimnom pozitivnom energijom, uvijek nasmijana i vesela!
Laura K.

A Top Singing Teacher in Utrecht!

Marta's lessons are a source of knowledge and fun! I came home from her lessons in an excellent mood and motivated to continue learning! Marta is in her job a top expert, and at the same time a person who radiates exceptionally positive energy, always smiling and cheerful.
Laura K.

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Music is Food for the Soul

Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment.

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist