Paulina van de Pavert Cello Lessons in Voorburg

The Cello moves You!

The deep warm sound of the cello can be so intense and moving. Maybe this is why you're looking for a cello teacher for your child or for yourself? Picking up cello lessons after a break and looking for positive feedback, motivation, challenge and advice?

Children and Adults

I am Paulina van de Pavert, enthusiastic professional cellist and cello teacher. The lessons are for children and adults and take place in my spacious studio on the border of The Hague (Mariahoeve) and Voorburg (Essesteijn). There is also a piano so that I can accompany you.


You'll play nice and beautiful songs and exercises, so that you can quickly and thoroughly master the basics of cello playing. We'll start with reading music notes and practising bowing technique. You'll quickly learn to place your fingers well on the strings.


Have you been playing cello for a longer time and do you want to be able to play fast passages with more ease? Do you want to learn a nice and relaxed vibrato? We can work together on interpretation and prepare your orchestral or chamber parts. Personalised exercises, progressive etudes and concert pieces help you to take your playing to the next level!

Baroque Cello

Playing on gut strings and with a baroque bow gives a very different feeling and sound! Experience what it feels like to play Vivaldi, Bach or Gabrielli on a baroque cello, just like in the time of the masters themselves!

Online Cello Classes

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Book a trial lesson or Buy & Try the 3 lesson Starter's Package!

Home Lessons

Lessons in the comfort of your own home can be discussed. Contact me for a trial lesson!

Classical to Pop!

In a a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere You'll learn a classical basis, but pop songs can also be part of the lessons. We make music together and play duo's! This contributes to your motivation to study. In addition to etudes and recital pieces, increasing in difficulty, you will receive customised exercises.

Suzuki Elements

The cello lessons for young children are playful and pleasant. We play and sing a lot of their favourite songs. I use different teaching materials to combine the traditional and modern approach. I also use elements from the Suzuki method.


To become an all-round musician students need a range of interlocking skills – in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception – as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. ABRSM exam preparation possible!


Because of my interest in Yoga and Alexander technique, I pay attention to a natural body posture. You can play longer without getting tired and it contributes to a full and warm sound. It really makes a difference and you'll notice it!


Thanks to the flexibility the lesson card offers you can take lessons whenever that suits you best.

About me

Sharing this passion always gives me great satisfaction. You will see that gradually mastering the instrument is fun!
At the age of six I started my music education in Krakow (Poland). Under the guidance of excellent pedagogues, I completed my master's degree in two countries (2011 - Wroclaw, Poland and 2015 - The Hague, the Netherlands). I regularly perform in the Netherlands and abroad (Poland, Italy, France).
During my studies, I developed a lot of interest in pedagogy and completed a three-year course. After my internship as a cello teacher, I developed my own methodology and curriculum. But life doesn’t just consist of playing cello. I spend a lot of time with my son and love traveling, cooking, yoga.

Nothing is easier - or more difficult - than playing the cello - William Pleeth

Best Teacher!

I couldn't wish for a better teacher and can recommend her wholeheartedly.
E.v K

Patient cello teacher!

I am a beginner on the instrument, over 70 years old and have a number of physical problems, but Paulina has all the patience in the world, remains good-humoured, even when I make stupid mistakes and is very good in explaining how to improve my playing. She shows how to do it on her own cello, but doesn't make you feel worthless.

Great Cello Teacher

Paulina van de Pavert is a great cello teacher. She is patient, kind, funny, flexible and knows how to put students at ease to help them perform their best. Her passion for playing comes through in her teaching. She is as skilled with children as with adults; with absolute beginners to more advanced. She even organizes "gezellig" recitals where all her students can participate and listen to each other. I highly recommend her!
Joan Mitchell

De beste docent!

Zelfs al zou ik nooit haar niveau van spelen halen, zorgt ze er toch voor dat ik er plezier aan beleef en geeft me oefeningen die niet te ver boven mijn kunnen liggen, maar toch een uitdaging bieden. Ik zou me geen betere docent kunnen wensen en raad haar ook van harte aan!
E.van K

Inspirerende cellojuf!

Paulina is een hele goede, inspirerende cello-juf. Ze legt helder uit, is geduldig en vindt het duidelijk erg leuk om les te geven. De muziek die ze uitkiest past goed en er is altijd iets om samen te spelen, wat het nog plezieriger maakt. Ze organiseert af en toe concerten voor haar leerlingen, die ook erg leuk zijn.
Carlien Hillebrink

Goed in haar vak!

Ik ben nu ruim een jaar op celloles bij Paulina v.d. Pavert en ik kan haar van harte aanbevelen. Ze is goed in haar vak en heel plezierig in de omgang met haar leerlingen.

Private Music Teachers

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