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STUDENT CONCERTS Vivaldi Music Lessons 

Drinks an fingerfood after the concert !! :-))

Teacher or student; WANT TO JOIN?  Call Jean-Baptiste Milon (piano teacher for all info  0647512491)

Westeinde 79 Den Haag   The concert starts: 19.00 hrs


  •     05-11  2014
  •     17-12   a.o. Flute students Ariëlle van Eijsden, piano students Jean-Baptiste Milon, violin students Irati Castro Henrich
  •     02-02  2015
  •     09-03
  •     13-04   a.o. violin students Stieneke Voorhoeve
  •     18-05  
  •     10-06   WEDNESDAY A.O Students from Elisa van Kesteren and Leonie van Veen (Accordion and Singing) Start concert 20.30 hrs
  •     15-06    

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