Online Music Lessons

Enjoy music lessons with top-class teachers

Face to Face or Online?

Although face to face music lessons, personal contact, a chat over a coffee or tea are irreplaceable, online music lessons offer a good alternative.

Online Music Lessons

Online lessons offer a short-term solution for those who are not comfortable with personal contact, or for people who are stuck at home and want to work on learning to play an instrument with personal feedback and instruction online. The live online music lessons are like having the teacher sit in the room, watching and working with you.

Don't Stop The Music

Whatever reason there might be: whether you're abroad, a bit ill, a lousy haircut or just wish to stay in touch when on vacation; we offer next to the lessons in our safe and healthy teaching environments quality online lessons and one-on-one contact with your teacher. No need to stop enjoying music lessons!

    Contact a Teacher

    To give you the opportunity to take online classes, you can immediately contact a teacher and discuss the possibilities.

    • personalised feedback from the teacher on recordings made by the student.
    • personalised documents such as PDF's of scores with markings from the teacher, tabs/notation of examples and exercises made by the teacher and sent to the student
    • ability to record each lesson and re-watch demonstrations from the teacher so the student can get the most out of each video session- from the comfort of your own home!
    • good for people with limited mobility or in remote areas!

    Select your instrument and teacher and get in touch!

    ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS - Pericles Makris

    Private Music Teachers

    Music moves and enriches the soul! Our goal is to make it extremely convenient for you to discover an excellent music teacher in your area. Book a trial lesson first and enjoy in person music and singing lessons in a relaxed and healthy atmosphere. We offer also online music lessons.
    "This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' - Leonard Bernstein