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Album Release

Johannes Fend - Bass - Bass Guitar and Voice

Johannes Fend solo Album 'Journey' release on Friday November 19th at 20:30 in the Pelgrimvaderskerk in Rotterdam

"I composed this Album to share an experience with the listener. To take her/him on a journey to another place and maybe even escape the pandemic for a while.
The style could be called 'cinematic bass' and the story behind it resembles Homers Odyssey.
An Animation and a Painting that have been created for the Album will add a visual facet to the concert. I'll Play Double Bass, Bass Guitar and sing".

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Waar & Waneer

  • 19 november, 2021 - 20:30

Iedere dag muziek!

Wij bieden muzieklessen voor jongeren, kinderen en volvassenen bij een ervaren enthousiaste muziekleraar in jouw buurt. Beginner of meer ervaren met muziek?  Volg je droom, ontdek en verleg je grenzen!

"There really is no past, present or future... everything happens right now. You have to be in the moment and be conscious of that, to play improvised music and to live your life in a way that can dance and is flexible."
Jack DeJohnette - Drummer