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Double Bass Lessons The Hague

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished bass player; learning to play with a good technique and facility is absolutely essential, but it is only the foundation. Real music making comes when you can use this foundation to express your own ideas and feelings. Let's take off!

Country - Jazz - Folk - Classical

You may be interested in learning the ins and outs of double bass in any number of genres, including country, blues, jazz, folk etc. Or you may be drawn more to the classical idiom. Having extensive experience as both a performer and a recording artist, I'll happily give you tips and tricks to help you take your playing to the next level.


Enjoy my step-by-step method to teach you the very beginning of playing the bass. We start with playful exercises to create a solid basis. Students of all ages welcome.

Bowing and Pizzicato - Walking Bass

The bass classes may cover bowing and pizzicato technique, reading music, scales, harmony, classical basis and jazz. Learn to play bass basics, classical etudes and concert pieces or Jazz ballads, up tempo, Real Book, walking bass, solos & more.

Bass Lessons to Advanced

Improve your technique, sound, timing, groove and solos. Intonation, intresting bass lines and time keeping I'm interested in tailoring a study program to suit your individual needs and I have an extensive LP and CD collection which can enhance the learning process through listening and discussing together with you! Curious? Book a trial lesson!

No Need to Bring Your Bass

I have two double basses and bass guitars at home, so you will not need to bring one with you.

Electric Bass Lessons The Hague

Looking for electric bass lessons? Read here more about my bass guitar lessons in The Hague.

About Johnny

Bassist Johnny Daly is a native of Dublin Ireland, where he paid his dues playing alongside the legendary guitarist Louis Stewart, former member of the George Shearing Quintet. He also spent several years in the early 2000s performing, touring and recording with the Mexican guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriella.
He has resided in The Netherlands since 2002, during which time he has worked with Ferdinand Povel, David Schnitter, Dave Leibman, Gene Jackson, Grant Stewart, Marcel Serierse, John Ruocco, Dave Glasser, Simon Rigter, Ack Van Rooyen, Jeremy Pelt, Barry Harris, Peter Bernstein, Rick Margitza, Dado Moroni, Frans Elsen, Juraj Stanik, Martijn Van Iterson, Joe Cohn, Eric Ineke and many more.

Who cares about the clouds when we're together? Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather! - Dale Evans

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