Cello leren spelen voor kinderen en volwassenen Utrecht. Celloles aan huis in Utrecht Katerina Papakostaki.

Katerina Papakostaki Cello Lessons in Utrecht

Cello Lessons - Children and  Adults

Are you a cello enthusiast who always wanted to learn how to play the cello but never got the chance to give it a try? Is cello an old activity of yours and you feel like getting back to it? Are you seeking a patient and motivating cello teacher for your child?

Cello Lessons - Utrecht Overvecht

I am Katerina Papakostaki, a professional cellist performer and cello teacher. I give the cello lessons at my house in beautiful Overvecht, very accessible by bike and local transportation (Overvecht station, bus 6,3,1). I also offer cello lessons in Muziekdoosje in De Nijverheid- Zuilen.

Cello Lessons at Your Home Utrecht

I also can come to you for cello lessons in the comfort of your own home. Depending on distance and travel time, I may charge travelcosts.

Cello Lessons for Children

The cello lessons for children are fun, pleasant and cover a playfull introduction to all aspects of the cello. We play together, they learn to read music, the basics of music theory, singing, and develop their musical ear. The kids will have the chance to learn the basics of cello playing through the world famous Suzuki method.

Cello Beginners

It is absolutely ok if you are not yet familiar with reading music. Through my lessons you will have the opportunity to learn rhythm, tempo, note reading and be able to apply those in cello playing, with my introductory lessons to the instrument. You will have the chance to play in a cello duo and be accompanied by piano (I also play a bit of piano) in order to expand your inspiration, motivation and musicality.

Intermediate Cello Level

Enjoy tips and tricks and personal advice to overcome the challenges of thumb position, advanced bowing tehcnique and playing in tune in positions .We'll make sure you feel confident enough to play more virtuoso pieces. The lessons will offer scales, Duport and Dotzauer etudes and wonderful pieces.

Advanced Cello Players

My cello lessons to advanced cellists focus on tone quality, vibrato, thumb position, bowing technique and you'll learn more about historical backgrounds of the music you play. Wonderful repertoire, high school etudes, motivation and inspiration.


Do you wish to get accepted in a Conservatorium for extensive studies and you need a teacher to prepare you for your auditions? Through my lessons we will prepare a high level repertoire for any audition or occasion you need. We will cover Popper and Grutzmacher etudes, as long as Piatti capriccios. Sonatas and concerti of the standard repertoire are also on the list.

Classical to Pop

If you want to learn how to play the cello but you are not a big classical music fan, that’s not a problem. The lessons can focus on pop, rock and in other music genres.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are also a possibility, so if you live far away or you are shy to come over, feel free to apply for an online lesson!

About Me

At the age of 6 I fell in love with the warm sound of the cello, and I still am! The cello plays a major role in my life. I have a long experience in cello teaching and it is one of my greatest passions.
I received my Bachelor’s degree from Utrechts Conservatorium after four years of practicing and meeting new people and music experiences, in the class of Timora Rosler. After my Bachelor’s, I spent a year studying in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Olsi Leka as my professor. After the end of the course I decided to come back to Utrecht and start my Master course in HKU, in the class of Jeroen den Herder. This June I graduated with my Masters and completed this beautiful circle of studies. In addition I also studied baroque cello with Viola de Hoog. I play in various avenues around the Netherlands, I am a member in chamber music ensembles and professional free lance cellist in Orchestras.

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  • English
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Passionate Cello Teacher!

Katerina is a very talented musician and teacher. She plays and teaches music with a lot of passion. As a teacher Katerina always makes sure her students learn to be good musicians by having fun and making them feel they are in a safe environment where they can freely express themselves.
Christian P

Geduldige Celloleraar

Ik volg nu al enkele maanden cello les bij Katerina. Ik ga hier met veel plezier naar toe. Ze leert het op een leuke manier waar een grapje mogelijk is en heeft veel geduld. Ze heeft begrip voor alles wat er in je leven speelt en houd hier ook rekening mee. De lessen zijn bij haar thuis, wat goed te bereiken is in Utrecht. Als de Engelse taal geen probleem is dan raad is Katerina zeker aan als docent.
Lieke van D

Impressive Cello Teacher

I have known Katerina for the past 8 years and it was an honor to see her evolving as an artist and as a teacher. Besides her passionate playing, she delivers also up technical accuracy and a sense of unity in her performances. As a fellow teacher and colleague of Katerina, I was always impressed by the level of her commitment while teaching her pupils and the special musical and educational bonds she develops with them.
Apostolis P

Honest Atmosphere!

Katerina will teach you to play the cello in a warm, honest atmosphere. She teaches you the basics and ten always looks at what you need to progress. She delivers custom work and has a sharp eye for detail, but also for the bigger picture: she does everything she can to make the cellist and instrument melt together into music. It is a pleasure to be taught by her!
Iris Olde Rikkert

Music is Food for the Soul

"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor, pianist